Friday, March 30, 2012

"It Feels Like Today"!...'Virtually' Friday!

         It's romantic Friday!!!!....alias, 'Virtual Date Night' in the Wug household! :-) I say 'alias' because we've been off of our normal 'Date Night' schedule for a while. We haven't 'technically' had a 'virtual' date night for a few weeks...and it looks like, with bad weather coming later today, our 'virtual' excursion is off for today too!...Okay, actually, the weather isn't gonna bother us, we're gonna have our date night anyway. :-) It just won't be anything worth writing about!
      We're gonna be enjoying the cloudy, rainy day...

      ...close to New York...our 'Go To' date destination whenever we're feeling all 'spur of the moment'. :-)
       We don't have to pack much in our bag...

         ...except maybe some snacks, and a bunch of paper and pens, so I can write some poetry. :-) ..Actually I might take two bags. One for necessary 'stuff'...and one to wear romantically across my shoulder to the restaurant...

          Maybe I'll take some bling...sorta...with me too, for my fingers!...

          That's because I love to see rings on a writer's hand while they're I assume other people notice such things too. :-) ...

         If people really DON'T pay attention to such things, let's keep it as our foggy secret, okay! ^_^

         So, it's not our usual schedule for a date...Actually, lately, it's not our usual schedule for ANYTHING! But we're working at trying to find a new 'normal'. I know we'll get there eventually! ^_^ In the meantime, we have a whole lot of time on our hands!...Funny, though, how time seems to fill itself up even when you're not looking! LOL
       Off to finish my good breakfast...

        ...and look for more inspiration for my crochet brooch keychains!...

      Hmmmm...wish I had thought of this (above)! I love them!!...Oh Well, I'll come up with something!...Although I've got a slight distraction again. A custom order for some men's boutonnieres! :-) I'll show them to you when I'm done.
      Have a good day, Everybody! ^_^ Are you going away,? Stealing a date? Vegging out?!...Share!!! :-] ... Here's a little music to get your 'today' started!

A Music Note

A little 'boogie-woogie' bouncing,
and a tapping toe or two,
and my mood is quickly lifting,
and I want to dance with you.

A little harmony and humming,
and some soul and country too,
and I'm feeling pretty chipper.
So "Let's dance!" My poem is through!


  1. Love those bags! Have fun whatever you do tonight! Hope the rain doesn't last long. It's raining cats and dogs here!

    1. Me too, Bead! Of course, it's hard to find a shoe or a bag that I DON'T like! ^_^ ...And no worries, rain or shine, we always find a way to have some kind of fun! LOL

  2. You guys are so cute with that date night every friday.How sweet is that.I hope you have a nice time,enjoy!Loveeeeeeeee the bird on the bag, and the journal is cute.

    Have a great weekend too!

    1. ^_^ The trick for us, Becky, money or no money, rain, shine, good mood or bad mood, is we always have each other!...It's a date with 'together', no matter what! ^_^ YOU have a good weekend too!

  3. I think it's so cool you go on a date night!! what a neat Idea to blog about it! my hubby and I have a "movie night" mostly because movie's are completely free, at least when we watch at home, but with weather warming up I think I'm gonna follow your example and have a date night out! there's always a park, and sandwiches if there's no money! thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Awwww! I' so glad you like our 'Date Night'! :-] I'm glad to inspire LOVE!...And, by the way, we have movie nights sometimes a date night! ^_^ Have a good weekend!

  4. Those bags look great especially the one with the bird on it. That photo of central park make it look so pretty. It almost makes me want to visit there just to see the bridge.
    I love that Rascal Flatts song. I think I might go listen to some more of their songs :)

    1. I thought the bags looked good too, Jo! And the photo of New York too!...And I'm always good for a Rascal Flatts song! ^_^ If you listen to some of them...enjoy!


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