Tuesday, March 20, 2012

While I Was Sick I Was Thinking......

      I know you're all probably sick to death of me talking about how sick I am, but.....but....that's where I am people! ^_^ So I have to find creative ways of talking about what's going on with me without boring you to tears...that's if there's anybody reading about it anymore! LOL...HELLOoooooo!!!...Anybody out there?! O_O
    So, instead of telling you how raspy and sore my throat is...even though the fever appears to be finally gone for good...YAY!...and how sick to tears I am of this C-O-U-G-H!...Aargh!...I'm just gonna tell you about some of the random thoughts that have been going through my head the last few days...Through my sick head! ^_^

        *** I need to buy me some new nighties!...Somebody this sick shouldn't have to be in bed for all of these untold hours, with the constant ability to pull threads aloose on her nighties! My favorite nightie now looks like it has four sleeve holes!...*shaking my head*...Two holes for my baseball bat shaped arms...by the way, why didn't somebody tell me that my arms look exactly like Sammy Sosa's?!!...and then two extra holes on either side of my little lace flower in the front. Two holes that now have a life of their own, and could be armholes!
     And while I'm at it, why don't I buy a new sofa set for the living room and a brand new car too?!......Cuz I'm broke! That's why! LOL And there's nothing more pathetic than a sick girl playing with her hole-y nighties all day long....Well, except a broke sick girl playing with her hole-y nighties all day long...and finding it enjoyable to rattle off in her head all of the things she can't afford! ^_^

        *** My nails need doing......BAD!!....How do I know?!...That's how the holes got so big in my nighties! My ratty fingernails, with the hanging pieces from me nibbling on them during the down time....and ALL OF IT is down time people!!...is what kept catching the threads and pulling them over and over again until they became big holes! LOL

    *** Hubby's nose hairs need trimming again. Every once in a while, when he breathes out, it looks like a little spider hand is trying to wave at me!...and he might wanna cut the muff in his ear too...I wonder if that's why he keeps saying "huh?" every time I say something to him?! :-/ Maybe he really just can't hear me!

     *** We have the best friends in the world! :-] Hubby has been out of work for less than a month and already they've rallied to give us money, a car, and bags and bags of grocery!...with soup, rolls, chocolate cake and pussy willows being in the bags too! ^_^ Clearly they're concerned with more than our stomachs! They also wanna make us smile!....Mission Accomplished my friends! ^_^

      *** I'm gonna have to re-think the selling of my jewelry. How dare the guy from the gold and jewelry store offering me $65.oo....65.00!...for my 3-tier diamond necklace!!! I might've been born at night, but it wasn't last night!!!..."Only 'Store Quality' diamonds...".....What does that mean anyway?!...That I bought them in a store?!...UGH!...Yeah! Who doesn't?!!

      *** I can't wait to see what my pillow looks like now!! :-) My tiggerific friend is embroidering my poem onto it. I've been so sick the last couple of weeks that she hasn't been able to show it to me, but this week, Friday....maybe! ^_^

       *** WOW!! Gladys Knight not only can sing....She can dance!! ^_^  Through my coughing haze, I saw her dance on the premiere of "Dancing With The Stars" last night. Go Gladys! Go Gladys! :-) ...F.Y.I...this is how the shows rope you in. They put somebody on there that you love from doing something else, like 'singing-her-brains-out' Gladys Knight!, and make you wonder "can they really dance too?!"
        Next thing you know....you, a large bag of popcorn, and three hole-y nighties later...it's Sunday and you can't wait until Monday gets here so you can see Gladys dance!!!!!! ^_^ ...Or maybe they're gonna let her sing!!!! :-) ...

      ...I sure hope so!.....and I hope I don't miss it if they do! Ain't no telling where my head is gonna be! ^_^ 
       By the way, there's a lot of really interesting celebrities this year other than Gladys: there's Sherri Shepherd, from "The View";... Melissa Gilbert, from "Little House On The Prairie";...Jaleel White, "Erkel";...Martina Navratilova, the famous tennis player;...Jack Wagner, actor and singer;...Donald Driver, Green Bay Packers football player;...Maria Menounos, actress/journalist;...Roshon Fegan, actor/dancer;...William Levy, actor/former model;...Katherine Jenkins, classical singer;...and Gavin DeGraw, musician/singer/song-writer.

      *** What is that smell?! O_0 ... Oh. Hubby's cooking again...I'd better get my stomach ready! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! {Below are a couple of the limericks I shared on Mad Kane's Humor blog recently}

--- A gal who was terribly shrill,
made yodelers run for the hill.
Her voice was so loud,
she could drown out a crowd,
and make babies shut up and be still.

----- A woman who tended to brood,
had many who thought she was rude.
Seeing her expression like wood,
they just misunderstood
her deep thought and ‘don’t care’ attitude.


  1. Oh no youre sick now.Wow it must be a nasty bug.Take good care and drink lots of water.

    I adore those nails.Almost all the colors because my hands look awful I need a manicure and pedicure lol.Its spring I gotta get them done.

    Happy Spring to you, hopefully you will be better real soon.

    1. Hi Becky....Yep! Sick!...but thankfully I'm on the upswing now. Or at least I think so! I haven't had that pesky fever since yesterday, and it had been an off and on regular thing for days! I am, as you said, drinking lots and lots of fluids, sipping chicken soup, and tea with honey and lemon, and resting as needed...My nails don't look pretty right now, but a lower reading on the thermometer is making me feel pretty! ^_^ Happy Spring to you too!

  2. I am so sorry to read you are and have been so poorly its horrible sometimes where your brain wonders when your not able to do anything about it. I hope your luck changes soon and you are able to buy the things you would like or need. Great news about your friends and the car ;-)) Bless your husband for looking after you. Take lots of care, dee x

    1. Ha! Ha! I don't consider it so horrible to have a wandering mind these days. At least not this one! It's pretty positively focused, considering the negative and depressed places it COULD be going! ^_^ And even where it's not so focused, at least it's not hurting anybody! LOL...Thanks for the encouraging words, Dee. Have a good rest of the day! :-]

  3. I'm so sorry you're still feeling so sick. When we were little and sick or hurt my Mom always used to say: "It'll be gone before you're married"...That always used to make me feel better until I got married! We just have to bite the bullet I guess! It's great to have good friends to watch over you and care for you and your hubby during a stressful time. I bet you've done the same things when you could for those same friends. Get well soon!

    1. Hi Yaya!...Thank you for always saying such encouragng things. :-] And I'm happy to report that I think I've finally turned the corner! YAY! No fever!...I've still got a bit of a sore and raspy throat and that pesky cough, but it's much better than before!...And how right you are about good friends! And I only hope that I have been as good to mine as I'm getting now! :-) Have a good evening. And you take care of your hubby too! You'll get it back, I'm sure! :-)

  4. Deb, what have you been taking for your cold? I think it has your head spinning....LOL... So glad that you have such really good friends. Hope you get well soon. Love your blog today. You had me laughing. Have a Great Evening!!!!

    1. Ha! Ha! I usually put a little blackberry brandy in my tea to really zap a cold, but this time NOT A DROP! LOL I'm just back to my old silly self is all! :-)

  5. You take care....There's a lot of us out here thinking about you. Thanks for keeping all of our spirits up, Miss Wug.

    1. Awwww! That's so nice! :-] You made me almost tear up!...By the way, it is my distinct pleasure! Have a good day! :-)

  6. Your friends are amazing! What a wonderful blessing it is to have such caring friends who are there to help you out :)

    1. I TOTALLY agree, Jo!!! They're absolutely amazing!!! :-)


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