Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm Singing Of Spring...But I'm Not Sure About The Words!

      Have you ever been singing a song for a long time with words that you were SURE were correct, but then you found out that you were waaaaaay off?!...If you say "no!", or you claim you don't know what in the world I'm talking about,....Uhhh....I'm not gonna say it, but you know what you are! O_0
      There's a song I've been hearing almost every day for weeks on t.v....a song that was being used as the theme music for a television series...that I was sure the words were one thing, but when I finally looked it up on Youtube I found out that the words were something all together different!!...Completely! Ha! Ha! (I'll share it with you below)
      But that's not the first time that's happened to me! I've sung some songs for years...usually while I was riding in the car...

       ... that I'm sure have 'my' very own lyrics to them, and that my 'spin' on them would be a total surprise to their song-writers! ^_^ ...I guess that's to be expected when you have as much music in your head as I do, and you've gotten to the age where your brain is trying to file away all of your useless information! ^_^
       I KNOW I'm not alone here! In fact, my hubby...with almost every song he sings...has outright butchered some song lyrics in my earshot! Ha! Ha!...

       By the way, he hasn't done that within the last two days. He hasn't been singing...unless you call Zzzzzzzz singing! LOL...His bug...or whatever this is...has had his fever up and down, he's had aches and pains, a raspy throat, a mucousy cough, and he's been sleeping...sleeping....sleeping. I've been doctoring him though, and he actually is feeling better than it sounds...And, thankfully, so far...he's the only sick one in the house! And I'm trying to keep it that way!...I'm still singing! ^_^

       I'll tell you what I'm not singing about though....the weather! Is this Spring...or not?! I'm confused!...

                ...One day it's 70 something degrees. The next day it's 30. The next day it's raining and 50 something!...that would be today....I think! We'll have to wait and see!
      I guess Güler Mızrak, of likeknitting, thinks it is Spring, because she made this treasury...

       It's entitled Colorful Spring!!...and WOW! Is it ever colorful in this treasury! There's so many pretty colored scarves and things that I think it would be better if you click on the treasury above and go over and look at them yourself!...And...Oh yeah!...she included something colorful from my Wuglyees shop too...

               I did wanna show you one of my favorite items from this treasury though...

         I had to share them! They're crocheted....colorful...hearts! They're so cute! ^_^

      Now I'm off to do some more sleeping...didn't sleep much again last night...And later, some crocheting....didn't do any of that yesterday either! I've been a little distracted trying to make sure my man is okay and comfortable. Now that he seems to be on the recovery mode, I've got stuff to do...including singing songs with the wrong words! I thought the catch line to the song that I just found out the name of,  This Year's Love (below), was ♫ "This here love is fatally..." ♫ *shaking my head*...

       Now I know that the lyrics are ♫ "This year's love had better last...." ♫ *shaking my head*...

               ^_^ ...I'm blaming it on the Spring!!...Have a good day, Everybody!


I barely can wait for Spring.
With winter I've just had enough!
The ice on the sidewalks,
 and snow in the yard,
have been so depressing and rough.

I usually don't wait for the Spring.
I'm not a real fan of the bees.
My eyes fill with water,
and nose fills with pollen,
and my only pastime is a sneeze.

But this year I can't wait for the Spring!
I await how my nose has to blow.
My glee I can't hide.
I've been cooped up inside,
Emotionally tackled by snow!  

       By the way, the winner of the afghan blanket...I almost forgot!! ^_^ Cobalt violet! Congratulations!!!...Go to my "About Me" above and go to my email and send me your address. I'll get it right out to you! :-) ... The new Giveaway will be posted soon!


  1. Glad hubby is feeling a bit better. I sure hope you don't get it!! Get your sleep for sure!!

    Congrats to the afghan winner!! I REALLY wanted to enter that one, but I have so many afghans I just don't need another.

    Keep singing and enjoy your day....whatever the weather is like. Warm here...but rain in sight.

    1. Thanks Cindy...Yes, he's feeling better, The fever and the cough keeps popping in and out, but he's not feeling that bad any more. I'm still keeping an eye on him today though...And, by the way, "were" entered for the afghan! Everybody that commented this time were! So it's a good thing you didn't win it! ^_^ Enjoy your semi-rainy weather today. I will too! :-]

  2. Lol Wugs, that happens here all of the time. My hubby is equally guilty of butchering many songs! My most recent was Foster The People's 'Pumped Up Kicks'. I thought someone was outrunning their 'cousin' - I didn't know bullets were involved lol. Boy that changed the fabric of that song for me!

    Hope your hubby gets well soon, something does seem to be going around.

    Have a great day Deb!

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha! I KNEW we weren't alone!! ^_^ I don't know the song you were talking about...and now I'm afraid to go and listen to it too!! LOL..Thanks for the get well wishes for hubby also...Happy Song Butchering Day!! ^_^

  3. I love the singing birds photo collage.To cute.Well I try and sing too,I wish I had taken some singing lessons.Its not to late I guess.But only the pets would ever hear me ha.

    Glad your husband is on the mend,soon he will be up and around.Take care of yourself cause you dont want to be the one in the bed all day next lol.

    Have a nice day!Its supposed to be 78 here can you believe it,its only March.Its either going to be a real hot early summer or a dang cold and short one,lol.Blessings!

    1. Yes, Becky, I love that one too! Oh if only we could all sing as pretty as the birds,...and they would actually know what we're saying, right?! :-)...By the way, hubby is up and around again. He's still trying to get his 'land legs' to speak...but I'm glad to see him feeling better. And I'm still showing no signs of it...*looking left and right* O_O ...Enjoy that great weather! :-)

  4. Glad your hubby is feeling better! and you're OK too???
    Last weekend I thought Spring was here but for the last couple of days it's been cold and grey - ugh! and fog today as well!

    1. Thanks, Gill! He's glad too!...And I'm still showing no signs of it!...And if you know like I know, you can give up on trying to figure out what the weather will do next! ^_^ Have a good weekend!

  5. Deb, I have been guilty of singing the words wrong on a song. Oh well. Glad to hear your husband is feeling better. I just wish we could get to the bottom of the lack of sleep. It's been happening to me too. Hope you get a nap in. Beautiful treasury your crochet flower made it on. Have a Great Day!!!!!!

    1. Hi Velma! And actually I think more of us than would be willing to admit it have been guilty of singing the wrong lyrics to the 'right' song! LOL...By the way, I think my sleep thing is due to a change of schedule that my mind and body hasn't completely adjusted to yet. I'm working on it though! :-) I'm always working on it! That's why I' called the 'napping queen'! ^_^ Have a good weekend, Vel!

  6. this is just delightful!! thanks so much for featuring me

    1. Hello!...It was my pleasure! That photo collage is great!...Please come and visit the backyard again! :-)

  7. I sing wrong words all the time!!! And, it is Spring.

    1. Ha! Ha! Welcome to the club then! ^_^ And happy...Spring???!!! O_0


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