Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Heavy, Wet and Mashed Potato-Like......"

       Oh! If only it were just rain!! But nooooooooo! Overnight the backyard was blanketed with the kind of snow that the weather lady referred to as 'heavy, wet and mashed potato-like'! Great! That's just what I wanted in my backyard!...Snow potatoes!.....NOT!!
       We knew this storm was coming though. That's all the weather people have been talking about for about a week!...{They get so excited when there's something besides puffy clouds and sunny skies around! LOL}...So, since we knew it was coming, hubby took some photos of the backyard 'pre' storm...

      Not very exciting, right?! :-) But what it looked like then is nothing like what it looks like now!...What it looks like now is sorta like a mountain resort location. Somewhere you might wanna go on a vacation to go skiing, or snow-shoeing, or snow-mobiling or something!...See!...

       All we need now is some pretty snow Parkas (coats), puffy gloves, some knit ski hats,...and skis, ^_^...a ski lodge made of logs, with a huge fire in the fireplace, and an 'on call' waiter that's dedicated to toting hot chocolate and hot toddies to us all day! ^_^
     I say 'all day' because it's still snowing! And it's suppose to continue 'all day'! And it's suppose to freeze some too!...But guess what?! I'm not gonna say 'UGH!' or 'Aargh!' or anything like that...because I just saw the news and saw that the seven states in the mid-west got a slew of tornadoes last night...I think the news said 80 of them!! :-( The damage is terrible!!!...especially in Harrisburg Illinois!...And they're not outta the woods yet, because they're due to get the same thing today!!! O_O ...Soooooo, a backyard full of snow doesn't seem so bad in comparison! 

       Okay, enough about the weather! Let me tell you about a couple of other things. One being my blue and red crochet necklace...

       It got chosen for a new treasury!...

         According to Barbara Gene, of BagsnBling, it's one "item from one of my favorite shops"....Thank you Barbara. :-) ...You can click on the treasury photo above to go over and check out all of the great items she chose if you like. I liked this one...

      It's a handbag...with flowers! Is there any wonder that it caught my eye?! :-]

        My other news is announcing the winner of the Giveaway for today! :-) It was so hard wading through all the entries!... ^_^ Ha! If I was a sensitive sort my feelings might've been hurt at the fact that here I am giving away a book of my poems and I only got five entries. And of those five, there were only three individuals! LOL
       But I'm not the sensitive sort. I'm realistic. I know that not a lot of people are into poetry these days....and even less people are into reading a book of poetry! ^_^ So to those of you who entered the Giveaway....Thank You So Much For Making Me Feel Appreciated. :-) ...Now, the winner?!...

       It's YOU Cindy!! :-) I'll send it out to you right away...And because there were only two others...Becky and Velma...Guess what?! I'm sending you books too!!!! :-) Just send me your addresses please, to the email here

      Now, this month's Giveaway, for March 15, 2012, will be kinda different. This one is a thank you from me to you 300...301 as of today!...followers!! :-) Since I can't wrap you up in a big hug and person...what a pleasure it's been swapping stories with you, then I want to send one of you something that "will" wrap you up! It's a soft, soft, charcoal gray and green afghan lap blanket that I crocheted myself! :-)
       Remember photo-taking skills are not that great!!!...

        I'll put another couple of photos, and the size and description of it, on the right-hand sidebar link a little later today.
        The rules for entering the Giveaway are different this time because for this one you just have to comment! For the next couple of weeks, all comments will become entries in the Giveaway for the afghan...unless you specify that you don't want to be entered.

      Lastly, a quick update: As of yesterday, hubby is filing for unemployment. A lot of paperwork and tedium, but necessary stuff. After talking it over with his representative, it became clear that games are afoot with his company. After all of the not so nice things that his manager,...boss, or whatever his title is....said,..including the fact that he didn't want him working there anymore...apparently he said to the representative yesterday that he was 'surprised' that my hubby is taking the position he's taking to ask for his vacation time and to be able to file for unemployment!....Really?!!....Surprised?! O_O
       What did they expect for him to do?! Say,..."Oh, I'm sorry. I'll come back to work and work all day long and kiss your feet and ring finger, sacrifice my wife's health and dedicate my life to this company. I was only kidding about all that stuff I said!!" O_0...Kinda unrealistic considering the fact that hubby was pushed into making this decision in the first place by unfair working conditions and broken promises!....Whatever. It's apparently done now. All of the paperwork is going in today....if hubby can get past the piles of snow to get to the mailbox that is! ^_^
        I'm not gonna think too deeply about it. I'm just gonna crochet! :-) I'm almost done with the second fingerless glove even!...

         Sorry that the post was so full today, but I've got other stuff to show you tomorrow, and a 'Virtual Date Night' to plan. I didn't wanna leave any of this till later. :-] So, have a good day Everybody!!...Leave me a comment and tell me all about YOUR weekend plans. It's a Giveaway entry too, don't forget! ^_^ {And believe it or not, the poem below was from last year! ^_^}


TRAPPED! Another snow storm!
Will this "STUFF" never end?!
We've be wolloped, punched, and socked,
and now?! Another one on the chin!

'Adding insult to the injury',
there will be an inch of ice!
I guess winter thought we needed
just a little 'SCARY' spice!

Do I sound bitter? Sick of it?
About to lose my snowed-in mind?!
Well, that would be correct!
That is, the brain cells I can find!

TRAPPED! Sick of snow,
and it's icicles everywhere!
Good thing I have crochet!
It will replace my pulled out hair!

      On a side-note, I can't believe we're down a 'Monkee'. :-( Davy Jones died of a heart attack yesterday!!


  1. Wow! You really DID get the snow, didn't you!! Congrats on the treasury. It's a pretty one!!
    Woo Hoo!! I won!! I can't wait to read all your beautiful poems!! It's special you know.
    I'm glad hubby filed for unemployment. Good for him for taking a stand! Things will work out!

    I look forward to seeing the finished product....the fingerless gloves that is. And in your post tomorrow! I'm babysitting today so I'll have tomorrow free!! Yay!!!

    Have a great day and enjoy your hubby's company, and your meeting later too.

  2. Hi Cindy!...Yes indeedy we did! And it's still coming down right now too!!!...And yes! You won!! Well, all three of you actually! :-) I couldn't help myself. You three have been so supportive of my little blog...It may be a day or two before I can get them in the mail though! :-)) But I can't wait to get your feedback on it. I have a book of more spiritual based poems too. I was thinking of sending that one to YOU. You'd get that one. But I'll leave that up to you. Which one would you like?! No pressure!!! LOL Of the 20 poems in the book from my shop, a lot of them are on the blog. Not all of them though...Hopefully I'll finish the gloves today. I'll show them tomorrow if I do...Have a good one today, Cin! Enjoy your nice weather. I'll suffer here for both of us, okay! ^_^

    1. Oh I would LOVE the spiritual one!! Please send that!!!! Thanks so much. Have a great day!!

    2. Will do, Bead! :-)

  3. Deb, wow you have snow, we don't have any at this time which is really unusual. I was so busy trying to get myself ready for my designing on other teams that I kept forgetting to put my name in for the poem giveaway. How sweet of you to let all three of us get your poems. I'm so excited!!!!! Your new giveaway is just beautiful. Sorry but I have to laugh at the ignorance of the so called boss/ manager. It was a head game being played thinking that your husband really needed this job and once he came back he would do anything that was asked of him to keep the job with no complaining. Game over they lost.....LOL..... Everything will work out for the best you'll see. As for this weekend we will sit at home and veg out. Fuel prices are on the rise here and not knowing how much higher they will get we are building up our savings in case we really need it down the road. Congrats on the treasury. Have a Great Day my friend!!!!!!

    1. Hi Velma! Yep! Boy...and how! do we have snow!! And it's STILL snowing right now too! I know you're happy you have a break from it! ^_^...It is kinda funny, isn't it...and sad...that company's think that you're just gonna bow to whatever they want done NO MATTER WHAT!! They take advantage of people who are in circumstances where they really need a job. Oh Well...I guess everybody has their own agenda!...Onward and job hunt-ward!! LOL...By the way, you're so right about the gas prices too! They jumped 13 cents this week here!! YIKES!!!! It's a good time to take 'Virtual' trips, right?! :-)) Have a good day, Vel!

  4. Hi,

    My backyard looks just like yours. I'm off today, so I'm home cleaning, blogging and going to watch a movie so I don't mind the snow out.
    Congrats to Cindy!!
    Have a nice day, Deb.

  5. Hi Priscila! I figured that yours looked about the same! ^_^ You're right around the corner from to speak. I can't believe how heavy it's falling right now! I think we're in for it this time! LOL It's a good day for watching a movie and cleaning! :-) Enjoy!

  6. Oh my! I can see how heavy that snow is by the sloping, snow-laden branches in the fourth and sixth backyard photographs. Luckily, we missed out on the destructive weather here in Chicago. Your husbands former manager sounds like a real upstanding individual ... NOT! It's a shame that companies treat their loyal employees like that these days. It seems to be the norm now. Very disheartening. I've got my fingers crossed that things will work out in the end for both you and your hubby. I've been following your wonderful blog for over a year and I have no doubt you both are beautiful souls through and through. Congratulations on having your work featured in yet another fabulous treasury!

    1. You have a good eye, Julie! And you're very right. It's some very heavy snow! I'm glad you all missed out on the bad weather...Thanks for the supportive words about the job situation too. I'm afraid it's not like it used to be in the 'olden days' where employers were the ones who worked to keep good employees and employees showed their thankfulness with hard work and loyalty. Nowadays you have to be looking over your shoulder all the time, wondering if a nice gesture is really a nice gesture or you'll gonna get it in the back soon! LOL Even when you're going out of your way to do a good job, it's not enough! As you say...very disheartening. But survivable just the same. And we will. :-) Have a good day, Julie!

  7. Congrats to the winner!I guess congrats to me too lol.Thats so nice of you.Seriously.I will email you my address.I loveeeeeeeeee that clutch.

    Happy March!

    1. ^_^ Yes! That would be congrats to YOU too!...I got your address, and I'll get it out to you as soon as I can...And I agree, the clutch is cuteeeeeeee! LOL

  8. thanks for sharing my bag :)

    1. It was entirely my pleasure! :-)

  9. I had to laugh when you mentioned snow potatoes! I'm sure if I mentioned that to Angus he would think it was something he could eat :D
    I'm glad that hubby is filing for unemployment & that he stood up for his rights. That employer really was making it awfully difficult for him to go back. I know things will work out for both of you.

    1. Ha! Ha! Tell Angus it is edible...but not very satisfyingly so! ^_^ Although I'm sure some good home made ice cream could be made out of it!...And I think you're right about the employment thing. But we'll be alright! :-)

  10. I remember that poem! I think it was because we were having the same weather here last year. This year has been much better. We actually had 69de. weather on Wed. and I was so happy. My brother lives in northern Wisconsin and they had a foot and a half of the white stuff. Yuck! So if we can just hang in there through March I know April will have to be warmer and hopefully you'll be all done with the snow! Good luck to hubby as he starts this new journey and I'm glad he doesn't have to work in such a toxic environment. You guys deserve the best!

  11. yaya, Yes! That was the poem!...You have a good memory. And we were having great weather this year too until....WHAM!! ^_^ Thankfully the roads are great. And even though it snowed all day yesterday, it's only the backyard that has piles of snow. They did a great job cleaning the streets and stuff as the snow was falling this time. Walking on sidewalks though....still a bit icy..By the way, we had a whopper of a snowstorm one year on April 1st. So we're not completely out of the woods yet! LOL...Thanks for the encouragement about the new journey too. Taking it to heart. :-)

  12. Wow how much snow!!! My son would love it, we are just getting cold and grey. We did get the son for the first time yesterday and it was beautiful!
    Sorry about your husbands job, it sounds to me like fate has something better for the both of you!
    Wow what a fantastic giveaway! It's beautiful!
    Sorry I can't send any hugs back so I'll send a cyber hug!

    1. I know, huh?! ^_^ Thankfully the main roads aren't covered in it like my backyard is!!...But we're getting the grey skies too today...because we have some mixed rain and ice coming tonight! O_0 ...Thank you for the kind words, too, about my husband's job. We don't believe in fate, but we do KNOW that things are gonna be okay! :-)...I'm glad you like the Giveaway too...because you are now entered for it! :-) ...Cyber hug recived too, by the way. Here's one coming right back atcha.....*squeeeeeeeeze!!!* ♥♥♥ ^_^


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