Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easy...or Quiet...Like Sunday Morning!

         Ahhhhhh! A quiet Sunday morning. :-] A time that I I thought could be perfectly captured by rabbitwhiskers scenic note card with the ducks swimming gently in the pond...Problem is...I don't know if the photo for this card was taken on a quiet Sunday morning!
         So I decided to show you what a quiet Sunday morning in Holyoke Massachusetts looks like...minus the ducks and the pond. ^_^

         The backyard was kinda dark when we first got up. We have rain in the forecast again....Booooooo....hisssssssss! LOL 

       But, even so, rain on the horizon or not, but with the sun coming up, and the new groomed look of the backyard (the landscapers did a great job!), all is well and quiet in Wugland. :-) ...

       Hubby is scoping out the grounds and wondering whether 'garden central' is ever gonna get started this year!...

       Although there is 'some' life popping up!...

        Considering the goings on in other areas though, we're wondering if these little guys stand much of a chance! O_O
         Last year, and the year before that, our flowering trees looked something like this around here...

         ...But unfortunately, even though they bloomed pretty for about a week, the rain, dropping temperatures, and, oh yeah, the snow!...they now look like this...

       The fluctuating weather around here....cold rain, sunshine, snow, wind, hail, sunshine, more rain, wreaking havoc on people's moods, and on the flowers and plants...

     But since it's mostly a state of mind for me, I'm liking my state of mind today. :-) Easy....relaxed.......well fed! "Thanks Honey!" :-)
       And since we got some mail yesterday showing that we're gonna qualify for some financial help, I'm feeling even better! :-) It really will be a quiet Sunday morning..for my mind anyway, even if the rain is gonna make my body go crazy!....Bring it on!! ^_^
      The winner of the Giveaway, by the way, is none other than Lisa, of Grimm and Grete Jewelry! :-) ...Congratulations Lisa! :-) Send me your info and I'll get it in the mail to you right away!...The next Giveaway is pending. So, just stay tuned.
      Okay, I have a meeting this morning, and some things to do, so I have to get going. Have a quiet one, Everybody! :-)

Quiet Sunday Morning

Quiet Sunday morning.
Flowers blooming in the yard.
Rain clouds overhead,
forecasting rain, but not too hard.

Quiet Sunday thinking.
All is well. No one is mad.
There's an easy state of being,
and a poem on my pad.

Quiet Sunday morning.
Music, chatting with my friends.
A perfect picture postcard,
or reality through my lens.


  1. I can't believe I actually won something! Who needs the Mega Millions...woo hoo!

    Thanks Wugs.

    I love your backyard Wugs. I see it and I think of my 3 little Musketeers playing, running around, having tons of fun and then: stepping on your flowers, digging up your turf, scaring your humming birds away and basically never being invited back lol.

    I`ll just love it from a distance!

    1. ^_^ Well, believe it!! It's you, Lisa!...without the Mega-millions attached! :-))...And I can see your 3 little musketeers frolicking around, rolling down the hill, darting in between trees, running from my hubby while he screams about his stepped on sunflowers! ^_^ Eh! Go ahead and step on 'em!! ^_^

  2. Your yard does look peaceful! Too bad the frost had to get your pretty little magnolia blossoms. :( They've been beautiful here! I have to go out in my backyard this afternoon and continue my cleanup process. Oh the work!! Especially since the weeds didn't die this year!
    Thanks for the nice photos and the nice post too!
    And congrats to Lisa!!

    Enjoy your day!

    1. Thanks, Bead....Yeah, the poor blooms paid the price for our 'early' Spring it seems. :-(But I'm glad yours are still there!..And have fun in the clean-up. And the weeds....THE WEEDS!!! Our backyard has a large patch of dandelions building up steam! :-/ So much fun!....N-O-T!!! ^_^ Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my friend.

  3. Hello! What part of Georgia are you from? My husband is English, I am a native Georgian...lived here all my life except for one year that I lived in England. I was born in Toccoa, but also lived in Central and South Georgia too since our Dad was in construction.
    Don't worry too much about your know it will change soon! Take care!

    1. Hi Kay!...I'm from near the Augusta area. As a matter of fact, it blows my mind that Augusta is even on anybody's radar nowadays...but it 'is' because of Tiger Woods and the Augusta Masters golf Championship...which s coming up pretty soon too!...I'm not familiar with Toccoa though! O_O Is that near Atlanta and Albany?!...And...Ha! Ha!'re so right about the weather here in New England! ^_^ Anyway, thanks for the comment. And please stop by again!

  4. I'm sorry the trees and flowers around your area have taken such a beating. That's always so sad, i think. Here, everything went well this year. Last year, the magnolias froze in mid-bloom. Your Sunday sounds like mine today - it was calm, languid and lazy. I love that!! Wishing you a good evening and a great start to your week!! Hugs, Silke

    1. Thanks Silke...I'm sorry about our beaten blooms too. But maybe the Spring will kick in and really make something grow...besides the tree pollen! Ooooo Whee! The pollen is bad around here ALREADY!!! O_0 The good thing is I didn't have to be out in it today, and I wasn't about to let it bother my relaxing day anyway! :-]...By the way, I'm Wishing you a good evening and a great start to your week too!

  5. Lovely post, I hope you get "garden central" in order for the summer :-) Lovely photos too my friend. We usually enjoy a quiet Sunday morning. But today there was plenty of noise. Our grandchildren stayed with us this weekend, There was a lot of joyful noise. Loved! xo

    1. Thanks Katherine! ^_^ Hubby is hoping it gets in order too!...I must admit, considering that he starts me sneezing every time he goes outside and comes back in, I'll be good with it if 'garden central' never shows it's face! ^_^ I'm glad you got to enjoy your noisy Sunday, while I enjoyed my quiet one. :-] And have a good rest of the week too!

  6. Hi!
    Thanks so much for including my duck note card in your wonderful blog post! The duck pond looks great in your beautiful backyard! In northern CA. the weather's been fluctuating like crazy too! We got almost no rain all winter- not at all typical, & the temps. have been bouncing daily between the 50's & the 70's! Finally last week & again yesterday, we got a good dose of rain~ just enough to make the weeds which, pre-rain were struggling to keep their heads above ground, shoot several feet skyward~ just as I was beginning to seriously imagine the luxury of springtime gardening~ minus the task of weed-pulling. I knew there must be a reason I couldn't clearly visualize that! I have a feeling that no matter where we are- no matter what the weather~ most of us know Spring by the weeds we pull- as well as by the arrival of our favorite flowers.I hope you had a wonderful Sunday~ and have a great week ahead!
    Warm Regards, Judy

    1. Hi Judy! ^_^ It was my pleasure to share your beautiful card! And I agree. It looks beautiful in my backyard! :-) And I'm also glad to know that those of us here in New England aren't the only ones with a big question mark on our face about the weather!! ^_^ Have fun with those weeds too! O_O Thanks for your comment...and please come again!

  7. Wonderful photos! Lovely verse!


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