Saturday, March 1, 2014

Here Comes The Lion!!

       You ever hear the phrase: 'March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb'?!...Well, look out folks! Winter is gonna be roaring like a lion, and be a total travel nightmare for over 100 million people, during the first several days of March!...Ugh!...And, unfortunately, those of us here in Massachusetts will not be spared!
      Snow, rain, and ice is gonna spread from the northern Rockies and central Plains to portions of the Midwest this weekend. And it's gonna  reach the Northeast, our to speak...and mid-Atlantic, on Sunday through Sunday night...Ugh!...Ugh!...Some areas along this storm's path could end up with a foot or more of snow!! O_O The area we're in is saying 6-12 inches...Ugh!
      That's just what we need...more snow!! O_O And the ice?! ... Oh no, let's not forget the ice!...There's suppose to be an icy mix in some areas too!! O_O ... I guess I better enjoy the pretty blue skies we have right now, huh?!...

      Those blue skies can be deceiving if you keep looking up!...because when you look down...

      ...there's snow everywhere!!...

      Where are we gonna put all of this snow... and ice ...when it gets here?! O_O ...Ohhhh, I don't know...but I'm sure we'll find somewhere!! :-] We're New Englanders!...'Can Do' kinda people!...Hearty!...Survivors!........Crazy!!! LOL ... No doubt some New Englander somewhere is already trying to figure out if they can set up a slide hill in their backyard, or a snow-boarding knoll!! ^_^
      Us?!....we're just trying to figure out how to get the frozen solid wheels to our hibachi aloose!!! O_O I mean...Spring is coming in about...Oh, I don't know...a lamb's time!! LOL...

      Too bad we couldn't wait out this 'calm before the storm' on an island somewhere in Scotland!.... or somewhere, anywhere else!! ^_^ 

      That was my roaring rant. :-)) Rant...Over!!...Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Snowstorm Sublimation

Here we go again!
Another calm before the storm.
Things seem perfectly serene.
Not a thing 'out of the norm'.

I'll enjoy it while I can,
because I know this calm won't last.
Soon we'll get another hit
from another arctic blast.

Now we need a few suggestions
on a place to store new snow,
because our backyard is all full,
and it's too much snow to tow.

Come on 'sublimation'!
Take this snow into the sky!
We have another snowstorm coming!
And our snow pile is waaay too high!


  1. Well....I guess since it's coming in like a lion, in a week or two, it'll look like a lamb??? Please! Please! Please!! LOL Hang in there my friend and keep your mind off it. I know....why not crochet??

    1. If only?!...O_O...Something tells me that we may not even recognize it in a week or two!!...It'll be packed under a thick layer of snow and ice, with a big scowl on it's face!! LOL...And by the way, no worries. I'm always ready to crochet! ^_^ I'm like the mailman that way...'Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays...'this crocheter'... from the swift completion of... 'her' appointed rounds.'!...Her rounds of crochet, that is! LOL

  2. I'm trying my best to divert this storm after it hits Ohio and maybe send it to Florida..what do you say? Sounds good to me! Hang in there..maybe April will come in like a lamb!

    1. You Go Girl!! ^_^ And if you can do that, you oughta go into business selling ocean front property in Arizona!! LOL...Besides, we don't wanna anger Florida, do we?!...That's our east coast sunny destination spot!! ^_^


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