Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Don't Want To Be 'JUST' The Big Sister Anymore!

      I'm taking kind of a detour from my usual posts today to talk about a subject that I've been thinking about for a while. The subject of family, and where I fit in the family. I've thought about it before, with no solutions in my head as to what to do about it. But something happened yesterday that brought it all back up again!
      I got a phone call from my dad, which I told you about. But afterward I got a call from my sister. Dad had called her to tell her the good news about my doctor's appointment, and she called to say how happy she was for me. :-] ... But when I hung up the phone I started to pull apart bits and pieces of the conversation, and I realized....I'm still the big sister!! O_O's where you go and get your cup of coffee. ^_^ ...

      Let me ask you...where are you in the family tree?!...I'm the oldest of my mother's children (eight in all). The 'big sister'. And that's what I've always been! ALWAYS! The one who plans everything like crazy. Who worries about everybody, as if I'm the second mother. The one who gets the phone calls when someone needs a shoulder to cry on, or some other kind of help!
      I'm also the one who none of my sisters and brothers really know....Not 'REALLY!', I mean!...I think the reason is because they 'have' thought of me as sort of a second mom. The 'go to' person...yes!...But also the social enemy of all things 'cool'! ^_^ More like the 'keeper-of-all-things-that-remind-them-of-HOME'!...

      And that's not a bad thing! In fact, I've prided myself on being just that!...for years...'The-Keeper-Of-All-Things-Having-To-Do-With-HOME'!! :-) But now, as a 'Wug' girl into my fifties, I wanna be more than just the 'big sister'!!!...I wanna be the companion. The friend. The neighbor. The first phone call to share family funnies with. The one 'BEING helped for a change!!!
      It feels to me sometimes that my sisters and brothers think that no matter what goes on with me, or what is happening around me, that "Eh! She's got that!"...When in fact, there are times when I wish I had a big sister, with broad loving shoulders, for me to cry on!...Not that I'd use them much! LOL But I'm sure I would...maybe! ^_^ 
      So, as of today, I declare that 'I AM MOVING ON' from 'big sister' status!!!! ^_^ The 'Please-call-me-if-you-need-something' ship has now sailed!! LOL...

      And the 'Hey, Girl! ship has pulled into port! ^_^ Don't get me wrong, as long as I'm alive I know I'll be the big sister!...But from now on out, no one needs to weigh their words around me because they're afraid I'll be counseling them on the rights and wrongs of being in this family, etc...!...Even though they can expect a friendly nudge in the right direction from their true 'sister/friend'! ^_^
      If you're not the type of person who has ever noticed how your siblings respond to you, based on where you are in the family line, then this post will make no sense whatsoever!! LOL And you're probably not the oldest!! ^_^ The eldest sibling, in my experience, always notices!!! LOL
      So, no more outcast status for me! Call me 'Miss Moving On'!! ^_^


      But still, YAY for sisterhood!! ^_^ Have a good day, Sisters and Brothers!! :-) ♥


      Bye Bye, "Big Sister"....I'll shed a tear for you, and remember you well.

Sisters-on the family curve
sometimes just get on your nerve;
But, sisters will a purpose serve,
they will your life preserve.

Sisters-sometimes they're at war;
and sometimes they "do" go to far.
All sisters want to be the star-
not follow where you are!

Sisters-they don't care a bit!
When fighting they will never quit!
But, sisters, all your jokes they get;
and, when with you, they fit!

Sisters-are your family.
Sisters, see the things you see;
Sisters, knew the girl you'd be,
and set your spirit free.

Sisters-beside you they live;
and sometimes drain you, like a sieve;
But sisters, their last dime will give,
and will your bad forgive.

Sisters-no one else can knock;
and wow!-the memories they unlock.
A sisters smile can stop the clock-
'cause sisters "They Just Rock!"

Parents-with the seasons flow.
Boyfriends-they will come and go.
Brothers-by your side will grow.
But, sisters ease your woe;
and one shared heart you know.


  1. Deb as the oldest sibling of my family I can truly relate. I to am tired of being there for everyone. I also need a older sibling with very broad shoulders. I just want them to see that life hasn't been easy for me either but I put on my big girl boots and wade through the piles kicking all the way to the top again. Once in a while I would like for someone to pull me out of the mess. It's great to know that I'm not the only one that feels that way. Hugs

    1. Ahhh! You're a 'big sister' too!!! :-] I should've recognized you!!...Oh yeah, we need to talk!...And I hope things get more bearable for you, soon. I' taking back my 'big sister' status...NOW!! LOL...Nope! You are not alone. But I'm sure we'll talk again! ^_^


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