Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Still Alive!!


      'The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated!'...LOL...What am I gonna do at this point, except laugh! ^_^ I'm still alive...although a little beat up and 'scraggly' around the edges!
      This all started with horrible chills and fever late Saturday night...which I slept through...after adding four blankets to the bed!!...Then Sunday is a blur...because I don't think I opened my eyes for more than a few minutes all day! And those times were when I was fighting off my husband's loving attempt to 'doctor' me, with soup...juice...food!
      After my refusal to eat about four times he came into the room chomping on a sausage bagel and saying: "Ummmmmm!...Don't you want some of this, Honey?! O_O You have to eat!"...I love his enthusiasm, but uhhhhh...NO! I was not interested in eating, and I didn't all day Sunday...except for a half a glass of orange juice and tons of water.
     Yesterday the fever was still looming, and wasn't really hungry still...but thanks to a meal made special for us by some dear friends of ours...I forced myself to take a bite of everything. It was good!!...But sleeping was still my most desired thing...between getting more bloodwork and physical therapy. Yes I Did!! Physical therapy and blood drawn in that condition!!...But then guess what I did?!...You got it! Back To Bed!!! :-]
      I can tell, as of this morning, that the fever has lowered a bit, but it's not gone completely. Hopefully it will be gone by this evening...HOPEFULLY!!...Hubby is happy that I'm eating...and drinking!...*I dreamed about having some orange juice and ginger ale mixed together!! LOL Of all the things to be dreaming about having after hardly eating for two days!!! ^_^ ... And what a wonderful thing to wake up at 3  O'Clock in the morning and be able to actually have! Ummmmmmm! LOL*
      I'm all talked out now.....Guess where I'm going?!....YOU GOT IT!!...Back to bed!!!!! ^_^ Please bare with me a few days. This old body doesn't bounce back like it used to. I feel like Mike Tyson has been using me for a punching bag for days!! LOL But give me a couple of days and I'll be punching back!!! LOL Wish me happy dreams...of home...and ginger ale!! LOL

Dream Home

If I could dream a home to live in,
and put it anywhere I like,
I know it wouldn't be on a mountain.
I'm not a girl fond of a hike.

Although some mountains in the distance
would be a welcome tranquil view.
So would some loud and crashing waves
in an ocean crystal blue.

A very large Bay window,
would be a welcome book retreat.
I could lounge in there for hours,
watching the sea from pillowed seat.

There'd be big open spaces,
and huge chairs for taking naps.
A room just made for hubby,
with no candles, but road maps.

A kitchen full of tile and wood,
pretty colors everywhere.
The room that makes your food say:
"Come on in, Girl!" and "Let's share!"

Everywhere you look
they'd be a space to sit and chat.
{Of course, for me, everywhere I've lived
there's been a place somewhere like that! :-)}

A big backyard with lots of grass,
where kids would love to play.
A deck, for barbecuing,
and for playing cards all day.

From miles around you'll see my house,
and hear the happy noise.
Lots of flowers you will smell,
and meet all my girls and boys.

My dream home has lots of things
that it will always be full of.
But even if the cupboard's bare
It'll be jam-packed full of love.

Can't wait for you to visit!
Just bring good manners and be kind.
I can't tell you when, just yet,
because this dream home's in my mind.

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