Friday, March 14, 2014

Hmmmm...What Are 'YOU' Doing Tonight?!

      I need your help, blog readers, before I continue with today's post!! O_O I'm trying to find out how many people are actually reading this blog, and I think my numbers aren't telling me the truth! So, PLEASE!...if you read this blog daily, or weekly, or EVER! LOL...leave me a quick note...even just a "yes"...down at the bottom of this post, to let me know you're there. Thank You! :-]
      Now!...on to today's post...It's Friday, people!! :-) And in my case...'Virtual Friday Date Night' day!! YAY!!!...The problem is...uhhhh...I don't know where we're going, 'IF' we're going, or nothing!! It's been one of those kind of weeks where I've traveled more than I've wanted to already this week, and I'm feeling like putting on some 'footy' pajamas, calling 'Uno's Pizzeria' for TAKE-OUT, and 'vegging'!! ^_^
       Usually, for our Friday date, hubby and I are all about packing light, dressing ourselves up in good-looking but comfortable clothes...

      ...wearing our slip-on shoes to the 'virtual' airport, and going somewhere fun for good music and good food!! :-) But this week we've 'Been There/Done All That' already!!...It wasn't all that much fun, because the travel plans took us on a highway trip...but not to anywhere fun! But it was taxing on the mind and body...FOR SURE!! All of the traffic, waiting, dressing, un-dressing, poking, prodding, etc... (Doctor's Visit) UGH!
     Needless to say, if I don't see another professional smiling face this week...I'll be just fine!!! :-] ... And food?!......Oh Yes! We had good food!!!!... 

      Chicken, sweet potatoes, and salad! of some dear, dear, friends of ours! ^_^ ♥♥♥...

      They called and said they were bringing it over!!...Yeah! Just like that! :-) ...

      And, IT.......WAS........DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The funny thing is...they had no way of knowing that hubby and I were having one of those "what-do-you-want-for-dinner?!"..."No, what do you want for dinner?"...kind of days! By the time he went to work in the afternoon we were still undecided...and we had a meeting last night!
      That shared meal...still hot when it got here!!...was dropped right out of the sky!...sorta kinda. ^_^ ♥ I would thank them by name here...with blinking lights and everything!...but that might be a bit much for them. :-)) So, I'll control myself and just say 'THANK YOU, YOU KNOW WHO!!!" ^_^ And...uhhhhh...if hubby could get the recipe for the chicken he...and I...would appreciate it!! ^_^
      As to music, I have been listening to music all week!...but mostly during the breaks while watching tennis. ^_^...Yeah, tennis is still on! ^_^ (Indian Wells)...But I haven't been listening to 'date' music!...You know, love songs. So, maybe that's something we 'could' do!! :-) ...

      In fact, maybe I can play myself a few love songs...You know, "I Love Me!" ^_^ ...while I wait to see if anybody is reading this blog! LOL You can listen to the music while you're writing me a note if you like! ^_^ Have a good 'Friday Date' or a good weekend, Y'all!!! ♥

"I Love Me!"

I love me.
I love the happy me.
I love the fact of me.
I love the silly me.
I love me.

I love the confident me.
I love the cooking me.
I love the sexy me.
I love me.

I love the cuddly me.
 I love the caring me.
I love the beautiful me.
I love me.

I love the supportive me.
I love the sporting me.
I love the giddy me.
I love me.

I love the quiet me.
I love the talkative me.
I love the pensive me.
I love me.

I love the sensitive me.
I love the thoughtful me.
I love the world, with me.
I love me.

I love the patient me.
I love the stylish me.
I love the smiling me.
I love me.

I love the creative me.
And the one who created me,
because he helps relate to me
why I love me.
And I do love me!


  1. Replies
    1. It was entirely my pleasure! ♥

  2. Deb I read your blog every day. I am here....LOL.......I hope you find something interesting to do for your date night. Hugs

    1. Yes, Velma! I know you do!...and I so appreciate it too!!! ♥ I read yours too, and love your Etsy shop cards...And no worries, we always find somewhere to 'virtually go' on Fridays...even if it's just 'go to' sleep!! LOL Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Neat post and blog! Thanks for featuring my Norman Rockwell book page!

    1. Thank you for the nice words, Nina! :-] And it was my pleasure to share your Norman Rockwell book page! The post wouldn't have been the same without it!


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