Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Okay....So There's Good News!...And Bad News!


      Yes, I'm back!! ^_^ And guess what?!...This morning I feel like talking! :-) For those of you not feeling like reading.....Sorry. But maybe you won't be sorry to read it if you're in the mood to also look at some items from Etsy! :-) I'll spatter them throughout this 'bad news, good news' post.
      GOOD NEWS: Our weather here in Massachusetts is gonna be over 50 degrees!! YAY!!! Maybe Spring 'is' gonna come!! ^_^ That's why I shared the header photo. It's Spring-y looking!!
      BAD NEWS: Tomorrow night, into Thursday morning, we have another winter storm coming! O_O Right now it appears that it will be more of a rain event, with an inch or two of snow at the end. But they're still watching the 'weather models'...whatever that means!...So, it's gonna be an hour by hour thing as the time for the storm gets closer. ...C'est la vie!
      I still have ways to make myself happy about the upcoming....PLEASE!!!!!...Spring. See! (below) :-) ... 




      Pretty flowers!.....Pretty colors!.....and reminders that, no matter what the weather, or the season, I can still CROCHET!!! ^_^

       GOOD NEWS:...Yes, there's more! ^_^ ...My appointment with the doctor yesterday went very well! :-) I'm in good health. My blood pressure was GREAT! :-) All of the hospital and transportation personnel were fabulously sweet and very professional! :-) And I lost weight!...a lot of weight!!
      BAD NEWS: That was my last appointment with this particular doctor. :-( She's going on leave for a while because of a personal medical issue. :-( ...I'm really sad about that. She's a great doctor.
      Also, while my weight loss was fabulous!...the doctor has planned another round of bloodwork for me...Just to make sure it's not associated with something bad! O_O ...*Go figure!...I lose weight, and it might be a 'bad' thing! LOL*
      Along these same lines of weight, and bad news associated with weight, hubby got on the scale too...'just for kicks'!...He already knew what he weighed. He went to the doctor in December.  He was very happy about what he weighed too!.....But..."Not so fast, buddy!"...He got on the scale and found out he had GAINED a significant amount of weight!! O_O YIKES!
      I felt so bad for him. You should've seen his poor, sad, disbelieving, disappointed face! O_O *sigh*...Oh well, now he has to come over to the dark side...of counting calories and low carbs, and lots of water, and regular meals, and light snacks, and less sugar......and....and...! Or he can go to the store and buy some 'fat pants'! LOL Back in my earlier life I did that!!!...and it worked for a while! :-)) ......His choice! I'm here for love and support...thick or thin...like he has done for me for years!!! ♥♥♥ ^_^
      GOOD NEWS: I have the most supportive and loving friends and family in the world!!!! ♥ I wish I could scoop them all up and give them a big group hug and kiss!!...but I can't! There's too many of them! :-))
      For a simple, albeit nerve-racking, visit to the doctor, what did I get?!...Lots of loving phone calls, including a phone call from one of my dear friends saying that she would be praying for me, and that everything would be okay. :-) ...Another phone call to say: "I Love You!...I just wanted you to know that before your appointment." (She also wanted me to know I was supported and loved, and that she was sure everything would be just fine!...*And she was right! ^_^*)
      After I was back home, my father called to say how happy he was for me that the visit prompted some good news. :-) Everybody in my camp, on my side, and sending good thoughts!! ♥♥♥ The truth is, even if it had been bad news I still would've been in a good state of mine, knowing that I am loved this much by so many people!! :-] ... F.Y.I., I love them all back too!!...Even more than they love me!...because I know that Jehovah God was behind all of their encouragement and love, which means he thinks they're pretty great too!!! ^_^
       I am very, very grateful!!!!!!!! :-)


      BAD NEWS:....Uhhhh...The post is done, and I don't have anything else to talk about! ^_^ ... THIS MORNING!!! LOL Have a great day, Everybody!! :-) And if there's someone in your life you haven't said 'Thank You' to for a while, try it today! It'll make you feel great! ^_^

I Am Thankful

I am thankful I can breathe
when I wake up every day;
I am thankful I have time
in which I can spend to pray.

I am thankful that my husband
is a good, hard-working man;
I am thankful I can write
with a steady flowing hand. 

I am thankful for my ears,
and the sunsets I can see.
I am thankful for good friends,
who are always there for me;


  1. Deb, Thank you! I just wanted to let you know that if it weren't for your blog and the love you have for the Lord our God there would be days that I would just crawl into a hole. Lately there has been so much going on in my life that it doesn't leave much time to leave a comment but I do read the blogs that I follow yours being one of them. I can always find encouragement there. Thank You!!!!!! So happy to hear that your Doctors visit went well. Hugs

    1. Hello, Velma!!!....Awwwww! Thank you so much for the sweet words! I'm so glad you're finding some encouragement here. Although I'm really sorry to hear that things have not gotten better for you! :-( I sure wish I could be where you are!! I'd love to have you as a Bible student, and be able to talk and learn over tea and coffee...with maybe a few crumpets! ^_^ But even though that's not possible, remember I'm available any time...and you have my email!! ♥


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