Monday, March 3, 2014

Thanks For The Time, Storm Titan!

      Okay...tell the truth. If you watched television last night, were you team 'Downton Abbey' or team 'Oscars'?! ^_^ ... Me?!...I peeped at the Oscars while hubby was giving me my nightly leg rub, and then I went to sleep! LOL I haven't seen very many movies at all this year, so I wouldn't have recognized any of the nominees anyway. And I knew I would fall asleep before 'Downton Abbey' ended, so I didn't even turn the television to that channel. I decided to wait to look at it today...'OnDemand'. (A cable service recorded programming line-up). ^_^ 
       Thanks to my morning news though, I know who won what on the Oscars already. So there's no need to look at the replay of the Oscars...Besides, I didn't recognize the names of the winners...except for Matthew McConaughey...But I didn't see the movie he was in either, soooooo....! O_O
      So, what do I talk about this morning?!...Uhhhhh...How about the fact that 'Storm Titan', the storm that was suppose to be bringing us 6 inches to a foot of ice and snow today...the storm that I changed my doctor's appointment for! Ugh!...totally 'dissed' us!! O_O It now isn't even gonna reach us!!
      I shouldn't be mad about it, right?!...Well, I am!!! Grrr!...The reason is because hubby had taken the day off from work for my doctor's appointment, and we had made some other plans for today also, and now....because of that storm's diversion everything has changed!! And I'm gonna have to reschedule everything to do it again next week! Ugh!

      "Just move on, Wug!"...Okay. Okay!! ^_^

      I'll take the rest of the post to share a few things I'm loving right now! :-) Starting with my friend Cindy's new necklace!!...

      It's just gorgeous!!!!

      And I don't know the rest of these Etsians personally (below), but I sure know their work!...and it's GOOD!! :-) Take a look!...

      The last painting reminded me of what me and hubby could be doing on one of our Friday 'virtual date nights' or...what we could've been doing today...if not for 'Storm Titan' flipping the script on us! Grrrr!...Okay. Okay!!!!...Moving on! LOL
      On my Monday with nothing scheduled to do, I'm gonna 'Downton Abbey'.....and plan a doctor's appointment outing for next week! :-) I hear that the temperatures could be in the 70s by then!!...In other words, it could be a better outing next week than it would've been this week!! ^_^ And I don't have anything, but time!!... Yep! I somehow always find the 'good news' in things!! ^_^ Have a good week, Everybody! ♥

Minutes In A Year

524,160-All together,
make up all the minutes in a year.
124,800-At least-spent working
in a job, insecurely stressed with fear.

175,200 minutes, spent sleeping.
(Or, at least, they say that's how many you should get.)
5,475 minutes, taking showers.
(An awful lot of time spent being soaking wet!)

87,600 minutes, spent eating.
(Estimated at 240 a day.)
The same amount is spent watching T.V.-
feeding your mind on what other people have to say.

5,600 minutes, spent in worship,
with another 21,840 preparing for it.
(That doesn't seem like a lot of minutes to consider,
when you think of all the wholesome benefit.)

That leaves 6,045 little minutes
to ponder ways to show your degree of love;
To show you care about the people around you,
and to appreciate all the minutes from above!


  1. Did you look up all those statistics?? I'm impressed!! LOL
    Thank you for featuring my new "baby!" I love it myself and can't wait for it to find a new home!!
    We watched a bit of the Oscars, but like you, most of those movies I've never even heard of. Probably because they're rated R. Anyway.....
    Have a great week! And thanks again, my friend! :D

    1. Ha! Ha!...No, I didn't look up the statistics this time. I figured them out myself!...based on my own life and use of time. ^_^ I was inspired by the song 'Seasons of Love', from 'Rent'...

      And it was my pleasure to share your gorgeous necklace! It's one of your prettiest in my opinion. (and I'm not usually a seashell on jewelry type of girl!)...Anyway! ^_^ Enjoy the rest of your day, my friend!! ♥


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