Sunday, March 2, 2014

...Because I'm Happy!!

      ♫ "...Here come bad news, talking this and that.....
Well, give me all you got. Don't hold it back...
I should probably warn you, I'll be just fine...
No offense to you, don't waste your time...
Here's why...because I'm happy...." ♫

        In case you don't recognize the lyrics, those are the words from Pharrell Williams' song, "Happy".  I woke up this morning with them playing over and over in my mental song looped head......*In case you're new to the blog and you don't know about this, I wake up every morning with a song playing in my head...for no apparent reason. It could be a wordless tune from a commercial, or just a random classical, pop, country, etc song..Doesn't matter...But there is ALWAYS a song of some kind playing in my head when I wake up! if my dreams have theme music! ^_^)
      And as it turns out....I'm in a good mood! :-) My head cold seems to be gone. And the cold sore on my lip almost is too!...The huge snowstorm that was suppose to hit us, starting tonight, apparently is gonna be just a dusting, or one or two inches of snow, by the time it reaches us here in Holyoke! :-)...And the doctor's appointment that I was fretting over has been changed to next week!! ^_^

       I feel like a dancing school kid this morning!! ^_^ ... Now, add to this that hubby offered to make me pancakes...and you really got a lot of Sunday morning happy going on!! ^_^ But...... 

         "Uhhhhhh...hold up, Mr. Sunday Morning Pancake Cowboy! O_O What did you say?!...We don't have enough pancake mix?! O_O......Uhhhhh...You're gonna do what?!...Find something else to mix with it, and put more water in it to make it stretch?!...You think I'll be happy with them?!.....Uhhhh...Thank you, but no!...I don't want pancakes that look like pancakes, but taste like something else!!...I'd rather not have pancakes at all. Thank you very much! Don't mess with my 'happy' this morning!!" 
      Sometimes happy is going just a little bit too far!! LOL 

      Anyway!! ^_^ I was in such a good mood this morning that, with a happy song playing in my head, I headed over to Etsy to scroll and look for 'Happy'! This is what I found! :-) ...
(Linen Flower Hairpins - set of 3 by namolio)

      I found signs of Spring, and lots of happy color! :-) You know how it is when you're in a good mood...Happy. :-) You find what you're looking for...every...single...time! ^_^ ♫ So, I'm happy!! ♫ ... I hope you find your happy today too! But if the school kids in the video above didn't do it........I don't know what to tell you! ^_^

Happy Weather People

Weather people are so happy!
So excited about their maps!
Always smiling on the T.V.,
like there's sunshine in their laps.

They're a chitty chatty bunch.
Talking radars and jet streams.
Strangely when the weather turns
their eyes glaze over, and face beams.

I don't know how they are so happy
when there's snow and rain and sleet;
When they do outdoors reporting,
smiling, while with soaking feet!

The places that they go
are where most folks are running from!
Are they brave?, selfless?, crazy?,
 or just really, really dumb?!

I cannot imagine
how they hold their heads up high,
when most folks can't stand their forecasts,
and they make folks want to cry.

They seem so proud and happy;
Fancy ties and great hair-dos!
Disgruntled comments bounce right off,
as do our frequent hiss and boos!!

The conclusion that I've reached
is that they have a 'Happy Gene'.
But, no doubt, they would just say
that they're reporting what they've seen.

Hey! They were not there
when wind and force moved things around!
But they're happy to be able
to now tell us where it's bound! 


  1. Deb--I am honored to be included in your "Happy" mood blog post! Such fun. Thank you for sharing your happiness! :)

    1. It was entirely my pleasure!! :-] I left you a message on Etsy too!...Thank you!!


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