Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Giggle-Fest.....Like In The 'Old Days'!

      Everything about our this trying to tell us to be grown up. More serious. NOT silly, like when we were teenagers! ^_^ And, for the most part, we're on board with that. And we listen. BUT...every once in a while....! ^_^ And in telling you what happened I'm gonna have to risk a 'you-had-to-be-there' kinda sideways head-tilt on your part. Because I HAVE TO talk about it!! :-)) 
      Hubby and I have been really busy the last couple of days...doing what seemed to be a lot to us, but to someone else could look like a lot of us being busy doing nothing!...Whatever!! :-) ...But it led to us not wanting to go on an extended 'take-your-virtual-luggage-and-remove-your-virtual-shoes' kinda date this week. We just wanted to lay low and watch some television...and sleep! So we did!
       But then today...or should I say 'tonight'...we decided that we wanted to go somewhere! :-) But there aren't any virtual flights out of town on a Saturday night...Only on Fridays, you know. ^_^ So we decided we'd just have to 'pretend'! LOL
      So we got on our bed...our far away tropical island, surrounded by sharks and stingrays...and a sandy beach on one side!...and just talked! :-] ...

      The talking led to silly conversations about when we were kids, and stuff like forth and so on! Then I said: "Ooooo! Let's pretend that our bed is really in a castle, and we're rich! Let's ring for the butler to bring us some....caviar!" :-)) And then it happened!!
      Hubby started a boil being turned up on a lobster!...

      Then it got contagious, because I started giggling! ^_^ In the midst of the giggling I said: "What?!...What's so funny?!"...And he said: "Caviar!!!" Ha! Ha! "We're not caviar kind of people!" Ha! Ha! Ha!

       "We're more like Doritos kind of people!" Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!...

      Then we both lost it!!!! ^_^ He started doing little mini-skits!...In a very fancy and proper voice, he said: "Excuse me. Do you have some Grey Poupon?!" Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Then he said in a down-home backwoods southern voice: "No?!...How 'bout some Do-ritos?!" Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
      Okay, Okay! I get that 'you really did have to be there' to get how funny this really was! ^_^ Especially since half of the stuff we were talking about was done in skits and hand gestures! LOL But by the time we were able to stop giggling...and it took a while!...we both had sore stomachs and tears in our eyes! ^_^ 
      This was no way for two grown 50-somethings to be acting!! NOT AT ALL!!!...But you know what?!.....It was sooooooo fun!!! ^_^ We hadn't been that silly in a long time!!! A LONG TIME!!! :-)) I mean, if this was somebody else's pretend bed...they would've been kicked right off the island!! ^_^
      Giggle-fest OVER!!! ^_^ Now I have to stop from looking at him, so I can actually go to sleep! :-)) Every time our eyes almost meet I can feel the giggle churning back up!! O.o What is this anyway?!...Saturday?!! WOW! I've lost two days!!! O_O I've got to go to 'real' bed!!!...Right after I have some dough-ree-toes!! LOL Goodnight y'all...I hope!! ^_^

Let Go

Ever against the tide we row,
fighting our-self, with bent elbow.
(Releasing feelings, tucked inside,
hidden because of foolish pride.)

Fighting just to stay the course.
Using every ounce of force.
(Dreaded emotions pushing through,
trying to get the best of you.)

Waves of feelings swirling round.
Fighting hard to keep them down.
(They're  seeping out on every curve.
Letting them-takes lots of nerve.)

Open quick, your tight-clenched palm.
Feel the water's  quiet calm.
(Released emotions-held too long,
now are righting every wrong.)

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