Monday, July 7, 2014

Cruciani bracelets?!... O_O ...And A Shawl Update!

      I went my whole life without ever hearing anything about Cruciani bracelets, and in one day...that day being today!...I've heard about them two different times!! O_O Have you heard of them?!
     I first heard about them on a blog post done by the blogger of SavvySpice. They were mentioned and shown in a post she did entitled 'One Night In Milan'. {You can follow the link over to her blog and read the whole post if you like! ^_^ It was very interesting.}
     And, of course, since I'd never heard of them, I went on a search on Etsy to see if I was the only one in the dark about Cruciani bracelets! ^_^ And I found that...uhhh...I 'may be' the only one that's never heard of them!! LOL...TYPICAL!!! ^_^
      The header photo above, and the one below, show some really cute Cruciani style bracelets that I found in this cute shop! :-) ...

      Creativity still reigns on Etsy! ^_^ Oh, if only I could figure out a way to crochet some of these 'bad boys'!! LOL But for now...I'm sticking with my shawls. :-] ... Speaking of which, here's a quick 'where-are-you-now' shawl update! :-) ... The blue and white one has gone from this...

      ...and this!... this! :-) ...

      I've got quite a ways to go, but I'm 'plugging-along'! :-)

      And the black and white one has gone from this...

      ...and this!... this! :-) ...

      They're going slowly...but that's what I get for deciding to do two shawls at the same time!! O_O ...but they're coming along, and I can't complain...

      Well...I could complain!...but I won't! ^_^ Except to say that focusing on more crocheting has put a 'kink' in my desire to blog as much! O_O ... But as you can see...I'm still here yakking my head off!... (That would be 'talking', not 'throwing up'...both sometimes being referred to as 'yakking'!!!! LOL)
     Okay, off to bed with me! I've got some butterflies and ripple scallops to dream of! :-) Goodnight, Y'all!! ♥

Sometimes It's Just Funny!

 As a 50 (something) lady,
humor has to be a goal!
If I can't laugh at myself
I just go gray and wait for old.

Blogging at my aging
gives my mind something to do.
But it's nice to have a partner
I can laugh at sometimes too! 


  1. I have to admit that I've never heard of those bracelets either. Don't really get it myself. They're cute, and I can see why some people love them.
    As for the shawls...they ARE coming right along aren't they! I love the blue and white one the best so far, but we'll see. As things start to grow, they change in looks. Keep up the good work my friend!

    1. They are some cute bracelets though, aren't they, Bead?! :-] And the ones styled 'like' them are cute too!! I think they would look cute on the same wrist as your watch. Or at least that's how I would wear them...if I had any! ^_^ ... And, about the shawls, I agree with you so far. The blue and white is looking the best to me. But that could be because I've already seen the shawl in black, and the blue is a new color for me. :-] I'll be working on them some more today!!...along with other stuff! :-))


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