Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What Can I Do While It's Raining?!...Hmmmmm!

      Okay! if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!...right?!! ^_^ I'm not talking about beating or joining people doing something though. I'm talking about the rain....UGH!...I've decided not to be a whiny baby about the rain any longer!....Wait! I have one more whine in me......*Wah, Wah, Wahhhhhhhiiiiiiine!* that I got that out of my system... ^_^ ...I've made the decision that since I can't beat the rain, I might as well find some ways to join in the spirit of rain...and be productive! :-]
      So I'm gonna talk about the things I can do while it's raining....Well, more like while it's RAINING CATS AND DOGS!...*I just stopped myself and went over to Google to search what that expression means...'raining cats and dogs'....FASCINATING!! ^_^ The explanation makes the header photo I'm sharing today even more apropos!! ^_^ You can go and read about it yourself HERE if you like. FASCINATING!! ^_^*...Anyway! As I was saying, here are some of the things I can, and probably will do today, while it's raining!

      I'll get myself washed and cleaned up, sorta like the owl in the header photo...and the hummingbird that's sitting on the tip of the branch outside my window. :-) The rain is pouring down and he's just sitting there, looking up and down, left and right, and, every once in a while, doing a little rain shiver dance...I'm assuming it's to get the accumulation of rain off of him. ^_^ All he needs is a bar of soap and a loofah sponge! LOL
      I could go for a ride in the rain...virtually, in my mind, I mean. :-)) I'm not actually in the mood for being soaking wet! :-)) Although it is something I used to love to do in my younger years. :-] ... Hubby and I used to ride down to Hartford Connecticut, taking the back roads, and enjoying the scenery, while car dancing and stopping at every roadside fruit and vegetable stand we could find...and every soft-serve ice cream shop! :-)

      Speaking of virtual trips, I wonder what Paris in the rain would be like this time of year?! ^_^ ...
      I think that would be a good trip to plan for hubby and I this coming Friday. ^_^ We do love 'virtual' dates to France, you know! ^_^

      I could, and no doubt will, do some crocheting. :-] It's too wet outside to take pictures to share with you today, but trust me when I tell probably wouldn't even recognize my two shawls now! ^_^ They're getting big and bulky, and taking up lots of space in my crochet nook! :-) They'll probably be all done by the beginning of next week! Do you believe that?! ^_^

      I could write some poems while it's raining. I COULD...but I probably won't! Who wants to see another whiny poem from me about the weather?! LOL I've done plenty!! And I'm trying to cheer myself up while it's raining, not soak myself down in a flood of rainy wet tears!! :-))

      I could use the opportunity while it's raining to do some extra cleaning, or read a book...but I don't WANT to clean!...Enough said about that! LOL

      I could read a book...or books. I already did some Bible reading this morning, and some studying. But I asked hubby to go to the library and get me a couple of older books, Erma Bombeck's humorous books, to read. I'm in the mood to do some light reading, and I haven't sunk my teeth into anything substantially 'light' since I read 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'The Help'! It's time!! :-)

      I could get hubby to play backgammon, Scrabble, or Uno with me!...but he gets moody when he loses to me now. And he 'will' LOSE!! LOL

      I can call up some friends I haven't spoken to in a while!...*sigh*...I REALLY need to stay on top of doing that!! Time is so short, and things can change in people's lives so quickly!!...Read yesterday's post and you'll see what I mean. :-( ... I have lots of friends that I can call too! that's a great thing to do! :-]

      I could talk hubby into baking me a cheesecake, or some chocolate peanut butter coconut cookies! YUM! :-) It's been a while since he's done that!!!...Or maybe I'll get him to make me some homemade soup! Soup is good for when it's raining right?...Northerners know!!'s summertime. LOL

      I could watch reruns of shows I missed , like 'American Pickers' or 'Storage Wars'! :-) I could also watch an old movie! I LOVE to do that, watch old black and whites, while it's raining! :-) 

      I could also put on some music, and sip on a cup of green tea, while boogieing...with balance! :-)) ... Or I could pull out one of my two guitars and finally try to learn how to play them!! O_O ... Nahhh! That's not gonna happen today. I got anxious just now, even saying I was gonna try to do that!! ^_^

      I could exercise...No! I could set up my next doctor's appointment...No! I could get started on re-writing my book...No! I could do my nails...with all of the polish smells filling the room...No! I could do NOTHING!...Yeah. That works!! ^_^

      Lastly, I could go and read a lot of your blogs to see what you're doing on this rainy Wednesday. :-) And I think I will...right now! :-) See you later! Have a good day, Everybody, raining or not! ♥

Rain Of Love

I sometimes love the rain,
and how it makes me think, again,
of our private time together-
(time I spent with my best friend).

There's something quieting to the soul
about the rainfall's pitter patter,
that makes your problems disappear,
and never really seem to matter.

Just lying cuddled on the bed,
talking softly, from the heart;
or sleeping through the thunder's rumble,
while the birds all flit and dart.

Is it normal to be smiling,
when the clouds are dark with rain?
(Maybe its just the perspective
of the twisted, wet, insane!)

At any rate-when he's at work,
and I am here, at home, alone,
and I see the drizzle starting-
I get him, quickly, on the phone.

I say: "Hi Honey, what you doing?"
He says: "What else, but think of you!"
You see,he saw the raindrops falling,
and he didn't know what to do!

He couldn't drop his work and run!
He said he had to use restraint.
(And if he had, I would be shocked!)
But I admit-the thought was quaint.

Okay! So what? We're kind of strange-
We never want the rain to end!
But, before you judge us crazy,
watch some raindrops with your friend,
and then, just read this poem again!      

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