Monday, July 21, 2014

Sorry, Y'all....But I Have To Make Shawls!

     Yes, I know! I'm not much fun these days, showing shawl after shawl after shawl!...And yes, there is one extra shawl in there...because I started another one! ^_^ ...

     I was on such a roll with the other two shawls that I figured that 'NOW' would be the time to finally make the bridal shawl I've been wanted to make for years!...

     I have some vintage cotton thread that I got from Portugal over twenty-five years ago. I've been putting it off, and putting it off...the making of this wedding shawl. But has begun! :-) ...

     It's gonna be elegant, white and champagne colored. :-] And I'm hoping some bride will wanna scoop it up and value it, in the same way I have valued the soft and cushiony balls of Portuguese cotton I've had all these years. :-] ...

     Even though it's laying up against one of my old vintage blankets, it's looking all fancy and duded-up, isn't it?! ^_^ It's been a joy to crochet so far...even though I'm kinda cross-eyed from crocheting so much!! ^_^
      Part of the reason I'm doing these shawls right now is because I need to make something sell-able for my shop, and right now boutonnieres and crochet flowers ain't doing it!! LOL They're really time-consuming though! I haven't been online much, or doing much of anything else either that isn't a necessity!
     By the way, here's the other shawl I finished...the black and white one!...
 (Crochet Black and White Scalloped Trim Shawl by Wuglyees)

     So, are you liking the blue and white, or the black and white shawl more?!

      I have to admit...I didn't think I would be, but I'm more partial to the blue and white one!...

     Okay...that's all I got! Crochet...and more crochet!! ^_^ Hopefully I'll be able to throw something else in there every once in a while! ♥ Stay tuned! ^_^ And have a good rest of your day too!!

Dress And Feel Better

When I'm feeling bad,
and about to drop some tears,
I make myself feel better
putting pearls upon my ears.

When my hair just won't act right,
and I'm feeling kinda fat,
I put some perfume on my wrist,
and wear a fancy, frilly hat.

There's nothing better than some frill,
and high heels from off the shelf
to make you stand a little straighter,
and feel good about yourself.

Wear some bold and brighter colors;
wear some jewelry everywhere,
Then you'll look so good to others
that you'll feel like what you wear!

Change your mood-and sport some flare!
'Strut your stuff', and go somewhere!


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