Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Perfect Perch For The Day!

      Isn't this a great perch?! :-) I thought so! In fact, this is the only thing that was missing from my relaxed and somber day. A perch to curl up in and stare out into the backyard would've been a good addition to it! 
      Other than lazing around, all hubby and I did was listen to a audio tape of a recent assembly of our spiritual brothers and sisters, Jehovah's Witnesses, and watch tennis, and eat! :-] ... As I think about it, it would've been considered by people in some circles as one of the best days ever!! ^_^ So much so, that I almost forgot to post a blog! O_O But...consider it done now!! LOL...And I'll see you tomorrow. I'm off to transfer this body from a a bed!! ^_^ Goodnight!

Peaceful Moments

Peace is what I'm after.
No concerns to vex my head.
No disturbing complications.
No emotions to be read.

Peaceful contemplation.
Mental 'Playing in the yard'.
No 'You have to do this!" wording.
Nothing strenuous or hard.

Quiet, simple peace.
No one's problems I should fix.
No concentrated effort.
No new wrinkles in the mix.

Yes, peace is what I'm after.
Nothing pressing me 'to do'.
I want peaceful little moments.
And I'm gonna get them too!

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