Monday, July 14, 2014

It's Been A Really Rough Day!!

      Sorry, but I'm not in the mood to do a lot of talking today. In fact, I've had a really rough...and when I say rough, I mean ROUGH day!! I may be up to telling you about it tomorrow. But today I just wanted to be some crocheting...chit chat with the hubby...and cry a little.
      I can tell you that even though it wasn't that great of a day, I did find a couple of things to smile about. Including this cute drawing. :-) ...

      That'll have to be good enough for today. Tomorrow has GOT TO be better!!! I'm gonna pray hard for that. Thus...I know it will. :-] ... See you then!!

Monday, Monday, Monday

Here comes another Monday!
Your frantic work week has begun!
Say goodbye to 'Take It Easy',
and all those things you haven't done.

Four more week days are ahead,
seeming like they'll never end.
But just think, before you know it,
"weekend" will be here once again.

Lift your attention, all you mothers;
Week day workers, "Out The Door!"
Time to file, and diaper babies,
walk and scrape things off the floor.

Here comes another Monday!
Whether you want it to, or not!
Say goodbye to 'Take It Easy'.
You've got things to do...a lot!

Monday, Monday, Monday!
Why do you have to come so fast?!
And you stay so long! Why can't
the weekend 'Take It Easy' last?!


  1. Ohh! I hope you feel better soon! The emus made me smile!

    1. Thank you, Trish...I'm sure today will be better. I mean, I couldn't possibly have two days in a row like that!!! ^_^ ... You have a good day too!


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