Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Sip Of Tea...And Here's What Happened.....!


       I opened my eyes yesterday morning to dark skies, a bad headache from a night of sleeplessness, and forecasts of rain...*sigh*...rain that I knew was coming, not because of the weather reports the night before, but because my joints and muscles were screaming at the top of their voice for sweet relief all throughout the night! O_o
      I decided, as I almost always do when I wake up to what appears to be the start of a bad day, to read my day's text and reminder (based on a Bible verse), read a chapter of the Bible (right now it's the book of Leviticus), say a prayer to Jehovah for endurance and for his help to use my life and situation to encourage somebody...even if it wasn't gonna be ME that was getting the encouragement yesterday!! :-))
      Honestly, that is my routine EVERY day, but it becomes especially important to do on days when all I really wanna do is breathe in a deep sigh, lay back down, and pull the covers back over my head! ^_^
      After this great start, I was sure I'd be able to push through the pain, and make something out of this day!!...Grrrr! GET BEHIND ME, PAIN!!!!...So, off I went to sip on my green tea, and grab my crocheting...*both shawls are about half way through now! :-) I'll try to show it to you later this week*...I figured I'd work on my crocheting while hubby was fixing breakfast, and then he and I could chit chat over some grits and eggs...or whatever he 'chef Jeff-ed together'. :-))
      Oh, but wait! I needed to check my email to make sure I hadn't sold anything overnight first!...One of the emails led me to Facebook...O.o...Apparently one of the people I follow on Facebook is now quarantined, due to chemo after cancer surgery. :-( WOW! I didn't know she had cancer...or had surgery either!
      That realization struck my head and reminded me that I haven't heard from one of my dear close 'real life' friends for a few months now!!! O.O ... Oh No!!!! How did I forget about her this long?!!!...She's been a dear friend for many years now. I actually taught her the Bible, and helped her to come to know Jehovah God. And her relationship with him has been a joy to watch all these years. :-)
      Well, I should say...a joy to watch when we were in the same congregation! Since hubby and I moved away we've been hearing that she's had all kinds of struggles! O_O Included in those struggles was a divorce. Not her decision. :-( But with her two young sons, and her relationship with Jehovah and the congregation, she got through it! And has been plowing right along, as have we all, for many faithful years!
      There had been about five years where I hadn't physically talked to her, when I got a phone call from her. We laughed and giggled, caught up on old times, and new times, and then told our 'sad sack' stories about the way life had been treating us. :-] She's very positive minded, like me, so it didn't turn into a weep-fest. We just sipped on our tea...and coffee...and got busy encouraging each other. :-]



      Then, as if she was telling me she had a hangnail, she proceeded to tell me that she found out that she has a rare form of cancer. O_O She's been taking chemo for a few treatments...is feeling okay...and only had one more treatment to go!...We left our conversation with her saying that she'd call again in a couple of weeks, after she recovered from her last chemo treatment. I couldn't call her because she would be at her mom's, completely spent! Her mom would be taking care of her until she got her strength back, because her new husband would be working during the day.
      I have to admit, I was kinda sad that I wouldn't be able to talk to her for such an extended time. And that I wouldn't be able to go to her side, because of my physical disabilities now. :-( But she assured me she'd be okay, and that I'd hear from her as soon as she was able....And I did! ^_^ 
      We talked on the phone for weeks after this...through her last chemo treatment...through the news that the chemo hadn't done what they had hoped...through the knowledge that she was gonna have to travel out of state to a major hospital for a particularly tedious surgical treatment and monitoring. O_O I was very worried.
      She told me that she wasn't sure how long she'd be away this time, but that she wasn't that worried about it. She knew that Jehovah would be with her and she'd be able to get through anything!...and if not...she joked..."you and I both will be in pretty good health the next time we see each other!" ^_^ She meant that we would be back to perfect health, like Adam and Eve had in the beginning, when she woke up after her resurrection!  :-) Only another Jehovah's Witness would find comfort in a statement like that probably, but we 'WERE' encouraged!! :-]


      Before she hung up she mentioned that, no matter what, she'd have her mom call me occasionally to update me. Cut to...yesterday morning. O_O That's when I realized how many months it's been since I heard from her!! O_O I had been on pins and needles, and in prayer for her, for at least three weeks straight, but hadn't heard any news from her mom!
     I had tried to find her online, but hadn't been able. She apparently is not a computer person. Her first husband had been, I think....Anyway!...I Google searched her name...*deep breath*...and up came an obituary for her. ;'_'; My friend passed away at the end of LAST YEAR!!!!!!
      I feel so bad that I lost track of her through all of my life's drama. :-( I spent yesterday crocheting and crying that I wasn't aware of just how serious a surgery it was that she was having. She played it down, giving me percentages of success!....SO SAD!!!! O_O
      But then, as the day wore on yesterday, I was able to smile...thinking about how much razzing I'm gonna give her for not letting me know how bad it really was, and for not letting me give her my USELESS 'pep talk' before our last conversation ended. :-) I can almost see her giggling about it now and saying: "It's probably a good thing I missed the pep talk. It might've killed me!" LOL...Sorry. Girlfriend humor....I miss her. :-(
      It's been a rough couple of years. I've had two dear, dear friends die. Another friend had a heart attack. And all manner of not-fun stuff in the middle!..*sigh*...It's a credit to my God and faith that I can still find anything to smile about every day!! But life is such a gift!! SUCH A GIFT!! Anybody who tells you different...punch 'em in the pinkie!!! LOL...Symbolically!!! ^_^
     Before I go, let me just say: I'm feeling better today. Still sad. But thankful. Thankful I had the time with her that I did. And thankful I have the wonderful Bible hope I have to see her again very soon. I can't wait!! ♥ Have a good day, Everybody!

I Am Thankful

I am thankful I can breathe
when I wake up every day;
I am thankful I have time
in which I can spend to pray.

I am thankful that my husband
is a good, hard-working man;
I am thankful I can write
with a steady flowing hand.

I am thankful for good friends,
who are always there for me;
I am thankful for my ears,
and the sunsets I can see.

I am thankful for the Bible,
`cause from it I learned the truth;
I am thankful for the rain,
and my sturdy rain-proof roof.

I am thankful for my life,
because without it I'd be dead-
and the dead can't serve Jehovah,
or even practice what he's said.

I am thankful for this poem,
writing it was not a chore,
`cause it made me stop and think
of all the things I'm thankful for.

      Of course, I had to leave you with a flower!! ♥


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better today! My heart feels your heavyiness! Ill use thie post to remind myself to reach out and hug the ones i love b/c life is short.

  2. Thank you, Trish. ♥ Yes I'm feeling better...The RAIN isn't better. UGH!...but I'm better in it!! :-] I hope you have a good day too!

  3. Being thankful always makes us feel better, doesn't it? Hang in there!

    1. It never hurts, Paola! :-] Thank you for the encouragement!! ♥

  4. My dear, life is a daily struggle, but we all need to find the path that's right for us. Your ability to see the light even when darkness surrounds you is unique!!! Thanks for featuring my work, again.You fill me up with your hope and generosity!!! All the best <3

    1. You are so right, Ducky. Life can be a struggle. But there is always something to smile about. You just have to find it...daily! :-) If not for my faith, it would be almost impossible to keep a smile in my pocket...so to speak. :-) ... Keep drawing! You have the ability to 'give smiles' with your work. You gave me one! :-)

    2. I have faith in people like you! We found each other, so we must be doing something right :)

    3. That's very sweet of you to say, Ducky, but I don't want you to have faith in me!! I'm bound to disappoint you...for sure! :-)) ... I left you a long message on Etsy. ♥


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