Monday, July 7, 2014

Cupcakes...And Crochet!

     *sigh*...Apparently my sleep patterns are off again. O_O This is another 'after 3 a.m.' post!...I woke up itching and hungry. Two deadly combinations at 3 a.m.!! LOL An itch that you can't seem to satisfy, and a hunger that you can!! ^_^
      To my credit though, I satisfied the hunger with my eyes instead of my stomach. :-) I found a cupcake on Etsy! :-) ...

      Okay! it's not an eatable cupcake! :-))  It's cute and ceramic! That's the best kind of cupcake for me to be finding at 3 a.m. in the morning!...Did I tell you that it's 3 a.m. in the morning?!!! LOL

      Another good thing I found in this shop is a pretty yarn bowl!...

      Also ceramic, and non-eatable! LOL But perfect for an itchy, hungry, Wug girl at 3 a.m. in the morning, looking for something to do with her hands...besides eating ceramic cupcakes! ^_^ 
      I've been working on my two large crochet shawls, and this yarn bowl would certainly have come in handy...if I had one! :-)) Unfortunately, I didn't have one! I'm gonna have to put that on my 'GET ME' list for my anniversary! LOL...For now, I'm just gonna have to keep chasing my yarn all over the place I guess. :-]
      Speaking of yarn though, I have been crocheting a few other things this weekend. I got a custom order for a red and white boutonniere pin...

     ...So I made one for the customer, and one for the Wuglyees shop! :-) And while I was at it, I also made a completely red flower pin too!...

      Then I finished a necklace that I'd been working on a while ago. For some reason I had done all of the crocheting, added the loops in the back for the necklace, and put a center button on it, but hadn't added the leather cord, or photographed it! O_O ..

      But's DONE! :-)  

      Okay...the hunger pang just jabbed me again! ^_^ Apparently the 'eye-food' isn't doing the trick!! LOL I may have to wake my hubby up and have him make me one of his famous egg and sausage sandwiches!...or fix me a cup of tea. :-) You take a guess at which one I'm gonna be pushing for!! LOL
      In the meantime, I'll just keep satisfying my craving with more eye-food, and more ceramics! :-)) ...

      Ooooooo! Spoon rests for the stove! :-) ... Uh Oh!...That just made me think of chicken and gravy!! ^_^ I think it's time to hit myself in the head with a 'dream-hammer'!! LOL Godnight, Y'all!...Or Good Morning! :-) I'll be back later on today, for my 'real' post! ♥

Hunger, In The Middle Of The Night

I'm thinking about gravy
 in the middle of the night,
And sausages, and apples,
 and I wanna take a bite!

I'm thinking about hunger pangs,
and how to get them fed.
What I really need to do
is put my hungry self to bed!!


  1. Thank you so much for this funny post, I would never have imagined that our ceramic serve to suppress hunger XD.

  2. Ha! Ha!...It was my pleasure to share it!...and indeed it did suppress hunger! least it did thus time! ^_^ Although, I'm determined to get me a eatable one! some point today!! ^_^


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