Sunday, July 13, 2014

NON-Pancake Sunday!
            I'm having some morning tea on what's suppose to be 'Pancake Sunday'... Ahhhhhhh! :-)
 (by StudioDhouse)

       I'm sharing tea instead of pancakes for two reasons. One, my body is trying to assure me that's it's not really Sunday yet!..."It's Saturday still!...SATURDAY, I tell you, Wug!!!!" Ha! Ha!...It's saying that because I didn't go to bed until late last night...I couldn't get to, or stay, asleep for some unknown...(Hormonal!!!!! ^_^)...reason!
      And guess what the other reason is that I'm having tea instead of pancakes?...I don't 'have' any pancakes...or pancake the house!! ^_^ It's like 'old mother Hubbard's' cupboard in here!! LOL...Grocery shopping is on the list of things that...'maybe we'll do it today!'...especially since if we don't do it today we'll be eating eggs and pasta...exclusively! LOL (That's pretty much all we have a lot of in the cupboard right now!!...except for my private stash that stills holds some salt water taffy. Shhhhhh!...*looking left and right*...If hubby knew that I still had taffy!....Oh!...the bargaining he would be doing right now!! ^_^ ... But we can't live on pasta, eggs, water and salt water taffy anyway...can we?! O_O)
      In other news, on this fine pancake-less Sunday...Uhhhh...there isn't any other news!! Ha! Ha! My body is on siesta, and my brain is on hiatus from any serious thought!...except for thinking deeply with a faithful heart at my spiritual meetings!...(at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses) :-) I mean, some things deserve a lending of the brain to!...even if for increments of time! :-)
      Otherwise the brain is just taking it easy, while my fingers are in full crochet work mode! :-) That's how I am at this stage of my life....F.Y.I., 'this stage of my life' being another way of saying: "I'm OLD now!" LOL...WHATEVER!!! ^_^
      There are some great Etsy finds I can share with you today though! So I will!!...and I'll share a few more backyard flowers too! :-) ...
      And here are the flowers! :-) I think hubby calls them 'hollyhocks'. O_O I'm probably spelling 'hollyhocks' wrong anyway! you were!! LOL Look at the pretty 'flowers'!! :-) ...

      So there you are! Another day with nothing to talk about...where I found something to talk about!! LOL Don't you just love lazy weekends and Sundays?!!! ^_^ Have a good rest of it, Everybody...with or without pancakes!! ♥

It's a good thing people know me

It's a good thing people know me,
and they know that I just "talk".
Cuz the things that I've been saying
might make people 'take a walk'!

It hasn't been because I'm angry
or I'm trying to make a point.
It's just the silly observations
of a brain that's 'out of joint'!

It's a good thing people know me,
cuz sometimes my mind's a ceive.
I don't remember what I found out,
and I can look insensitive.

So, for people who don't know me,
let me tell you from the start,
my mouth might shoot out kookie business,
but never worry about my heart.

My intention is toward funny,
or to simply tell the truth.
I would never hurt a fly...
Unless he's chocolate...I'm aloof!


  1. What a beautiful blog!
    Thank you so much for including my butterfly scarf.

  2. Thank you, Deb! :-] It was my pleasure to share your pretty butterflies! ♥

  3. Thank you so much for including my ring!

    1. My pleasure!! ♥ And thanks for leaving me a comment too!!

  4. Thank you again Deb and what stunning color those flowers have! ♥♥♥

  5. And you're welcome...again!! :-)) And I agree about the flowers! They're my hubby's delight right now. ♥

  6. Anonymous7/13/2014

    Thank you so much Deb! Wonderful blog... and now I'm missing my hollyhocks :'(

    1. It was my pleasure! :-] ... And awwwwww! I'm sorry I made you miss your hollyhocks!! :-)) You can share ours though!! ♥

  7. What a fantastic blog! So proud you chose to feature my tea bag holders in such a happy place! Thanks :)

    1. Thank you, Ducky!! :-] Your tea bag holders were the perfect star of the blog show today!! ^_^ Thanks for leaving me such a sweet comment too! ♥

  8. Pancakes or no will still have a great day after a wonderful meeting! Ours was wonderful!! 2 more weeks for the international convention! Fired up!
    Great finds today. Those are awesome beads and I love the colors!
    The tea bag holders are a great idea! Where do people come up with such great ideas!?
    Your hollyhocks are gorgeous! ......psst....hope you can get into that taffy without hubby finding it! LOL

    1. I 'did' have a good day, Bead!! And the meeting was great. A local brother gave the public talk. :-] We just recently had our regional convention too! :-) ... And shhhhh!...hubby still doesn't know I have taffy left!! Ha! Ha!

  9. Even without pancakes, your blog was full of yummy things! I like the teabag holder and that green vintage clock would fit right in with my kitchen colors and my jade pieces. I tried growing Hollywood but failed miserably. Yours are beautiful! Have a great week!

    1. I'm so glad you liked the blog, Yaya!! :-] I loved the tea bag holders too! Me and my daily green tea could use them!! ^_^ ... By the way, maybe your hollyhocks didn't grow because you were whispering the wrong name to them! Ha! Ha! "Come on, grow little hollywood!!" LOL (just joking) ... Have a good week, Yaya!! ♥


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