Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Am 'SUCH' A Georgia Southern Girl!!

      Before I start this conversation, let me say...for the record...that I haven't done any research market studies or gallop polls to come up with what I'm about to say! It's just me!...talking about my own observations...of me! ^_^ ... *By the way, what market are people standing in, giving answers to people's questions?!...And why are they called 'gallop' polls?! O_O Are people on horses galloping along while they ask other people questions?!...Just wondering, like us southern girls do!! ^_^*
      Hubby and I were having one of our conversations this morning, after reading an article in the 'Watchtower' magazine. The article was entitled 'Can you see the invisible God?'...(You can go over to jw (dot) org and read the article yourself if you like HERE.)...The article itself was great, but it got us off on another subject altogether...about perception. How other people perceive you...and how you perceive yourself!
      I won't talk about how hubby perceives himself...which is another very interesting post that maybe he'll do himself one day! :-) But I realized during our conversation that even though I've lived in the north...Connecticut, Massachusetts...for YEARS!...I still perceive myself as a southern girl! O_O

      Not literally, but perceptively, I don't consider myself as being like 'these' northerners!...even though, technically, I am a northerner. And I have been for at least 40 years or more!! O_O Isn't that funny?!...I don't identify with the place I live! I identify with the place I was born!!...Perceptively, I'm a southern girl!!!
       I guess I should be more specific though, because there are different kinds of southern girls!...I'm not a Louisiana southern girl...Or a Texas southern girl...Or even a Virginia southern girl! I'm a Georgia southern girl!! :-) The kind of girl that prefers bare feet to shoes, and if I HAVE to wear shoes...except for dress up occasions...let it be flip flops!!! the toes can curl up when I laugh!! ^_^
      I'm the kind of Georgia southern girl that can totally appreciate a tree-lined sunset, the sound of frogs in the woods, and big porches!! :-) Not to mention cold watermelon, fried catfish, and biscuits and gravy! ^_^ ...

      I'm also the kind of girl that loves well-mannered children...and adults for that matter!...honest and open lies included!...and good music!! :-) And by good music I mean music that makes you learn something, cry, or wanna boogie with a group of people!! LOL...

      As a Georgia southern girl...sorta, kinda...I realize the value of friends, measure the value of relatives when they show themselves as friends, never shy away from a problem...mine or someone else's!...and never see a single person that I don't think I can learn something from! :-) 
      No!...this doesn't mean that I think southerners are better than northerners!!...I just have a slight problem understanding the thinking process of northerners sometimes. Here's a few 'for instances':
   -- My northern friends shift their clothes in and out of their closets for certain seasons! O_O this southern girl, clothes are clothes!! ^_^ Certain days are cooler. Other days are warmer. Just grab whatever you need to wear and move on!! Why does your closet have to be reorganized?! O_O It seems to me that all of that clothes shifting only leads to complaining that you don't have the right thing out to wear when the summer days turn colder, or the winter days turn warmer?!...Leave the clothes in the closet and pull out what you need!!!! LOL

   -- The same would apply to food!!...Why do my northern friends consider certain foods as summer food, and other food as winter or Fall food?! O_O Your stomach doesn't know what season it is!! ^_^ And why can't I eat squash or potato soup in the summer, and eat watermelon or corn on the cob in the winter?!...Stores freeze and import everything nowadays!! LOL

   -- Speaking of food, what is it with northerners and their fascination with summer grilling?! O_O They talk about grilling as if it's another season they're waiting for!! LOL...This southern girl's memories of grilling had to do with there being no more wood to light the fire with for the cook!! LOL So grilling was a 'necessity', not a thrill!! LOL...And I might add, I wasn't fond of that smokey taste, or the fact that half of the food would be over-done, while other parts were not done at all!! Ugh!

  -- Also, this southern girl loves color, and patterns, and trying something new...just because!! ^_^ My northern friends seem to want to be as plain as possible! Black...tan...beige...non-noticeable. O_O I want to be SEEN...and conversed with about it!! LOL

  -- When I see someone coming toward me, I wonder what they're about to ask me, and how the conversation will I smile! ^_^ ... My northern friends seem to wanna avoid eye contact...AT ALL COSTS!!!...They seem to be thinking that everybody that approaches them must want something from them, or else they're up to no good!...Maybe they are, but I'd rather not assume that 'right-off-the-bat' about EVERYBODY!!! LOL

  -- Lastly, my northern friends are always correcting my speech, or wondering 'what do you mean' when I say certain things. Hmmm...maybe it's me, but why not try to take people as you find them, and not be so concerned with other people being perfect in an imperfect world! Perfect will come later! ^_^ Right now, enjoy my silly wording of things, and my sometimes crazy observations, and let me be me....ME!...and loved by YOU, just the way I am!! That's how I'm trying to learn to love you after all!!...Okay?! ^_^  

      Georgia Southern a northern world...OUT!! LOL And have a good day now, ya hear! ♥

Head High, Little Girl

Keep head high, little girl.
And your heart as an open book.
Think good thoughts of who you are,
so other girls can take a look.

Your self esteem, little girl,
should be pumped up wherever you can.
But shouldn't depend on prettiness,
or the sugary words of a man.

Your self esteem needs to be balanced.
Not arrogant or smug at it's core.
For the sun does not rise and set on you,
but nor is garbage dumped at your door.

So keep head high, little girl.
And your heart as an open book.
Your self esteem will then be lifted,
and the whole world will take a look. 


  1. I love you!!! This is so good!! I'm a dumb northern girl that does all those things. LOL
    Keep posting.....these are so entertaining!! By the way (as I'm eating my cold watermelon), I would eat watermelon and corn on the cob all year 'cept it's rather pricey in the winter...that's the only reason I don't! :D

    1. Ha! Ha!...I love you too, Bead! And it makes me happy to know that you 'get me'!! ^_^ And stop calling yourself dumb!!! LOL I don't think it's necessarily dumb. Just not very practical, in my way of thinking. LOL...By the way, I had some cold watermelon today too!! the summertime. Go figure!! LOL

  2. love your post today. I was born in the north but I think my mom who is from Texas taught me to be southern at heart. I love to grill all year around because I like how grilled food taste. Catfish is my favorite but trout is what can be found around her . My winter and summer clothes are out all year long. Sometimes the evenings get real cool and I need a sweater I don't want to have to go searching for one. I freeze corn on the cob to have some in winter. I guess to each his own. Southern at heart. Hugs my friend.

    1. Thanks for the nice words about the post, Velma! :-] And I can see from your comments that you indeed do sound like a southern girl at heart, like me!...except for liking the taste of grilled food. :-)) ... By the way, I LOVE trout too! I just don't get to eat it that much here! This area is more of a cod and tilapia area...Have a good day, Velma! ♥


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