Sunday, February 26, 2012

Black and White.......

      This fused bowl is beautiful. It kinda looks the way I was feeling this morning when I got up. But, unlike the bow...which is absolutely beautiful...I wasn't feeling beautiful! :-] I didn't sleep very well last night. We had rain and snow in our area yesterday...and I was feeling! Therefore, it was a long, restless, sleepless, and painful night!
      This morning I was still hurting all over, but not the 'here we go again' kinda pain. It was more like the 'why were you trying to fight that 700 pound gorilla all by yourself last night' kinda pain. LOL I'm hoping that as the day wears on it'll ease up....We'll see!
       In the meantime, I had a Bible-based meeting this morning, and it helped clear away some of the mental cobwebs. :-) Now, I'm in the mood to wanna show you a couple of things! :-) ...One being a new treasury that my black and white men's boutonniere, from my Wuglyees Etsy shop, was put in...

         The treasury was curated by Janet Long of JanetLongArts. It's entitled ♥TY & PIF♥...

         Such cute items are in it, including the bowl in the header photo....And favorite of the treasury!...

     Aren't those beads pretty?! :-) What beautiful creations could be made with those beauties!...I won't be making them though! I've got my hands full with the beads I already have! And I've been so involved with my boutonnieres, buttons and crocheting that I haven't even thought about doing anything with my beads!!...Can you say 'Mad Boutonniere-Making woman'?!!! ^_^

      But what I was working on yesterday wasn't a boutonniere. It was a fingerless glove!...

        I started it because I came across a pattern that I wrote up a while back, for a pair of custom ordered lacy fingerless gloves...

       ...I could almost see those gloves in my mind's eye, made out of this pretty golden hay colored soft yarn...

      ....and I just had to start making them!!!.....I HAD TO!! ^_^ 

      So that's what's on my agenda today. Fingerless gloves, clearing of the mind, and tending to this old rickety body! :-)) UGH!...Just when I've gotten past the angst of my teenage stupidities,...the distractions and fantasies of my young adulthood,...the stark realities of every day living in my 30s,...and the  drama of over-expectation in my 40s,....I mean, when I've finally gotten to the point in life where it all makes sense, and the ability to REALLY live my life with clarity and purpose! body puts up a 'Yield' sign...and my mind tries to follow it to a complete stop!!!!! Aargh! 
     It's not fair, I tell you!! LOL But at least I know it's not a permanent situation!...The Bible rightly says that 'faith is not a possession of all people', so I know that everybody doesn't believe what I'm about to say...and I can respect that...but I'm gonna say it anyway! LOL...."SOON...S-O-O-N!...God is gonna fix all this stuff and I'll be able to look forward to rain and busy schedules. I...Can't....WAIT!!!" ^_^ Oooooo! Where would I be without faith and something better to hope and look forward to?!!...Sooooo...this body and mind may not be in full working order right now...and stop laughing about it too! ^_^....but I do have faith....and I have it in abundance!!!  :-)
     Okay....Moving on! :-) ........Let me give a big whoop and holler about the 300 followers I have on the blog now!!! Welcome to each and every one of you!!! In honor of my thankfulness, next month's Giveaway will finally be that afghan blanket I've been talking about!!! :-) After I give away this month's book of poems it'll be ON!!!! LOL.........Have a good day, everybody! :-)

Before I Learned The Bible

Before I learned the Bible,
all my life was just a fog,
that consisted of 'Soap Operas'
and me eating like a hog!

Jeff would leave for work real early.
I would sleep til almost noon.
I would watch T.V. til four.
Every day the 'same old tune'.

Unhappy with my marriage,
with myself, and with my life,
was my constant state of being
as Jeff's nagging, cranky wife.

But then one day there came a knock-
The house was dark; The shades were drawn.
"Jehovah's Witnesses!" I said,
"But Ryan's Hope is coming on!"

It was a woman who was nice.
She started preaching at the door.
She showed me scriptures from the Bible
I had never seen  before.

I got excited, and I read
everything she left for me.
I started studying the Bible.
I had finally found the key.

I couldn't help but share with Jeff
all the new truths I had found.
He now saw his cranky wife
wear a smile, and not be down.

The Bible helped our marriage too;
There was more time we spent together;
And as we worked to make a change,
there was more love for one another.

Next year it will be twenty!-
Twenty years of serving God.
Looking back at where we started
kind of feels a little odd.

Sleeping til noon, and eating food-
these things were what I called 'The Rival'
to my Really living life-
But that's before I learned the Bible.

I learned to love Jehovah God
more than the choices I had made;
And now I'm happy with my life-
I think it was a real good trade!


  1. Oh my friend...I LOVE your poem!! 20 years!! So much to be proud of! 40 for us as of Feb.5.

    I'm sorry that you've been in so much pain these last couple of days. The weather hasn't been kind to you for sure. But as you said, very soon S.O.O.N, that will all be a thing of the past. Rely on Jehovah's spirit to give you power beyond what is normal until then. I know you will!

    Congrats on the treasury. What a beauty this one is!! I love those beads too, but I'm not buying beads right now. Trying to clear out what I have a bit.

    I think that yarn will make awesome fingerless gloves! I can't wait to see the finished product.

    2 sisters gave me the party last night. It was awesome to go to the meeting today and see so many of my creations on my sisters and friends! What a wonderful brotherhood!!

    Take care and get to feeling better....okay?
    Congrats on the 300 followers! WOW!

  2. Hi Bead! Awwww!I'm so glad you like my poem! It's not a new one. In fact, it's not 20 years now. It's 28!! :-) A wonderful 28!! We got baptized within 4 months of each other. And there's been a lot of honored privileges in those 28 years too...including 12 years of pioneering! :-) I'm thankful to have such nice memories to look back on daily now. It helps to keep my mind in a good place when my body is not!!! :-]...In the meantime, I've got poetry and crochet!! :-) I'm glad you liked both samplings today...I finished one of the gloves today. It's very small though. I had forgotten that I made the pattern for a petite glove! LOL Now I HAVE to make the other one, and then make a larger pair too! I'll show it tomorrow.....And YAY!!! Your party went well!...Although I had no doubt that it would! :-] I'm ready to take a nap now. Hopefully it'll lead to a better night's rest than last night!...Have a good night, Bead!

  3. I work standing on my feet all day, and by the end of the day, my legs are hurting! you know what helps me, a homemade heating bag. My mom made it for me, it only has flaxseed inside, (kind of like a pillow, but smaller) and you put in the microwave for 3 minutes and there you have it, a reusable heating pad. I will see if i can find something online to give you a better description.

    1. O_O Really?!...That sounds like something I could use. I have a heating pad, but it gets waaaaay too hot for me to use these days! I have some hormones that don't like being warmed up! LOL...I'll look forward to seeing if it's online somewhere. Thank you for the info! :-)

  4. 300 followers. Wow that's amazing! Although I'm not surprised that you have so many people reading your posts. You certainly keep us entertained.
    I hope that you're feeling better today xoxo

    1. It "Is" pretty amazing, isn't it Jo!! ^_^ And you're one of those special people. Thank yo very much for your constant support. If I don't say so often enough, please know how much I appreciate you!!!! :-)


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