Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday....The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life!

        Good Morning!....Yep! It's Morning here. Monday morning....again....already! :-)) I thought we might need some coffee and a pastry to help us get ready for it...unless it's in the middle of the night where you live! In which case....ignore the coffee! LOL
      I'm just happy to say that I had a good night's sleep last night! It's been a 'hairy' couple of days sleep-wise for me. A lot of that has to do with the weather the last few days...which didn't know whether it wanted to rain or snow or blow wind or WHATEVER!!....but at the moment it's cool and very sunny. :-) I'm gonna just enjoy it...and enjoy the decrease of pain!...OUCH!!!...because the forecast is that we have a boat-load of snow and bad weather coming for mid-week. :-( ...*shaking my head*

      So, I'm gonna have my breakfast and enjoy the sunny backyard view for a while...I'm not having coffee and pastry though...Hubby made me a pork chop and some oatmeal in bed....Holla!!!! ^_^ ...Is it wrong for me to want him to be home with me all the time?! I mean...why do we need money for rent and food anyway! Can't we just live on love?! ^_^ ....And then I REALLY woke up!!!! LOL....Oh! If only that could happen!!!!! I know I wouldn't be the only happy slug, hanging around my bedroom with syrup and butter smeared all over my lips,....and in our hair!! LOL
           The other thing I have to do this morning, besides hanging around looking out the window,  is finish the other matching fingerless glove I was working on yesterday!...Oh! O_O Didn't I show you the one I finished?....I didn't?....Well, let me remedy that right now!...

      The photos are making it look like a big glove, but it's actually a very petite glove...

         I think I'm gonna have to give them away on the blog. I only sell adult items in my Wuglyees shop, and these are definitely for young ones. I don't think they'll fit an adult hand. The opening wrist part is a little smaller than 6 inches (15.2 cm)!!...So look for that give away in the future...after I give away my book of poems this Thursday, for the first of March Giveaway. {I thought it was suppose to be Wednesday, but hubby reminded me that this is a leap year! So February has 29 days this year! :-) ...Had you remembered that?!...Okayyyyy, so it's just me that's all oblivious and stuff?! LOL
        Leave me alone!! LOL I'm trying to pretend Spring is just around the corner!! :-]

        Have a good day, Everybody! :-) YOU too number 300!!!!....WOW! I am so thankful that you guys have been so supportive of me with my talkie talkie...chatty chatty self! ^_^ Thank you!!!!

I Am Thankful

I am thankful I can breathe
when I wake up every day;
I am thankful I have time
in which I can spend to pray.

I am thankful that my husband
is a good, hard-working man;
I am thankful I can write
with a steady flowing hand.

I am thankful for good friends,
who are always there for me;
I am thankful for my ears,
and the sunsets I can see.

I am thankful for my life,
because without it I'd be dead-
I'd be breathless in my house,
with an indent on my bed.

I am thankful for this poem,
writing it was not a chore,
`cause it made me stop and think
of all the things I'm thankful for.


  1. Cute as pie necklace, sweet gloves, gorgeous spring picture and perfect poem.- my sntiments exactly! xx

    1. ^_^ Thanks Wendy!...for everything! And YOU have a good day too!

  2. I really like that necklace. Makes me want a cup of joe and a pastry right now!! LOL There goes the diet again...right out the window!
    I love the fingerless glove! So pretty!!! Sure wish it was adult size!
    Glad you're enjoying your hubby's being at home! Oh how I would love breakfast in bed! I don't think I've ever had that luxury! Enjoy it while you can. And enjoy your day too!

    1. It's a really cool one, right?! :-] Imagine if there was a real necklace with REAL coffee and pastries at your disposal at all times! ^_^ But with this necklace, your diet is safe...Thank you for the nice words about the fingerless glove too. I 'am' going to make a few pair in adult sizes for the shop. This color will definitely be one of the pair's colors. I really like it...Enjoy the rest of your day, Bead! :-)

  3. That necklace is so cute! In fact in the header photo it just looked so real and so yummy!
    You can pretend its spring there with all those pretty flowers in bloom and I'll pretend its autumn here. I can't wait for the weather to be cool ALL the time :) I'm so glad that today is the last 'official' day of summer.

    1. Again...I agree!! ^_^ I thought I had stumbled onto a food etsy shop! Ha! Ha! Sooo cool!...And here's to 'weather pretending'! We have real snow on the way for tomorrow. I wish I could pretend "it" away!!! LOL


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