Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February!!!.....And It's Spring!!....Sorta Kinda. O_0

        It's February 1st...FEBRUARY FIRST, PEOPLE!!!...and it's suppose to get up to 54 degrees (Fahrenheit) today!!!! O_O If this was southern California I'd say: "Okay!", but it's gonna get up to 54 February!!
     Let's be honest, how many of you New Englanders, or north coasters, were expecting Spring in February?! O_O ...I'm confused now. Do I continue making hats because....because...we just might get winter after all...eventually?!...Or do I move on to the crochet jewelry, toilet tissue covers, and pocketbooks of Spring?!...SPRING!

        I have to decide because I'm all done with my latest hat and I'm just working on a replacement headband, and then I have to get another project going!...*sigh*...Well, I can show you the hat anyway!...
          Yep! A white one!

        So soft too!

       I agonized over which button to put on it...Can't you see the sweat on my brow?! ^_^ I couldn't decide whether to choose one with color, or to stay with the white theme. But I finally decided...

       I decided to stick close to the white color. After's Spring!....sorta kinda. O_0 It's time for sunshine and warmer temperatures, daffodils and butterflies!....Not the time for snow (alias "the white stuff") and shovels, heavy soups and donuts with coffee......Well, let me re-think that last statement.....Hmmmm.....I need a visual...

       Doughnut Madness!!!! :-) ... Okay! I threw you a little bit of a curve ball. Maybe it "is" time for some doughnuts!! At least Aron and Ashley, from the blog Hither & Thither, think so!! :-) And they're New Yorkers...north easterners! :-) 
      They're enjoying the nice weather, but they're not rushing the seasons. They're enjoying the doughnut madness! why can't I!! ^_^ ...So let's keep the doughnut option on the table, Okay?!...and the coffee too...just saying! I mean...just because it's Spring...sorta kinda....that doesn't mean we have to get all tofu and celery stalks around here!....Not all the time anyway! ^_^
     Quick Updates: 1. Our car is still not functioning. :-( Although hubby thinks he knows what's wrong with it now....a blocked fuel filter. It's gonna have to be replaced this weekend;...
     2. Also, hubby has had a job change...of sorts. He changed routes. He used to have a route out of state. As of this week he'll be MUCH closer to home! :-) He'll be able to pop home during the day. Isn't that great!!!...
      His reasoning may not be all that great though. He's been worried about me. My health is not getting any better. Physically I'm showing signs of wear and an old roof on a hundred year old barn! LOL So, just in case I need him, he's switched routes so he can be here quickly if I need him.
     Considering the economy, I was a little worried about him making the move. His previous route was one that nobody else wanted to do! In fact, the new guy he showed it to...was flabbergasted that he had done it for as long as he did! And he was feeling overwhelmed that now it was gonna be his responsibility!! O_O
    So hubby was kinda NEEDED on the other route! Now it'll be different. Anyone can do this route without a problem...We're not gonna worry about it. Some things have to be put in the hands of the one who can do something about it! So we're keeping our trust in Jehovah. We know that, if push comes to shove, he can handle it! :-)
     3. {And I almost forgot to post this!...*shaking my head*...I had to come back!} The Giveaway winner of my fuzzy keychain is...
      ...Velma of SnowflakeDreams1. Congratulations!! :-) I'll get it in the mail to you as soon as I can!
      4. My computer speakers are fixed!!! :-) I can hear music again!!!...And should YOU!! ^_^

        Have a good, ♫ "Fine" ♫ and musical day everybody!! :-) {The poem below is one I wrote while I was awaiting Spring last year...after a hard previous snowy winter. YOU remember, right?! ^_^}


I barely can wait for Spring.
With winter I've just had enough!
The ice on the sidewalks,
 and snow in the yard,
have been so depressing and rough.

I usually don't wait for the Spring.
I'm not a real fan of the bees.
My eyes fill with water,
and nose fills with pollen,
and my only pastime is a sneeze.

But this year I can't wait for the Spring!
I await how my nose has to blow.
My glee I can't hide.
I've been cooped up inside,
Emotionally tackled by snow!


  1. I'm glad hubby got to the bottom of the car problem and that he can fix it. Car problems are the worst!!!
    I'm sorry that your health is declining my friend. I wish I were closer and could help you. :(
    I'm glad your hubby loves you so much that he was willing to take on a different route to be closer. That is a true love and a wonderful husband!! And as you said, no worries! Jehovah will see to it that you have what you need. Guaranteed!!!
    I'm glad you got your speaker problem fixed!! Back in the saddle again!!
    Your poem says it all, as usual!

    By the way....I love the white hat!! It'll be a sure winner in your shop!

    1. I wish you were closer too, but not because of my health. There's nothing you could do for that...except play Scrabble with me and watch tennis! ^_^ Second thought...I'd like that! Unless you know how to repair a fuel filter! LOL...Thanks for always being so supportive, my friend. :-] And I hope you're right about the hat!...Have a good day! :-)

  2. It's February! has been feeling like spring here too! BUT tomorrow we are expecting snow! I love the white hat it does looks sooo soft...have a wonderful day my dear!

    1. Oh No!! Your 'Spring' is about to be interrupted!! ^_^ Somehow I figured that was gonna happen!...And thank you very much for the nice words about my hat too! :-)

  3. Hi!Yes February with 55 degreees and tornado type winds LOL.Maybe its really march you know March winds etc.When you can fly a kite?? Oh well.I adore the white,so soft and pretty.I think I love all colors.Yes you were so right their were touches of pink with those blues,lol.Very observant my friend,I didnt even notice ha.Have a really nice day Debbie.

    Oh my gosh I love the second paragraph of the poem LOL.Isnt that true? ha

    1. Ha! Ha! Well...we don't have the tornado type winds!...thankfully! ^_^ In fact, it's amazingly calm around here..wind-wise...Not pink at all! LOL Have a good day, Becky!

  4. I am sorry that your health is getting worse but its nice to know that your husband will be closer to you ;-)) Easier for him to by the sounds of it. I think the world is going mad with the weather our seasons are changing and getting all confused with one another. You do wizz up a hat quickly its lovely. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

    1. That's Dee. And you're so right. I can't do anything about this body of mine, but it does make it more bearable knowing that hubby will be closer. :-) And I think this route will be easier for him, once he gets used to it. But it's not gonna make as much money as his other least to start. That's a sacrifice we're willing to give right now. Sometimes some things are more important than money. And who knows, maybe I'll become a great poet and make enough money so that he won't have to worry about it anyway! ^_^ mind is still as good at imagining as it ever was!! LOL Have a good rest of the day, Dee!

  5. Spring?? It's flippin' freezing here!! Supposed to be minus 7 tonight!

    1. WOW!!...So I guess we're not "ALL" having Spring!! LOL

  6. Wow Deb today of all days it would be late in the evening that I got a chance to read all the blogs. I went and did my taxes in the next town over and since I was going to be in town I took care of some other things by the time I got home it was dinner time and then cleaning up so here it is kind of late. I am excited that I won. Thank you. I love the white hat to bad white and I are not good friends or I would get that hat from you. Glad to hear that your husband is working close to home. Hope you get your car figured out. Have a nice night!!!!!

    1. Hi Velma!...No worries. I know where you live, so I would've sent it anyway! LOL...You did what we have to do soon also...taxes! Good for you, getting it done early!...Thanks for the nice words about the white hat too. Have a good day! :-)

  7. Hi Deb,

    I adore your poem. You never know what is going to happen with weather.... but to be honest with you, I'm happy with our weather so far. Who doesn't like Spring??

    1. ^_^ Thanks for the poem love Priscila! And how right you are about the weather!...And I'm fairly happy with the weather so far too! That poem was about how I was feeling after last year's snowfalls! :-))


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