Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yikes!!! Where did the time go?!....Sorry y'all! I woke up late...and right now I've got a meeting....I'll be back to finish the post a little later. O_O SORRY!!!!!!


Okay...I'm back! ^_^ And I'm in a much less frazzled mood now that my head is all filled with good stuff, and the sun is shining so pretty. :-)  ...I can take a deep breath now, organize my thoughts, and show you what I got as a gift! :-) 

     Do you believe it?!...A whole box full of yarns and threads! :-) There's such pretty colors in there too!...

       The only problem is...the friend that gave me the yarns and threads has cats. And the cats LOVED climbing all over the yarns and threads! O_O There's little cat hairs everywhere!!...Anybody got any suggestions on what I should do to make this yarn and thread usable?! I'd hate to have to throw it out! O_O Nobody...not even cat lovers...want cat hairs coming out of the scarf they're wearing, or the blanket or whatever they're using!

       In other news, the new men's boutonnieres I've been putting in the shop are getting lots of attention! In fact, a customer sent me a link to show me that boutonnieres are B-A-C-K in style!! --> HERE <--  And since I sold the black and white one the day after I put it in the shop, I decided to make a couple more...

         I think the special part of both of these is the buttons!...

       A pretty button in the front....

         And a button in the back, so you can button it into the buttonhole on your lapel...

         The button on this one has a vintage look, and a gold hue to it....

         And, of course, it has a button on the back also...

       Maybe it's the buttons on the back that's the draw for people. My girlfriend found a knitted headband in the store the other day, with a crocheted flower, with little sparkly bits all over it...

       ...and she sewed buttons in the back! :-) 

       They're not 'working' buttons. In other words, they don't fasten anything together, or open, or anything...They're just for decoration...Very cute! :-) Yeah, maybe it's the 'whole buttons in the back' thing that's the trend!

      As things go, I woke up late and most of the day is gone, I'm not planning to do much else with this day. I'm gonna enjoy a nice lunch with my hubby, maybe watch a little T.V., and do a little bit of crocheting. I'll leave my big plans for tomorrow....getting all my books and stuff in order so we can do our taxes. O_O.....Yikes!! Is it that time again?!!!....Why couldn't I sleep through that?!!! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day Everybody!

Doing Taxes

Every year my mind gets taxed,
along with everything I own.
It's time to pay old 'Uncle Sam',
and see if I might need a loan!

It's time to tell the honest truth.
No time to 'fudge', deceive, or 'spin'.
It's now the time to 'pay the Piper'.
Grab those bills. TAX TIME AGAIN!! 


  1. What a brilliant idea to have a button on the back so you can put it through a button hole!
    Hope you're well - we've had a day of glorious sunshine!

    1. I can't take credit for the idea. I saw buttons on the back of something...I can't remember what or where now...that was being buttoned to something, and it was like a revelation!!! Buttonhole boutonnieres!! :-) They work good too. Hubby has been testing them for me!...Enjoy that sunshine! We're enjoying ours too...however long it lasts! ^_^

  2. I think that is the first ever tax poem I have read! And such a good one!! It's just how I feel these days... ;-)

    And the boutonnieres are wonderful as well as the buttons you are using. I got a bunch of gifts recently and in the middle of each bow was a button that I am (of course) reusing! Such a great idea!

    No advice on the cat hairs. I keep all my yarn in plastic tubs and my current knitting/crochet projects wrapped in towels so the kitty can't get to them and I keep them hair free...

    Enjoy the rest of your day!! :-)

    1. :-) Leave it to me to write the kind of poem you've never seen before! ^_^ But I thank you for the nice words about it, even so!...And for the nice words about my buttonhole boutonnieres. :-) I love an interesting button!...Awwww! :-( You can't help me with my cat hair problem...Oh well, I'll figure out something...You and I both keep our yarns protected. I don't have pets to worry about. I keep my craft room at a certain temperature so it stays nice. I'm even keeping this new gift yarn separated from my other yarn until I figure out what to do with it. I'm sure I'll think of something. :-)

  3. Deb, Looks like we are all having that kind of day lately, We had company last night so I'm still trying to catch up from yesterday.
    Very cute poem. Mine are all done (taxes) and we actually get money back. Hope you have good luck with your taxes. Love the bouttoniers. Have a great evening.

    1. ^_^ I guess if we're late, and busy, with good stuff it's okay! :-)) Thanks for the nice words about the boutonnieres and the poem. Glad your taxes are all done...And good for you, getting something back! I'm not sure we will this year. We'll see!

    2. Rats!!! My comment just disappeared!! How does that happen?? How can I remember what I wrote? I don't know...I think I said we haven't done our taxes yet...I hate that chore!!
      I also love the first button. Looks great and yes, I think they're becoming more popular.
      I have seen a lot of buttons on the backs of headbands this year. very popular and cute too!
      Hope you had a great day today. It was a busy one for me but fun. Great meeting to start the day too!

    3. I don't know how that happens! But a lot of people have been complaining about it lately! But I got this one! ^_^ Welcome to the 'hate doing taxes' club. I always have high anxiety right before, and sigh a sigh of relief right after they get done! LOL...That first button is a favorite of mine. It's not your average button for sure...I'm glad you had a fun day. I LOVED the WT! Such good reminders. I'll try to keep them in mind as my week starts tomorrow. :-)

  4. It's funny that whoever gave you the gift didn't see the animal hair. My Sister would send me things that I immediately could smell cigarette smoke on and she was oblivious to it. Hmmmm...anyway, I hope you can find a way to be able to use it. It would be shame to have to waste it. Enjoy your week and I'm not looking forward to the tax mess either. Every year I say I'll get it done early and every year I put it off. Maybe I'll do better this year? Nah!

    1. ^_^ She's an older friend, and she's got so much on her plate that cat hair probably wasn't even on her radar. She was just giving some yarn to someone she knows is a yarn nut! ^_^ I appreciate her thoughtfulness. I just have to find a way to make the yarn usable! :-) ... Now, you get to doing those taxes!! Why should I be in this mess alone?!! ^_^

  5. A tax poem. I've never come across one of those before :)

    The only thing I can think of for the cat hair all over the yarn is to use sticky tape, duct tape or masking tape to pick up the fur. It may take a while but it will help get rid of it.

    I know I've mentioned this before but I do love the buttons you use. They always look so interesting :)

    1. ^_^ Leave it to me to wax poetic...about taxes, right?!! LOL...And thank you so much for the hint about what to do with the cat hair on the yarn!! I don't know why I didn't think of duct tape! Duct tape works for EVERYTHING! ^_^ I may try that...And, Oh Yes, my buttons! I'm so glad you like them. I guess my collecting, and my friend's collecting, is paying off now! :-] I hope my customers appreciate them...Enjoy the rest of your day, Jo! :-)


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