Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yep! If You See "That"...You Know Spring Is Almost Here...Even Though It's February!

       Brrrr! It's cold this morning...17 degrees (fahrenheit) right now. And we're suppose to get a couple of rain showers too this morning. So, you're probably wondering why my blog title and my header photo are showing signs of Spring, right?! Well, I'll tell you...because the backyard is showing signs of Spring...Big Time!
       I was minding my own business yesterday, and out of the corner of my eye....hop!....hop!....hop!....It was a red-breasted robin, hopping across my lawn in the backyard! :-) ... 
           ... Then a few hours later...HOP!....HOP!....HOP!....and a H-U-G-E blackbird was hopping across the lawn! :-) ...And when I say huge, I mean HUGE!! O_O He looked like all he needed was a GPS, and a saddle, and we could've traveled the world in an hour! LOL
      The blackbird had a big piece of white material in his mouth too. I think it's nest building time!....Yep! Spring is almost here!! :-)

          With rising temperatures forecast here in our area for next week, I guess we can stop holding our breath now. Looks like 'THE BIG SNOW' is actually gonna miss us this year!...{said in a whisper, while looking left and right O_O}...Just like the title of Robin's new treasury (jarmfarm), we're all just Waiting For Robin To Arrive......Please Hurry! :-)

         The robin print and the ring dishes above were both items she chose for her treasury...and so were these romantic, brown...

        {You can click on any of the photos above if you wanna see details about the items, or if you'd like to buy them.}

       That's what was going on outside...birds and signs of Spring. What was going on inside was all about vegetables. Okay...not just vegetables. Also crust...and melted hot cheese! :-) ...Hubby brought home a couple of slices of Pizza! I was so excited that I forgot to take pictures of it!....but believe it or not, it looked exactly like the vegetable laden Easy Flatbread Pizza that the Pioneer Woman show-cased on her blog yesterday!!..

        No kidding!!...Except for the fact that the Pioneer Woman's veggies were cut larger, and mine was not on flatbread, it looked almost exactly like it! :-) ...I still have the Pioneer Woman's recipe on my radar though! I have to try hers at some point...soon!

        The only other interesting thing that happened to me yesterday was that in my search on Etsy for a greeting card I came across this photo...

        Yes! It's George Clooney! The description under the photo in this Etsy shop says that George was trying to find a way to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for an award he recently received, and he found just the way to do it with this card (the one he's holding in the photo)...

         Cool, right?! :-] ... And as my searches usually do, it got me to thinking what other celebrities are showing their faces on Etsy...besides Rosie O'Donnell I mean. I knew about her Etsy shop. She's been pretty successful in selling there...although she doesn't have anything for sale in her shop right now.
       When I looked around I saw these photos...

           In the etsy shop description for the key necklace it says that Taylor Swift and other famous people have been seen wearing skeleton keys from expensive collections like Tiffany's. But you can get the look for a lot less with this Silver and Crystal rhinestone Key inspired by the one worn by Taylor Swift.

       The Etsy shop Laiuthe had a photo of Jessica Alba...

            .....and the description said that these beautiful earrings are inspired by the earrings Jessica Alba wore while out shopping with her little girl.

        And last, I saw this photo of Jennifer Anniston...

        All of this made me think that if I could just get one of the lovely ladies nominated in the upcoming 84th annual Academy Awards...or the Oscars...to wear one of my crochet necklaces (or one of the men to wear one of my boutonnieres!) I could be in the money!!! ^_^ Hmmmm...let me get out my Rolodex! Ha! Ha!
       Or maybe one of the celebrities who knows somebody, who knows somebody that shops on Etsy, and has seen my crochet creations, will call me!....."HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!....Poetesswug here!.....Want a free crochet necklace or boutonniere?......Sure!!!!" ^_^ ....I'm not gonna hold my breath for that call!
      Off to get my day started!...Have a good one, Everybody! :-)

Spring Is Almost Sprung!

Spring is almost sprung!
There is melting everywhere!
Soon the crocusses will be up
and the birds will search for hair.

After all the winter blankets,
piles of snow and rain and sleet,
we'll be seeing pretty flowers
and watch nature's lovers meet.

We'll see the Robins hop, hop, hopping,
hear their singing in the trees,
be "Achoo-ing" every minute,
while we duck and weave from bees.

They'll be things that need some cleaning,
given April and Pine scent;
People looking for new spaces
they can buy, transform, or rent.

Yes, Spring is almost Sprung!
Time to alter and create!
Better "Get" while things are popping!!
Yes, it's Spring! Don't wanna wait!!


  1. Anonymous2/21/2012

    A delightful blog. I really enjoyed reading about the robins and the celebrities that you have spotted on Etsy. I had no idea abut the celebrities! Soon they will be hopping down the Red Carpet at The Oscars wearing their fine new clothing....much like the hop, hop hopping robins!

    1. Thank you, Robin! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it....And howeer they come down the red carpet, they won't look as good as the robins of Spring! :-]

  2. Well I don't mean to burst your bubble, but we've had a robin here all winter. He never leaves anymore! Always in the tree at the Kingdom Hall. But to save you, we were commenting yesterday morning about the happy spring songs that the birds are singing and have been singing for several weeks now. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!!
    Congrats on the treasury! I love the ring dishes!! Awesome!! Lots of awesome items in that one including your necklace!! And wouldn't it be wonderful to have a celebrity wear one of your (or mine) creations?? Great exposure for sure!!
    Cut poem as usual!

    1. Ha! Ha! REALLY?! ^_^ Do yours stay all winter?!...They don't usually stay in the backyard here all winter. But whatever! It's almost Spring!! ^_^ Your singing birdies told you so!...Thanks for the poem love too! :-)

    2. By the way, I saw the 'cut'. I knew what you meant! LOL

  3. Wouldn't that be lovely if a celebrity wore one of your delightful pieces. I could just imagine the orders you would receive!
    I was eyeing off the Pioneer Womans pizzas too. It did look awfully yummy!

    1. Ha! Ha! It's not likely to happen, Jo, so I won't even let myself think about it too deeply!! ^_^ We'd better stick to looking at pizzas!!

  4. Good morning!
    yes very soon we will be hop, hopping to another house for rent. I liked your poem, made me smile! (I"m a huge fan of George Clooney)

    1. Good Morning!....Ooooo! Another home. How exciting! ^_^ Have fun with the move!...and have a good rest of the day today too!


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