Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crunchy And Fuzzy Coin On A Pillow Love

       First thing's first, let me say a big 'Thank You' to everyone that took the time yesterday to give me a little bit of encouragement and love when I wasn't feeling so hot...Mmmmmmuah!!! :-] I'm not feeling a hundred percent still today, but better than yesterday. Especially my mood! But I'm sure that has something to do with your comments, a good chat with one of my 'besties', and....hmmmm...there was something else..... O_0 .....Oh Yeah! I made two sales in my Wuglyees shop yesterday!! :-)
       I sold a men's boutonniere and a men's lapel pin! :-) Isn't that great?!...Only problem is...I don't have very many men's boutonnieres left in the shop! I've got to put men's boutonnieres on my 'To Do' list!...That list is getting pretty long right about now! O_O I guess I better stop fooling around with experimental projects and get to that list! Before I show you my latest experimental project though, let me show you some CRUNCHY LOVE! :-) ...

        It's a new Etsy treasury, curated by Sheryll Raz Gold, of BLUSHFASHION! I don't know why she named it crunchy love. Maybe it's because just looking at it makes you wanna crunch the numbers in your checkbook to try to buy all the goodies she that gorgeous bracelet in the header photo! LOL But whatever the reason, I'm very thankful that she included my black and gray crochet bedroom slippers!...

     I liked a lot of the items she chose...which, if you click the photo of the treasury above you can go and see for yourself!...but the one that really caught my eye was this one...

          It's a black and grey leather cuff bracelet by worldofpineapple. :-) Pretty snazzy, huh?!...Oh, if only I could figure out how to make a crocheted version of it!! LOL
      Anyway!! ^_^ I've already got my hands full!...Once I got some rest yesterday, and started to feel a little better, I got to work making the custom ordered little flowers that I told you about. They ended up being a lot more work than I thought they would be, with me having to use that tiny crochet hook!...O-U-C-H! But I did them! :-) Now, this morning, I have to crochet and sew on the little backs for them, so they can be sewn or pinned on...I'll try to get some photos of them when they're done, so I can show you.
      Prior to doing the custom order, and before I started feeling poorly, I was working on my fuzzy coin button pillows! :-) I have to do the backs for them too today. But this is what they look like so far....
        In the above photo I have the one side of each square folded, and just sat the crocheted flower up on top of it...just for the photo's sake.

       This is what the white one looks like stretched out. (The quality of the photos?!....Well, YOU know!! LOL)

       No, they weren't black and white photos! LOL Just a tired and lazy photographer. ^_^

      This is the black and white one I did...
           Now that I've done the crochet flower this huge, I know how I would crochet it differently next make it more pronounced and pretty. But I WAS NOT gonna try to unravel all that fuzzy...and "would-be knotty-by-then"...yarn, to try to re-do it!!

        It's not perfect, big ole fuzzy 'baby'...but it was made with a lot of fuzzy love! :-) I'm hoping to finish them today....But I'll be satisfied if it's done by the weekend. I'm so ambitious these days, you know....NOT! :-))

      Okay...that's it for me today!  Except to let you know that hubby is starting to love his new route he says. It's a lot less stress for him, as to how many stops he has to do. But also because he's close to home. He doesn't feel so conflicted about working when he knows he can pop home any time...Between you and I, I'm still working on a big book deal or a crochet supply house that'll make me a million dollars so I can get him off the road completely! ^_^ That's just between you and I though....and any contract-toting book publisher that might wanna contact me! LOL
      Have a fuzzy crunchy good day everybody! You're my favorite kind of people! :-)

My Favorite People

My favorite people listen well,
and talk almost as good.
They like to eat good food,
and hang out in my neighborhood.

They like a chuckle now and then,
and dance when music's played.
And give nice complements...
and no! they haven't all been paid!

Some 'favorite people' are, I'm sure,
still ones I haven't met.
But until then, my favorites are
ones owed a 'loving' debt.

They've loved me through some heartache,
and the hardest, roughest time.
They're my favorites for a reason,
and deserve this 'Debbie' rhyme.


  1. I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better today!! I love that new treasury and all the gray, black and white goodness! Especially your gorgeous creations! Wishing you a beautiful day!! Hugs, Silke

    1. Thanks Silke! :-) And I'm hoping the feel good trend continues! I've got things 'To-Do'!! LOL...And thank you too, for the nice words about my creations...Enjoy the sunshine today! We will too! I'm not even gonna THINK about the cold weather coming for the weekend. I'm not gonna THINK about it!!! ^_^

  2. Hello,

    I really like the flowers. The white is so beautiful. Happy that you sold items from your shop.
    Hope you feel better and much better.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Priscila! :-) And Awwwwwww! Thank you for the nice words about my big ole 'Wuglyee' flowers!! I'm gonna make some different ones later. You'll see my modification. They WILL be better!! LOL...And yes, I'm feeling better. And hoping it's a trend!...Have a good day! Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts! :-)

  3. Deb I love love the pillows. Congrats on making it onto another treasury. Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. Maybe this will make you feel better It's snowing over here hopefully not there....LOL...... Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Velma! Well, thank you! Soooo, my experimenting is not so bad then, huh?! ^_^ Although, they're not done yet. I still need to do the back hold your judgement. LOL...And YAY for you!....SNOW (Shhhhh!)...You noticed that I didn't yay too loud, right? I don't want the 'white stuff' to hear me and come this way!! ^_^ That would not make me feel better! :-)) Thanks for the nice comment Vel. Have a good rest of the day!

  4. Im so sorry to read you have been feeling unwell but glad your a bit better today. Loving the pillows i bet that wool was hard to work with but i looks so lovely, fluffy and warm ;-)) Great flowers i do love your work and ist great to catch a glimpse of those gorgeous slippers again. Great news about your sales long may it continue. Take it easy and thank you for your lovely comment you left today it meant a lot. dee x

    1. Thanks, Dee. Yes, I'm going threw a little "shift" physically. At least that's what I'm gonna call it. :-)...but I am feeling better today. I hope your son is feeling better too!...Thanks for the nice words about the pillow covers (and my slippers too, by the way. And you're right about the yarn being hard to work with. Well, not 'hard' exactly. More like 'challenging'. All that frilly had to be tamed! LOL But you're also right about it being soft and comfy. So it equaled itself out. :-] On to the next project!!...Have a good day, Dee! And take good care of 'little one'...which I know you will anyway. :-)

  5. So glad you are feeling better today. How fabulous that you were featured, yet again, in another treasury (not surprised at all!). Ohh, your fuzzy coin pillows are so fancy and luxurious. Beautiful work, as always! Congratulations on the two sales in your Wuglyees Shop! Sending healthy, happy wishes your way :)

    1. Thanks for the well wishes, Julie! :-) And for the nice words about my pillow covers and sales. It's precisely comments like this that help my mood stay on an even keel...even though the body is doing what it does!! LOL Thank you!

  6. What a lovely poem. I don't know about everyone else but I've certainly been paid (~_0) with your wonderful sense of humour & your creativity.
    I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better today :)
    I just love the fuzzy pillows. They're looking amazing! The buttons you chose to go with the flowers look just like coins. Very nice :D

    1. Awww! Thanks Jo! What a sweet comment! :-] And I'm glad you like the poem too! It's absolutely true about my favorite people! :-) ... I'm glad you like my fuzzy pillows too. I actually finished the white one today...completely! I'll be working on the black and white one tomorrow. They're not exactly like I envisioned, but I now know how to get them that way...for next time! :-) to bed with me! Have a good rest of your day, Jo! :-)


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