Sunday, February 12, 2012


        Yesterday was the weirdest day!! O_O I felt...all day! maybe I needed to find me a new planet to live on because this one had slipped sideways or something!...Does that happen to other people besides me?!....that feeling like everything...and everybody...has gone wacky?!!!
      The phone kept ringing off the hook all day...waking me up from my naps! Grrrrr! You KNOW how much I treasure my naps!! ^_^ And when I answered it, the conversations seemed like darts being thrown at a dartboard that was invisible!! Everything I said was misunderstood, and everything they said made NO SENSE to me!! I kept saying: "Excuse me?"....."Say again!"....."What?!!!!!" O_0
      I finally gave up trying to carry on conversations with people. I stopped answering the phone!...But that didn't stop people from calling!! LOL They still called....and they left messages!....that were garbled and non-discipherable!... O_O ...except for the part where they would said: "Call me back". ^_^ "Uhhhhh...No! I don't think I will...whoever you are!....and whatever you're talking about!"
     Then hubby came running in the house hollering for the camera! I said: "What is it?!" O_O ......No answer.....UGH!!!...Then he came back in the house with un-decipherable photos!!....UGH!...Again I said: "What is it?!"....He did that shake with his whole body like when you get a cold shiver, and then he said: "Let me go and take another picture. I forgot to put the macro on....But I'M NOT GETTING THAT CLOSE TO IT ANYWAY!!!!! EWWWWWWWWW!!!!"
      Now I was scared, and worried about what was in the backyard that he'd be all squeamish about! O_O ... Wanna see what it was?!

        Yikes!!!!....It was right up next to the house!!!! O_O

           Big head thing!!!!!!

        Where did this come from?!!! O_O We've never had snakes in the backyard before...that I remember anyway!...We've had cats, squirrels, turtles, robins, mockingbirds, hummingbirds,....;'_'; my hummingbirds!!!!!! ;'_'; ...dogs, skunks, and even a rabbit here or there! I even had a fear that a black bear might visit...but it didn't...But never a snake!
      I know Massachusetts has snakes...even poisonous snakes...Yikes! Could this be a poisonous snake?!....If any of you know what kind of snake this is, please let me know. I don't even wanna Google it!!!
      As of last night he was still laying there immovable. Hubby thinks he was dead, but I know...from experience...that snakes are cold-blooded. If the temperature changes on them too suddenly they become immovable until their blood warms up again...And we did have that quick snow shower yesterday! O_O
      I'm trying to talk hubby into going back out there this morning to see if he's still there, but he is TOO THROUGH with that snake!!! ^_^ The mere suggestion that he get a stick and move him up closer to the woods started another one of those garbled conversations everybody was trying to have with me yesterday!!!...So, I guess I'll find out later whether he's still there or not...Probably when I hear the neighbor kids cutting through the yard! ^_^ Yikes! The kids!!!!....Suppose it's poisonous?!!!....Alright! He's got to move that snake!!!!......Aargh!
       If that wasn't bad enough.....there I was watching a movie, trying to return to a calm mental state, when a scroll came across the t.v.......Whitney Houston......dead at 48........What?!.........What?! O_O 

         I went to CNN and found's true! Whitney Houston died last night....*sigh*...All I could think of was that line in the song "American Pie" by Don McLean,.....that convoluted  song I never really understood completely before...and still don't!!....but the line that talked about 'the day the music died' came to my mind...She was a fantastic voice, that Whitney Houston!
       So, I'll leave today's post with her voice....and a hope that today turns out to be a non-weird, calm and peaceful place!...Have a good day everybody. I hope it includes some good music too.....Where would we be without it?!...

 Where would we be without music?

Where would we be without music?
Don't answer. I don't want to know!
The thought of no guitar or back beat,
no humming or tapping of toe!

What umph would there be to commercials?
What excitement for games yet to play?!
What missing movie's anticipation
that the  'Dun Dun Dun' would happily say?!

How would new mommies rock their babies,
and calm them to put them to sleep?
Without music the world would be screaming,
but the ocean of silence would be deep.

So, where would we be without music?
In a world with no brain cells to link.
In a big room with nothing to do,
and a bunch of poor folks that don't blink!


  1. I've had days like that. Usually they make me turn my phone off and take a nap to sort of start over. Isn't it so sad about Whitney Houston? She had such a voice!

    That snake looks like a ribbon snake to me, which is not poisonous. It also looks like it might be injured.

    Hope your day today is MUCH better!! Hugs, Silke

    1. Ha! That's exactly what I did, Silke!! :-)) I turned the phone off to start over!...but they kept calling!! LOL ... A ribbon snake?! Okay. I better get some info, because if it's injured...and not dead...I don't want to just let it lie there suffering! O_O I also don't want it in the house though....injured or not! Thanks for the info on it though...Have a good rest of the day, Silke. :-]

  2. A snake! GAH! Creepy! I hope you have a better day today. I hate when the phone rings all day, and it's REALLY annoying when it wakes you up. Naps are sacred in my house. DO NOT mess with my naps! Ha-ha-ha. You sound just like me.

    1. I KNOW!!!!! LOL Creepy is right!!...Between ringing phones, creepy crawlies, and bad news, it was some kind of day!!! O_O Hopefully it's the last one for a while!...Today is already going much better!...And I'm about ready for a nap too! :-)) Better put the phone on "lock-down"!!! LOL

  3. Goodmorning.UGh the snake ew those things along with spiders.

    I was so sad about Whitney Huston.I loveddd her voice.I adore the song to the movie bodyguard I must of watched it over and over.Id watch it again too.I dont know why I was surprised by her age.Never thought she was that young.Actually thought she was at or over 50 a bit.So sad.

    The poem fits well for the occasion.I never go a day with out music.How about you?Have a good one.

    1. Becky, Please don't say SPIDER!!!! Yikes! The snake was bad enough! It's starting to get to that season for the creepy crawlers again! O_O ... And me and music have a deep relationship...and a diverse one. My tastes are all over the 'lovely' place! :-) And on any given day, one singer or one genre can take me away. I love it!! :-) I think it was embedded in my DNA when I was an embryo. Our house growing up was full of music! Al Green, William Bell, Smokey Robinson, etc... And coming from the south, country music, Jazz, and soul, were almost a part of me. YAY for music!!! :-)

  4. Yuck! That snake, whatever type it was, would've been such a nasty find. It makes me shudder to think that it was in your backyard. Horrible nasty creatures!

    It was very sad news hearing about Whitney Houston passing away the other day. She had such an amazing voice.

    1. I agree!...YUCK! Ha! Ha! Apparently it's a ribbon snake. It's not poisonous. I guess it's the kind of snake people get as pets. Maybe somebody's pet got out in the neighborhood by accident. O_O And it's too late for him now. He didn't make it!...I also agree about Whitney Houston. Thankfully we have video, so we can see and hear her voice at any time we want. :-]

    2. I'm glad to hear it wasn't a poisonous snake.
      You're right, thankfully we do have videos :) I might go listen to another Whitney song now.

    3. :-) Good idea...Might I suggest one?...

      I listened to it today myself. :-)

    4. I don't think I had heard that one before.It's such a beautiful song.

    5. It's one of my favorites. :-)


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