Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why Can't The Game Go As Expected?!

       I'm thankful to have the distraction of the football game later today...because other things don't wanna make me happy today! Other things like the car!...the car that still doesn't wanna work even after hubby spent half the day trying to get it repaired! UGH!
     Guess what?!...We now have a new fuel filter?!....But guess what else?!....The car STILL isn't working!!! :-(  So, what we thought was gonna be a peaceful Sunday where we got our spiritual information for the brain, and physical food and the BIG game, for the body and mood, is not gonna be! :-(
      Instead hubby is gonna be running around all day trying to get the car working so that he can get back and forth to work this week....or else he may have to be home. :-( ...All of the uncertainty about it has my stomach in a knot!...I wanted to be knee deep in a great big football smile right about now!....Aargh! I even got a gift from TweetEvents this morning to get me in the mood!...
        She sent me some free printable toppers and food labels to help us get prepared for the game! (She sent them as a "Thank You" for my sharing her printables on my blog post yesterday!) :-) Wasn't that nice?!...I hadn't expected her to do that, but I sure appreciate it! :-) It gave me something to smile about in all my car aggravation today...Grrrrrr! Cars!!!!
       Oh Well....I need to follow this advice...

        Thankfully I still do have a couple of things to keep my 'down' mood in a manageable place. One being the fact that I got a custom order for three small crochet flowers. I'm gonna be working on those today...purply-blue!
       The other being the pillow covers I started working on just to amuse myself, and to do something with my hands while I was waiting for car news yesterday...
       I had six small skeins of this specialty yarn. four black, two white. For the longest time I've just been moving them from one place to another here in the house, waiting for the inspiration of what to do with them!...I put two strands of white 'Caron Simply Soft' yarn alongside a strand of the frilly black specialty yarn yesterday, and decided that I'd make a little shoulder shawl out of them...but as I was crocheting I realized that it wasn't gonna be enough yarn for a shawl. :-( So.....a pillow cover it is!...
       I finished one side of it...
         At that point I was just itching to see what the white specialty yarn would look like worked up!...So I put two strands of white 'Caron Simply Soft' alongside the white strand of frilly specialty yarn, and starting working up one side of a pillow cover with it....
   I'm almost finished with this side now too...
        Now I'm gonna have to see if I'm gonna have enough yarn to finish the other halves! LOL...I'm not mentally into all that kind of figuring right now!...I've got to be emotionally supportive to a frustrated and 'at his wits end' husband whose not sure how he's gonna get to work tomorrow!...and still have enough energy to get excited for the game later!! O_O
      Oh Yeah! I feel just like dancing a jig!!! ^_^...


          Suffice it to say, I hope your day turns out better than mine is starting!!....Actually, I hope mine does too! O_O
Never As Expected

Why can't things go as expected?
No left turn. No oops!...'Snafu'!
There's always got to be a fly
in the ointment, soup or stew!

Why can't things go as they should,
Without a hitch, impending doom?
Instead of 'Steady as she goes'!
There's always Click, click, click! Then BOOM!!


  1. I hope you enjoy the game today! Here in the UK it starts around 11pm! too late for me but my youngest son intends to watch it! At least the rugby has been on TV this weekend so I've watched all 3 matches!!

    1. Thanks! I'm already watching pre-game show stuff...and crocheting! ^_^ Hubby is going in and out in a fit of frustration. The car is dead as a door-nail!

  2. I hate car much money, so much time! Some days I want to be like my Amish neighbors and use the horse...that's only on warm days however! Hope it all turns out good and you enjoy the game. I'm not a football fan, but I will find something to keep me busy!

    1. I hate car troubles too! Especially when we had the other car die already. Now this one!! UGH! I think hubby would LOVE a horse right about now!! LOL...Whether the car gets fixed or not I'm gonna enjoy the game!!! ^_^ Compartmentalizing!

  3. Deb, so sorry to hear that your car problem still isn't fixed yet. I hope it doesn't take to long to get it running. I know the game is about to start and here I am commenting on blogs. The food is all ready I just wanted to get a little blog time before the day slips away. Hope your evening is better.

    1. Thanks Velma. I'm sorry too! Who knows how long the fixing part is gonna take. I'm letting hubby deal with it at this point...I hope you enjoyed the matter who won. :-)

  4. Deb,
    I really hope you're enjoying the game. I'm all about the food and not so much about the game. I love wings...
    Sorry about the car. Hope you have a lovely week.

    1. Hi Priscila!...Well, I enjoyed most of it! ^_^ And you're was GOOD! :-) Have a good day. Ejoy the weather!

  5. I'm sorry to hear that your car still isn't working properly :( I hope that everything is sorted out & fixed soon.
    I like the look of that black & white yarn. I can't wait to see what the finished pillow cover looks like when its all sewn up. I bet it will look great :D

    1. Thanks, about the car, Jo. :-( I'm sorry it's not working too! Who knows what we're gonna do. I'm letting hubby deal with it for now. It was making me crazy!...And I'm glad you like the black and white yarn too! I had a little time today and I did a bit more work on both of the pillow covers. I'll be showing what I did on the blog soon. :-) They're interesting!! LOL


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