Monday, February 13, 2012

I Just Wanted To Share...That's All!

        I hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was. Yes! It actually was! :-) ....even with the snake still in the backyard, the car still not repaired (It's being towed to the garage today. Plans to do it over the weekend kept going wacky!...It was just one of those kind of weekends! LOL), and also no snow as promised! O_O....Okay, you know I'm not that upset about that part! LOL
     There were a few things....what I call 'piddly things'...that happened over the weekend though that I wanna share with you. Ohhh...I don't know why. I just feel like sharing! ^_^

       Please feel free to think about my sharing the same way you would think about a friend sharing her favorite chocolate chip cookies with you! :-) .... Not these cookies though (above). These are not mine. Ha! Ha!...But if you want these, just click on the picture. It'll take you to the shop so you can buy them!}

      I wanted to share with you that my 'trick colon' is back in working order. :-) YAY!!...I guess the hot sauced chicken wings didn't do such a bad job after all!...Neither did the spaghetti, chocolate chip cookies, and coffee I had this weekend! :-) What?!....Once my trick colon was back in working order, I had to test it, right?!!....What kind of person would I be if I didn't test it to see if it was working after I 'fixed' it?! ^_^

        I wanted to share with you that the scenery around here in Holyoke, as it is in many places right now, is just beautiful! It's not at all what any of us here in Massachusetts would've expected for February....FEBRUARY!!! We're usually about sick of the house, sick of ourselves, and sick of the snow by now!...But with the beautiful weather....sunshine everywhere, and only a passing snow shower every now and again...I'm ready for another February just like this one...for next month!! LOL
      I'm kinda waiting on the birds to return to the backyard though...
        I miss seeing the robins and cardinals hopping across the lawn and jumping up and down in the tree trunk...Well, it's a tree trunk now! That bad storm we had took my tree 'OUT'! :-( I'm not gonna be able to have my hummingbird feeder right next to the window anymore. There's no branch to hang it from. :-( ... The only good thing about that though, is that there won't be any ant or wasp drama this year either! :-]

     I also wanted to share the photos of the gray scarf that I finished a little while back. Hubby finally had some time to take the pictures of it for me yesterday! :-)
       Nothing too dramatic. It's just a plain gray scarf...

        I just wanted to share! :-) ... I'm probably gonna list it in my Wuglyees shop later today.

     Did any of you watch any of the 'Grammy Award Show' last night?!...I thought that a lot of the music was sooooo good, like Adele. Nice to see her voice is back in good form! :-) ... But what was with the mickey mouse eared techno music?! O_O People jumping up and down, holding glowing and blinking mickey mouse ears over their heads!?.....What?!.. O_O ...What?!...I must confess I only 'heard' a few seconds of the music. I had to mute the t.v. Between the jumping and the steady beat, my poor sensory receptors were in overload!! LOL
      I didn't see all of it. I was turning the mute on and off for 'certain' head-banging, flickery lighted, acts. ^_^ I must say...I did SOOOO MUCH enjoy Bruno Mars' almost retro type performance though! It took me back to James Brown and some of the bands from the 60s and 70s. It was so nice to see the synchronized dancing with the music. Nobody does that much anymore these days! And it's too bad too!
      Let's see......what else can I share?!....Oh! I can share these things that I found in my etsy searches!...
       What a great way to use yarn, huh?!....If you're not gonna make a scarf with it, I mean! ^_^ And I love these colors together!

     And for an old Georgia girl like me, who loves a good cup of green tea..or some coffee (just saying! ^_^)...this is the perfect cup!...

      It has Georgia cities all over it!...My birth state...It would be like holding 'Down Home' in my hand every morning. :-) It makes me smile just thinking about that!

     And the reason I wanted to share this one (below) is pretty self-explanatory!...*Teehee*...

       I never saw a flower that I didn't like!....Or anything with a flower printed on it that I didn't at least get tempted to click on!! LOL

     Lastly, I'm gonna share with you that I think I annoyed my father this weekend...We had a conversation that got waaaaaay deeper than I intended, but it couldn't be avoided. He was assuming that I was agreeing with him on a particular subject...involving our respective religious beliefs...and I had to make it clear to him that he and I were NOT on the same page!
     Usually, I stay away from deep conversations with my father on religious subjects because he doesn't 'play nice' when he believes something. He just assumes he KNOWS!! And therefore he's RIGHT! ^_^ And usually...because it's 'no skin off my nose', so to speak...I let him think whatever he wants! I don't have a big need to irritate my 70 something year old father! LOL
     But when he started talking about how 'we' both feel the same about this and that!...I had to set him straight.......Uhhhh...No 'we' don't! That would be 'YOU'!...He needed clarification (meaning he just would not leave it alone!). I tried to warn him that he was getting into my 'wheel house' of knowledge here, and that he wasn't gonna like the info I was giving him...facts! But he insisted: "What do you mean?!...No! I wanna know!!!!!"....So, I let him have it! ^_^
      In the end we agreed to disagree...and I was fine with that. He also agreed that no one in the family ever really discusses with me what my beliefs are. He was impressed with my knowledge, even though he chooses to believe what he's always grown up with...Fine with me! I'm not the one he has to answer to for what he believes! I have to answer for ME!!!
       After that we went back to talking about our individual aches and pains, and about Whitney Houston's subjects! LOL...Do any of you have uncomfortable conversations with your older parents?!...I don't want to disrespect him because he's been around longer than me, but some things he talks about......Well....they're just wrong! And it's a tricky dance trying to correct your elderly parents! O_O
     Okay....I'm done sharing for today...except for the poem below (it's one I wrote about my dad a few years ago). I'll share something else with you tomorrow. Something I've been crocheting all weekend!! Something I'm all smiles and "Why-didn't-you-think-of-this-before" about!! I guess you'll just have to stop by tomorrow if you wanna see what it is! ^_^ Bring your own coffee!

Dad Is Getting Older

I'm  48 years old,
and my dad is 71;
And reality just hit me:
"Growing old is not much fun!"

Dad is dependable and kind,
a step above most other men;
But I feel the tide is turning.
Things are not as they have been.

His health is slowly fading.
(Not to mention-so has mine!)
When we talk, he's  still himself,
but now his 'Sharp' has lost some shine.

More frequent Doctor's  visits,
high blood pressure, hemorrhoids too;
needs more fiber in his diet,
and less noise to shuffle through.

He used to take long trips,
driving hours, all alone.
Now he watches television-
All his hours, spent at home.

With a witty sense of humor,
and a colorful point of view,
he's  still as proud as he can be-
But like a peacock-in the zoo!

He enjoys all our attention,
and the grand-kids love his jokes;
All the neighbors love his gossip.
He's  a 'Special' kind of folks.

If things continue going
as they have the last few years,
dad's  non-stop aging process
will evoke a lot of tears.

Next year I will be older.
Until then what will I do?
Keep spending time with dad
who will, by then, be 72.


  1. Sometimes you just have to clear the air about your beliefs. Parents or no parents. So many people think we're on the same page. NOT!! Maybe you've given him something to think about anyway.
    I like the gray scarf. Very pretty!
    Nice poem too, as always!

    1. I agree, Cindy. Sometimes, whether they like it or not, you just have to clear the air!...That's what I did. And if you look at him you wouldn't even be able to see the lumps! LOL...Thanks for the nice words about the scarf and poem. I'm glad you're back! :-)

  2. Hahah firstly have to say the poem was great about your dad.Dads are about that way.Mine is anyway.They are stuck on what they believe and that is that no changing them LOL.I still love him though.As far as the topics about religous subjects SAME thing with my dad ha.

    As far as the grammys I didnt catch much of it.I saw Adele,lucky her,I did see chris brown I thought his dancing was cool.But then I had enough of the blinking flashing thing going on so I turned it off LOL.To old for the techno stuff ha.

    Happy monday!

    1. Thanks Becky! When I wrote that poem I think I was trying to be conscious that I wasn't the only one with a dad getting older. I'm glad you liked it! :-) And no! There's no changing them. But we 'can' try to make sure the respect curve is going both ways. At least that's 'my' challenge at this point! LOL...And I'm so with you on the techno stuff! I thought we went through that phase already...and left it behind! How did we get back around to it again so soon?!...*shaking my head*...Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  3. Deb, sometimes you have to clear the air about where you stand not just in religion but in your way of life. I too have a parent that believes his thinking is right because that is how he was brought up. It's funny that you brought this subject up today because last week dad and I had several conversations on his way of thinking.I'll just leave it at that. I didn't do much t.v. watching this weekend had company drop in unexpectedly. Nice poem. Thank you for sharing. Have a Great Day!!!!!!

    1. Yes, clearing the air about your way of life...tough when you're talking to the parent that told you right from wrong during your whole growing up time...and you turned out alright! LOL It's tough for them when you choose a different path than they if what they taught you was no good! Which is never the attention!..*sigh*...Why does it have to be so hard?!!! ^_^ Oh Well, I'm up for the challenge! If "he's" willing to go there...I will too!...You keep hanging in there with your dad too. You're entitled to have your own view of how you live your life. Just keep remembering how he, like my dad, sees little. :-))...Thanks for the nice words about the poem too, by the way. Have a great rest of the day!

  4. What a great poem. You know I think a lot of Dads are a bit like a peacock. I know mine is. He's a very proud man too :)

    That watercolour painting of the bird is so pretty. It looks awfully lifelike. Almost as if it would fly off the page!

    1. Thanks Jo! :-) I think you're probably right about a lot of dads being like peacocks. LOL...Yes, that is a pretty bird, isn't it! It's hard to make watercolor look that pretty. The painter who did that is very talented!

  5. My Dad and I had an interesting conversation about religion...36yrs ago...he died the day after that conversation. I miss him every day and would give my right arm to have a conversation with him about anything. You never know what tomorrow may bring. I'm just glad that our conversation ended on a good note, like you and your Dad. Your lucky to have your Dad still with you. Mine would have been 92 this month. I can't even imagine him that old.

    1. WOW! And I'm sure you probably remember every word of that conversation. Funny how just having a deep talk with your parents seems to have so much power! I guess that's why it's so important to be fully present in every conversation with the people you love...and to make the conversations mean something...I value each and every moment with my dad. Truly. Time is so much shorter than people think...Thanks for such a thoughtful comment, Yaya.

  6. L O V E that scarf, lady! Wow, you. And the button ring you found is totally adorable too. re: the convo with your dad, you totally earned yourself some spaghetti and coffee for taking that on. I tend to avoid those conversations with my parents and in-laws as well because even an agree-to-disagree leaves a sour taste when it comes to family, especially when they really don't play nice (mine don't either!). Proud of you for sticking to your guns though. Hope your February lasts a few more months! xo

    1. Hello!...Thank you for the nice words about my 'plain' scarf...and about my maneuverings in conversation with my dad! ^_^ Just so you know, I usually try to avoid these conversations now too! They usually end up in a bad place because my dad thinks I should consider HIM the wealth of all sustainable knowledge! ^_^ ...and I don't!! LOL I respect his love for me and his wanting to be my "Go To" guy. But we're both old enough to hold our own opinions about life now. After all I'm not an infant! :-) ... Hmmmm...maybe the wobbly gait and the drool threw him off! LOL...Have a good day!


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