Sunday, October 6, 2013

...And Here's The Rest Of The Story!

      I don't care how you slice to speak! ^_^ can't go wrong with Fall/Autumn weather! :-) It doesn't matter weather the wind is still have color!...

      ...the sun is still have color! :-) ...

       ...the skies are dark, or the sun is still have color!! :-) ...

      And it's just a joy to behold every day! :-) And in my backyard right now, that's the way it is!...There's even a rose or two still growing alongside the wall...livening up the edging, while the trees and bushes keep the color landscape company. :-)) ...

      And considering what the weather is doing in other parts of the country besides Massachusetts right now, the smile on my face about the New England Fall weather is genuine!!...What is the weather doing, you ask?! O_O Take a look at what fell in Lead, South Dakota yesterday!!!...

      Over three feet of snow from the recent blizzard...Storm Atlas, I think!!...

      All of that 'white stuff' piled up on top of all of that pretty Fall color! O_O ...*shaking my head*...I sure hope none of it comes our way!!! O_O
      I was worried that we were gonna get the remnants of a tropical storm/hurricane as of the beginning of next week...Hurricane Karen....but as of last night she decided to try to take a little nappy-poo. ^_^ She's staying down in the Gulf, and she's been down-graded from a tropical storm to a 'tropical depression'.
      The rest of the story is that she's still spawning some dangerous tornado winds, and hauling a lot of rain, but nothing like she was doing before!...Phew!...And our weather today?!...


      ...but still full of color! :-) ...

      And speaking of color, I have a very pretty Etsy treasury to share with you! It was curated by Artesserae ...

 (Etsy Treasury - 'Soft Morning' curated by Artesserae)

      She chose my crochet fingerless gloves to add to it! :-) ...

(Scalloped Edge Blue Fingerless Wrist Warmers Crochet Gloves by Wuglyees)

      It made me happy to see my blue gloves stepping out into the light! ^_^ Now maybe someone will buy them and take them off my hands...and out of my shop! :-))
      Here's a few of the other items that were in the treasury also!...

(Blue Ceramic Dinner Plates - Set of 4 by christianesutherland)

      All full of color and gorgeous...just like my colorful backyard! :-) And that's the rest of the story...until tomorrow! ^_^ I've got another Etsy treasury to share with you, and a project I'm gonna be working on...crochet...for a baby! :-) See you then!...Have a good and restful...also colorful...Sunday! :-)

Fall Is The Tree

Fall is the tree,
with its colors all set free
in the orange and red you see,
and the golden leaves in the
honey-colored harmony
of a busy bumble bee.

Its so beautiful that we
don't even have to pay a fee
for the stark tranquility
that just fills our heart with glee.

Fall is the tree,
and it makes us hit our knee,
and thank God so humbly
for the unlocked door and key
to our visual memory.
All the other seasons flee,
but the fall is the tree.


  1. I'll take Fall over the white stuff any day! Burrrr! Hurts just looking at it! I have noticed the roses are hanging in there this year!

    1. Me too, Kelly! ^_^ ...But it'll get to us eventually...unfortunately. But it's not here now! LOL Now...we have colorful leaves!!

  2. I'm lovin' the fall colors myself! Yes...rain. But we are seeing sunshine now. What a beautiful day its been! What a priceless privilege to be a part of the annual meeting too! What a generous God we worship!! :D

    1. They're just beautiful, aren't they?! :-) But the rain is doing a job on the joints and muscles!...OUCH! >_< And I can't talk about the annual meeting yet, but W-O-W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^


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