Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Is This An Etsy Rant...Or Not?!

     Hello!...AARGH!!!...And yes, I'm starting already!!! ^_^ I turned on the computer about...well...what seems like 80 years ago!...and it was running soooooooooo sllllllllooooooooooowwwwwww! Then a box popped up...'important updates' needed to happen...18 of them!! O_O
     YIKES!...So needless to say, it took a while! :-)) Now I'm back in...and hmmmm...what am I gonna talk about?! O_O Let's see......I got nothing! LOL...I had to share the beads (in the header photo) though! They caught my eye first thing this morning....first thing when I could actually go to Etsy, I mean.
   Now I've got to go and get some some studying...etc. But I wanted to talk about something that has been on my mind lately. And no...I'm not talking about the government shutdown...Katy Perry's new 'Roar' video...or the moose that's been roaming through one of our neighborhood towns! O_O ***who knows what's up with that!! O_O This isn't moose country around here!***
    No...what I wanted to talk about is Etsy's new operating procedures. As of January it appears that some new rules are gonna be in place. O_O I've seen that a LOT of Etsians are really upset about it!!
     It seems that the fact that you'll be able to hire whoever you want for your shop, and even get some upsetting people...extremely so!! People are worried that our little 'handmade' community is gonna start being more like Ebay and other sites!
     I'm not sure...yet...what to think about it! I mean...right now it doesn't really bother me if people out-source to a company to make the T-shirts that they use to put their 'handmade' drawings, or whatever, on!...Should it bother me?! O_O Maybe after I see what it does for Etsy searches (meaning whether my Wuglyees shop becomes invisible!), and if sales stop...more than they've already stopped I mean. Aargh!...Anyway, I think I'll have an opinion about it then! But, as of right now, I'm not understanding all of the 'hoopla' and 'jumping of ship'!! O_O
    I'm more concerned that because of all of the 'fixing' of things, my shop has been offline sorta....MESSING WITH MY CUSTOMERS BEING ABLE TO FIND ME!!! Grrrrrr!....AARGH! I think if Etsy just hurries up and leaves well enough alone...we'll all be fine!...but only time will tell!
       Was that what they call a 'rant'?! O_O If so....consider today's rant OVER! :-)) Proceed to the pretty Etsy hat, and autumn leaf!...

     ^_^ And have a good day, Everybody!...I'll be here talking about something else tomorrow....What?!....Stay tuned!! LOL


You can build a reputation,
build a fire, build a stair;
You can build a neighborhood,
build a table, build-A-Bear!

You can build a layered cake,
build some buildings, build a boat;
You can build a website business,
build relationships remote.

You can build vocabulary,
build up friendships old and new.
Build up globe-ular relations
if you really wanted to.

You can build upon your knowledge,
build a table, bridge, or train;
build a step into the future,
or just shelter from the rain.

You can build an awesome snowman,
and not waste him. Make a cone!
Or can build up folks around you,
so they never feel alone.

All this building talk,
shows the things that you can make
if you build a wordy poem...
and you also stay awake!


  1. Hi Deb, Yes I do have my Etsy shop open buy I don't have that much in it, Once the wood stove gets put in I should also have my craft space all situated and should have more time to post things in my shop. I too wonder what the new changes on Etsy will do to our little shops. I will wait and see too. My pinky looks and feels better so I don't think I broke it. Just still really swollen. Have a good day!!!

    1. Hello, Velma!...I'm glad to hear you're still hanging in there with the Etsy shop. Although I also know how tough it is to get sales nowadays. Ugh! Even the .20 cents listing fee gets to be a bit much after a while! Hopefully the new changes at Etsy will help things pick up a bit. Or at least I hope so!...I'm not holding my breath though. :-) .. Glad that your pinky feels better too! Keep it stuck out when you drink tea! ^_^

  2. Your rant is a common one right now. I have a Zibbet shop opened because someone asked me to try it. She prefers purchasing from Zibbet and yes, they do let you list for nothing and take no cut when you sell. That's awesome! BUT it doesn't get exposure like Etsy. So I'm keeping my shop on Etsy too and we'll see what happens. It is VERY slow on Etsy with all the "improvements!" I don't know who's benefiting from's certainly not me (or you I guess). I do know that if something doesn't change soon, I may be forced to retire. I can't afford to keep paying fees and get nothing in return. My time and money is far more valuable than that as you know. So we'll see. So there's MY rant for the day too!
    Now that's over....I loved those beads!! Can't buy them though since I don't sell anything anymore. I love that hat too! Same reason I can't buy it. :D
    Take care...enjoy your study with our new beautiful Bible and have a great evening too!

    1.'re officially on Zibbet, huh?! Well, I hope it sells for you. I'm sticking and hanging in with Etsy for now...The truth is...I don't wanna even promote that much for Etsy! Two shops mean more time online. And for someone who has to spend a lot of time just making product, I can't afford the time online. What I need is an employee! ^_^ Thankfully Etsy allows me to have one now! LOL So as soon as I get my million dollars dropped at my doorstep...Ha!...I'll be hiring!! ^_^ It may actually be that you and I are retiring around the same time!! LOL Have a good night, Bead. See you tomorrow. ♥


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