Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I May Be Losing My Ability To Talk...!

      Big News!...I think I'm losing my 'talker' ability! O_O Are you shocked?!...Surprised to hear me say that?!...Unimpressed?!....Don't care?! ^_^ WHATEVER!!! LOL
      Okay...so maybe it's not that big of a news event. But hey!...it 'is' a concern! At least for me...I'm finding that I have to make myself focus these days to want to talk about anything! I'd much rather just sit quietly and crochet...or if I can't crochet...just listen to Bible and magazine readings or music!
      Don't get me wrong...I still like talking... CLEARLY ^_^... but just not talking the way I used to talk...you know...sticking to a subject. No. I'm wanting to talk more randomly. More 'fly-by-the-seat-of-my-britches' kinda talking! LOL...you know...like this! ^_^
      Maybe the reason is because there seems to be so much less that's good and 'smile-worthy' to talk about in my life right now....Yeah. That definitely could be it! O_O I mean, who wants to giggle and talk through daily sickness, friends dying, lack of funds to pay bills, government shutdowns that hijack your income, and food supplement programs that tell you that your barely getting by is not looking poor enough for them to help you out...YET?!! O_O 
      Yeah!...That's it. I just don't wanna come to the blog and complain all day every day! That's not how I roll! ^_^ I get on with it!!!...I talk to the person I know can do something about it... :-) ...and I wait for the 'good' to flow back into my 'talkability'! :-) I know it'll happen. I just have to give it some time.
       In the meantime I'm fighting the inner pressure to just stop blogging all together until things get more 'smile-worthy', :-( and instead...I've made up my mind to keep trying to get some traffic to my 'cricket sounding' playground of an Etsy shop (Wuglyees)! Ugh! Sales are practically non-existent! And I can't afford to keep renewing items and promoting, with no equalizing going on even!
      But, as long as I'm here, and as long as Etsians keep creating, I'll keep talking about that!...at least. :-] ... And I'll keep showing off their flowers! :-) ... 

      ...and their hand-painted candle holders! :-) ...

      ...and their owl-shaped soaps! :-) ...

      By the way, I need to ask...is my hither and yon talking bugging YOU?! O_O I'm talking to Y-O-U, blog reader!!....Hello!...Is anybody out there?! LOL...Uhhhh...maybe you don't care!! LOL...Got Ya!

      Before I take off I wanted to show you the cool...CHEAP!...flowers I bought the other day!...Less than $5.00 for all of them!!...     

      I saw them and thought: "Ooooo! Those would look so cool on some brooch keychains or something!!"...Then my clicker finger did it's thing! ^_^ ... and I got them over the weekend!...

      They're really pretty! :-) ... but two things bother me about them...and it's TOTALLY my fault!...they're bigger than I thought they were gonna be (I didn't check the size. I just looked at the picture....DUH!)...

      ...and they don't have a hole in them to put a needle through! O_O Now what am I gonna do with them?! O_O Any suggestions would be appreciated...like maybe one of you taking them off of my hands for a while....and...you know...maybe drilling a hole in them for me, or attaching some kind of button-hookie-loopie-thingee on the backs of them! LOL...THANK YOU! ^_^ And if any one of you 'is' really willing to do this for me, I'll make you three crochet flowers of your choice!! :-) That's a good barter, right?! ^_^
      Okay...random talking for today...OVER! But as you can see, I 'am' still talking!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

I Like To Talk

I like to talk;
I like to gab;
I like a girlfriend
free confab!

I like to chat;
I like to speak;
I find that words
are what I seek.

I like the chatter
of a crowd;
Not in a whisper,
but out loud.

But, please no talking
while you chew.
{Speaking does 
have manners too!}

I like the noise
that utterance does.
The constant
conversation buzz.

Maybe I need a
word-free diet;
No! I could not
withstand the quiet!

So, I will talk;
Oh yes! I'll dabble
in a constant
lingo babble.


  1. Welcome to my world of menopausal bliss! Concentrate???? What's that all about......oh did you see that bird? LOL
    I love your flowers you bought. I always forget to check the size before I .... what was I saying? Oh, yeah....before I purchase too, and end up with a size I'm not sure I can use.....
    Can you poke a hole in them? They're just polymer clay. May be worth a try.
    As for crickets in your shop....I think MY crickets are multiplying at a fast pace and moving on over to your shop. LOL "Slow" is a 4 letter word!!! So is "dead" and so is .... what was I saying? :D
    Anyway...crochet to your hearts content and don't worry if you don't feel like doing a blog everyday. You don't have to. I do enjoy reading them, although I don't always comment.

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha!...You make me laugh, talking about the memory and focus thing! I know it well!!!! LOL...Menopause....YUCK! ^_^ And thanks for the nice words, and advice, about the polymer clay! In fact, the person that sold them to me just told me the same thing in a convo...about maybe sticking a hole in them with a pin. I'm gonna try that tomorrow...when I can see! O_O The sun is going down so soon now!...And coming up so much later!!...*blink! blink!*...And about the sale...I couldn't hardly believe it when I popped over to the shop and saw it!! LOL It's been days!!...And it'll probably be a whole lot of days before another one! LOL I'll keep 'pluggin' along' though. What else do I have to do?!...count my piles and piles of money?! LOL Ha!....NOT!!...I will be talking though. :-]

  2. Deb, I read your blog every day it's just that I at this point really make time to just read. Today I mowed the lawn, got more plywood laid in the attic so that I can get the living room cleared up to get the wood stove in before it gets to cold. I've been busy looking for a job also. At the end of the day I just sit and craft for the sake of my sanity and try to heal the bruises that I have gotten while in a hurry to get everything done. Today though I don't think that it is just a bruise I may have broken my pinky. I will see how it looks and feels tomorrow. I hate getting old. Keep calm and keep blogging. :-)

    1. Hi Velma! :-) Whew!...It sounds like you've really got your hands full, now that you're in your new place!...Do you still have your Etsy shop open?! (I ask because you said you were still crafting.) And 'WHOA!'...a broken pinky is nothing to think light of! It's strange how having a little digit like the pinky hurt can change how you have to do EVERYTHING!...Been there/Done that!! LOL...Ans I'm "SOOOOO" with you about the getting old thing!....UGH!....UGH!....UGH!!!! ^_^ Okay...I hope you get your wood stove in without any more incidents!!...Have a good day, Vel!


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