Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh Yeah!...I'm Back To My Buttons!!

     I actually did it! I made a brooch with one of my favorite buttons on it! :-) And I actually listed it in my Wuglyees shop too! :-) I hope it sells, but actually...this one was for me! ^_^ And more are coming too! I mean...I can't just let them sit in my 'stash box', can I?!
     This particular flower button...I think...it's worth about $11.00. So, I'm taking a chance putting a higher price on the brooch, in order to cover the price of a button! But hey!...someone besides me may appreciate it, right?!....RIGHT?!! O_O

      Other than my special button...and more buttons to come!...I don't have much to talk about! :-)) ... So, I'm gonna show you a couple of eye-catchers, and get on outta here! ^_^ ...

      Oh Yeah!...I also can show you what I had for breakfast yesterday! :-) ...

      Hubby surprised me with a cornmeal fried pork chop, pasta and cheese, and potatoes and onions!...Frankly, the picture of it doesn't look that great! But it was DE-delicious!!! ^_^ Considering that I wasn't physically feeling all that great...it was a perfect 'feel-good' kinda surprise! :-] ... I wonder what's in store for me this morning!!...Would it be too much to wish for cornmeal fried catfish?! ^_^ ... Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Eclectic Tastes

I've got eclectic tastes.
Yes I do! That's what I said!
I'm not afraid of being different,
Country raised and city bred.

If it's pretty, then I'm in,
but just as fast I can be out,
because I don't like what the hoopla
about some things is all about!

I think different can be cool,
in many colors, not just white.
And not just worn by 'one such person',
with a body shape just right.

It's good to have 'eclectic' tastes,
and to just be who 'you' are!
But be careful, because 'eclectic'
quickly can become 'Too Far'!!


  1. I love your new brooch Wug!! Thanks for featuring my necklace. I love this one too! Happy sales to you! :D

    1. Awwwww! Thank you, Cindy! :-] I'm so glad to get some feedback about it...although I'm a one man 'like it' band all by myself! LOL And it was my pleasure sharing your beautiful necklace!!...Happy sales to you too!!

  2. The brooch is so beautiful


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