Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What Trends Will The Upcoming November Bring?!

      Yeah, I know what you're saying..."Uhhhh...we're not even through October yet, Wug!" :-)) Yes, I know. But when you get a convo email from someone who has so very nicely included your crochet boutonniere in their online gallery (Etsy treasury ^_^) entitled 'November Trends', and you're featured along with other 'fabu' Etsians, then you don't think about the fact that it's only half way through October!! ^_^ You just say: "Thank You!" and get to writing a blog post to show off some gratitude!! LOL
      Therefore, consider yourself invited to November! ^_^ ...

      Just click on the above treasury photo to head over and check out each individual Etsy shop....It will be well worth it! :-) I 'do' wanna know what the trends are for November, right?! ^_^

      I love that my crochet flower was considered a part of the trend for November! :-) And I'm even more pleased to see that these shoes were included too!...

      So cool! :-) It's almost as if Jane Austen's inspiration is still around! :-] Now if only we could bring back the flowy, and bustley, dresses!! Oooooh! They could hide a multitude of sins! LOL
    Okay...that's all I got! ^_^ Now I'm off to stare out the window...The colors are so pretty in the morning light! :-] ... Have a good day, Everybody!

Trendy Seasons

I don't always care for trends.
I like when things just stay the same.
My attire needs no branding.
On my famous name.

But when it's seasons that are changing
trending snow, then rain, then "FLASH!",
I love the leaves with hues a plenty,
'Trendy' backyard color splash!


  1. I would probably need a corset with any old fashioned dresses! I think I would wear those boots with jeans instead! November will be here before you know it. This year has flown by. Hope the November trends sell tons of your creations! Have a good rest of this week!

    1. Uhhhhh...I could do without the corset, Yaya!! ^_^ I'm trying to loosen it out...not tighten it up!! LOL...And if you wear the boots with jeans, whose gonna see 'em?! ^_^ Nah! They need a nice mid-shin skirt or something! :-) And I sure hope November does bring some sales, because it's been 'bare bones' around here for October...and before that too!! O_O Anyway...have a good week, Yaya!


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