Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm Just Hanging Around Today...How About You?!

     Yeah...I know it's 'pancake Sunday', but I'm 'too through' with pancakes right now...In other words, I'm 'too through' with spending hours itching after I eat any bread products! :-) Well...I still eat it, but just not on purpose!
     "What do you mean, Poetesswug?!"...Well, I'll tell ya! LOL I had pizza yesterday...delicious 'Uno's' pizza...with sausage, and cheese, and peppers, and tomatoes, and...and....*itching*...and...*more itching*...and...*AARGH!...MORE ITCHING!!!*...*sigh*...I was sooooo craving the pizza, and I hadn't been itching for quite a while now, and......I had forgotten I wasn't suppose to be eating bread products...of which, F.Y.I., pizza crust is a bread product!! O_O
      So I spent part of my evening scratching, drinking lots of water, and trying to focus past all of the itching!...*Ugh!*...Anyway!...and don't think I'm crazy! ^_^...but now we have leftover pizza in the house...and...the pizza 'pre-itch' was soooooo good that...yes I am!... I'm debating with myself about how much itching I can actually take!! LOL...

      Is it any wonder that I'm just gonna be hanging around a sloth?!...but with a little movement to scratch myself ^_^ Obviously the itching is not that serious...just aggravating. And I'm an expert in dealing with aggravation!! LOL

      Moving on.....! ^_^ 

      I just wanted to share a few 'cuties' from my Etsy search!...

      Every item seems like it would have a great story!...The long comfortable dress to hide flat shoes, that you wanted to wear for that dress-up occasion, instead of 3-inch heels!...The crochet snowman you could keep as a reminder of your favorite winter...instead of a ball of snow put in the freezer that would turn into a hard ice ball anyway!...and so forth and so on. ^_^
      And then there's this item...

      This cup doesn't have to have a story...but it does! :-) And it's a story I love..."Pride and Prejudice"!! There was a television marathon of it on yesterday! :-) Great stuff to scratch your itches by!! ^_^ But I'm gonna find something more positive to do with my time today!...if I can avoid the pizza leftovers I mean...Maybe I should just stick to 'green' foods! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! :-)


Beans, asparagus,cabbage and frogs,
cucumbers, shamrocks, and moss on old logs.

Leaves, trees, and tangy mint jam,
Dr. Seuss stories of green eggs and ham.

Grasshoppers, apples, and new lawn-cut grass,
tropical waters and thick bottled glass.

 Pistachio, collards, and yes...Money too!
And don't forget envy. It's green when you stew!

Ecologically aware, reusably clean,
Or you don't know anything. They both are called "green".

A color, a feeling, a veggie, all fun!
And also my favorite color is one! 


  1. Good morning my "itchy" friend! I guess I would sacrifice "itch" for pizza! Who can turn it down!!! Anyway, enjoy your day and your meeting.

    Love the finds!

    1. Hello, my friend! ^_^ It's late afternoon for me now though...and I'm 'itch-free'!! LOL The meeting was great, and so was that WT!! WE ARE LOVED! :-] Enjoy your evening, and I'll catch up with you sometime tomorrow. ♥

  2. This is a charming blog! Thanks for including my sloth mug!

    1. Awwww!...Thanks, Hadley! :-] And sharing your sloth mug 'made' the post today!! ^_^ So it was 'MY' pleasure!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my Mr Darcy mug - much appreciated. I enjoyed seeing the other featured designs too :-)

    1. It was entirely my pleasure!! :-) I LOVE 'Pride and Prejudice' so much!! In fact I watched it again yesterday!! :-)) Thanks for stopping by!


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