Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thinking Of New........!

      Hello!...You probably noticed that my post title didn't say 'one word' about pancakes! :-] That's because I'm trying to go in a new direction...'pancake free' least for now! In fact, 'new direction' is what's on my mind almost all the times these days.
      I'm thinking about new direction in my Etsy shop...maybe in the direction of making baby clothes...Yes! The same baby clothes direction I've been trying to avoid forever! LOL I'm thinking about it though, because I've been getting a lot of requests about whether I made this or that for babies, and if I would please make this or that for their little one!...Hmmmm...You don't have to hit 'me' over the head with a hammer!! ^_^ So.....I'm seriously thinking about it. I'll keep you posted.
      I'm also thinking about new in terms of the city...New York City! :-) I have fond memories, and friends, and family there. And lately all of the above...memories, friends, and family...have been on my mind a lot!...

      Things are changing so fast in the world, aren't they?!...Thankfully, not all of the changes have been bad. :-) Some have been very, very good in fact...New! a good way!...I'm not gonna get into the details too much, but suffice it to say that all of my fond memories are keeping me in a kind of low-key mood. 

      Speaking of low-key, hubby and I spent almost all of our Saturday listening to the Jehovah's Witness Convention, on tape (or DVD, MP3, I don't know what-ING LOL!!). Because of my health a few months back, at the time of the summer convention, we weren't able to actually attend. :-( So, we were given the tapes of the 3-day event, and we have been listening to every wonderful spiritual morsel!!! :-)
      I wish I could share it with all of you, but I can't! ^_^ I'm sure you can get tons of the information on the website you haven't been there, do yourself a favor and GO! :-] There's tons of info on every subject imaginable!! There's even audio recordings and downloads!!...Also NEW stuff!! :-) ... Okay. Enough 'jabbering on'! :-))
      Back to 'New'!...

      I got a new sale in my Wuglyees Etsy shop this morning! :-] That happens so 'few and far between' nowadays that I can't help but get excited about it!! ^_^ ... Although, I must admit, I'm fighting the desire to hang up a 'Gone Fishin' sign!! LOL...

      With the economy the way it is these days, very few people seem to wanna spend money on 'unessentials'...and I totally understand! So I've got to figure out how to make some new...'essential!...items! ^_^ That's why I'm mentally playing with the idea of baby clothes and items.
      Anyway!! :-) ... I've got a 'new' Sunday meeting to attend right now...Oooo! I'm running very late!!! O_O ... Catch up with you later!!...Oh Yeah!...Have a good day, Everybody!! :-)

Some Days

Some days the things that happen
leave you craving for some more.
Some days the things that happen
heave you running for the door.

Some days it's good to know
that you are stronger than you think.
Some days it's good to know
your eyes will automatically blink.

Some days you need some color
because you're done with black and white.
Some days the color comes
and flies you higher than a kite!

Some days just leave you wanting
something more and something new,
while others make you happy
that you do the things you do!
And make you happy you are 'YOU'! 

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