Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In Case You Were Wondering.....

      I 'am' still crocheting! :-) I haven't been talking about it that much because I haven't been doing that much of it!...just my usual replacement boutonniere flowers, with an occasional custom color one thrown in.
      I haven't gotten the pattern and yarn for the little custom baby sweater vest yet, but I will be working on that soon....I think! :-] In the meantime, I'm just trying to think of different ways to sell my little flowers....while also trying to figure out my itching situation! O_O
      Speaking of which, I slept very well last night!...on some sheets from the back of the drawer...ones we don't rotate into the weekly sheet change. :-)) I'm trying EVERYTHING to figure out why I keep itching!! O_O I have to, my skin is starting to turn on me! It's getting red and sore in places, because of my endless scratching!!
      I think I may be onto the reason now though, because I found out last night that my hubby changed detergents on me without me knowing it!...He does the laundry around here. ♥...and he says he was so excited because he found some new detergent that says it's perfume free and so forth!...O_O...Yeah!....It does 'say' that!...but there must be something else in it I'm allergic to!...*sigh*...My poor hubby...His attempts to help me out are not being rewarded..."Sorry Honey. I love you anyway! :-] I know how big your heart is!" :-)

      Anyway!!!....Let me show you my new flower set...or should I say 'sets'!...

      Notice that I put the butterfly clutch pins on the back of these. That means that they can be used for a man's suit lapel...OR...a woman can use them anywhere! :-) ... on a coat...a dress sash...a headband...a scrunchy.....WHEREVER!!! ^_^

     Is it wrong that I love the versatility of my little flowers?!....It is?! O_O ... Well, just call me WRONG then! ^_^ Cuz I love them!!! LOL
        The good thing is that I don't just love my own creations...I love everybody's! ^_^ Sometimes I do wish that I was the one that thought up some of the cute creations that people make though!...like this clutch!...

      I've crocheted this kind of pattern on blankets, so why didn't I think of doing it on a purse or clutch?!....I know why, because AnnaLela thought of it!! LOL 
     I did think of these though! ^_^...

      They're a set of boutonniere flowers with a white center! :-) ...

      They'll be in my Wuglyees shop later today. :-]

      And in case you were wondering if I ever still see things on Etsy that are unique and that make me smile...the answer is a definite "YES!" :-) ...

       It's a crocheted fireman's hat for a little one! :-) ...

      You're smiling too right now, aren't you?! ^_^

      Okay...while I'm still smiling, and not scratching, let me go and get me some breakfast and get to the rest of today's 'To Do' list. I'm not in a hurry though. It's not going anywhere! ^_^...But by the time I get to it, I'm sure it'll be productive...I hope your day is productive too!! Have a good one, Everybody! :-]

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!

Scurry, scurry, scurry!
Hurry up to go nowhere.
Rushing, rushing, rushing!
Faces with that worried glare.

Bob and weave and dart!
Pulling children by the arm.
Scurry, scurry, scurry!
As if they heard a smoke alarm!

Flitting here and there,
in and out, up and down.
They wake up and they're going
from the time feet hit the ground.

Speeding everywhere,
at an aggravated pace.
Pushy and annoying,
as if they are in a race.

So, really, what's the hurry?
Slow it down. Find a chair.
Is it time that you are chasing?
Because it still will be right there!


  1. Wow, that's a big surprise! And the best thing is the context you found my heart suitable for, that's great!
    Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

    1. Awwww!...It was entirely my pleasure, Bozena! :-] It's a beautiful heart!...Thanks for stopping by with such nice words too! ♥


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