Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Little Dancing...And A Little Nibble! :-)

       Happy Saturday, Everybody! :-) ... Yes!...I'm up, and in a good mood! :-) That's because I'm still hearing music in my head from my 'virtual' date last night!! :-) ... We went to Texas...and did some line-dancing!!! ^_^
      Oh! don't know what line-dancing is?! O_O Okay...look at the video below...

      We had so much fun!!! :-) We listened to old songs we haven't heard in a long time, and 'boogied' like boogie-ing was going outta style!! LOL...Now I'm all smiles, and about to sing my way into a busy Saturday! ^_^

      Before I go off to start the day though, I wanted to show you how much more colorful the backyard has gotten 'over-night'!!!...

      Is that unbelievable, or what?!!! :-) And trust me, the photos are not doing the backyard scenery any justice!! It's just 'beauty' as far as the eye can scan! :-]

     Speaking of 'beauty'...I saw a beauty of a baking pan being talked about on one of my favorite television shows yesterday (The Chew)...Or, at least that's where I think I saw it! O_O My memory is kinda scanty these days! LOL
     Anyway!! :-)) ... It's called a Nibble Pan. It's a cake pan with a little silicone sidecar for baking a small amount of batter alongside the full cake! :-) ...

      What a great idea!!! :-) And why didn't I think of it years ago?!...I mean, I bake!....I eat cake!....I LOVE cake, in fact!! :-) ...I've even been known to 'nibble' while other people were baking cake!!! LOL
       The Kitchn(dot)com said: "...Having a mini cake would not only let you taste your creation before serving it to others, it would let you test out different frosting combinations, or provide a small treat to anyone in the house driven crazy by the scent of warm cake..."...

      Oh, the friends I could've saved from 'cake starvation'!!!! LOL...And for anybody wanting to know, the Nibble Pan is only $21.99!! I think you can order one on this site.

      Okay...I'm almost done, with my Happy Saturday self!! ^_^ But two more items I just have to share! :-) ...

      The watch was my clue to SKEDADDLE on outta here!!! LOL...Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!...and a good weekend too! :-)


The sun is peeking through.
Its beam is flowing to the ground.
The Autumn at it's new peak,
and the leaves are fluttering down.

A baby girl's joyous laughing,
legs and arms kicking everywhere.
A mother, when she's  nursing,
playing with her baby's  hair.

The gentle rain, when falling
on a southern old tin roof.
A toddler's gap-faced grinning,
when they've  lost their first front tooth.

A man with long, bow legs,
walking slowly down the street.
A colorful spring flower,
visited by a bumble bee.

A person who is kind,
and smiles at everyone they meet.
An artist's painted picture,
with the last brush stroke complete.

An "I love you" that's said
just because they wanted to;
and the person that gives hugs
when they hear an "I love you".
(And there's  other beauty too.)

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