Saturday, October 12, 2013

We Found Some More Dinosaur Tracks!...But Guess Where?!

      I've told you a million least!...that Fall/Autumn is my favorite season of the year. And guess what?!...get ready for time number one million and one! ^_^ I LOVE FALL!!
      Yesterday I told you that I was gonna see if I could get hubby to go around town and take some Fall foliage pictures to show you. far he's only gotten as far as the backyard! ^_^ Something stopped him in his 'tracks'...*that was a hint.* :-)) I'll show you in a moment.
      We woke up to another dark morning...*I miss the early morning sunrises...*sigh*...The light was just barely starting to come through the trees... was kinda dark, but it wasn't raining! So I'm good with it! ^_^ It was just the right kinda weather to kick your husband out of bed for! LOL I sent him on an adventure into our backyard... go exploring and searching for Fall color! :-) ...

      There were golds and reds everywhere! :-) The early morning sunlight acted like a sweeping spotlight for it!...

      But then, as he ventured further into the woods, he came across something else!!! you remember a while two years ago!...when hubby stopped beside the Connecticut river on his way home and took some photos of the dinosaur tracks in our town?!...No?!...I shared it in THIS blog post.
      Well, guess what?!...He found some more!...or one more, (depending on how many footprints there are on the actual rock!)...But this time he found it right in our to speak! O_O ...

    He came back in the house all excited to show me the pictures...And when I put my glasses on, focused my lazy right eye...(it could be lazy because it's been trying to talk the other crusty eye into co-operating! LOL)...and turned the picture right-side-up, THERE IT WAS!!! :-) A dinosaur print!...out in the woods of our backyard!!!...

     Who knew?!!!!! O_O We sure didn't!!!...Should we call the historical society or something?!...Or did the previous residents already do that?!...There's no markings on it or anything...not like the ones over by the river!!! O_O ...

      Soooooo exciting!! ^_^ I'll never look at my backyard the same again!!...Although, I confess that the Fall color might make me forget about the dinosaur tracks...or track...for at least this season! ^_^...

      The closer you look, the more beautiful, and vibrant, the colors are! :-) ...

      But even when you back up a bit....I mean like waaay.....waaaaaay.....back!...the color and awe makes you take a deep breath!...

       Here comes number one million and two!....I LOVE FALL!!! ^_^ And we're not even at peak season yet. That'll be next week!...Yep! Get ready for more photos...if I can kick my hubby out from back there where the dinosaur tracks are! LOL
       Have a good weekend, Everybody!! :-)

Footprints of the Dinosaur

They've left a giant footprint;
Solid proof that they were here.
Imagining their size evokes
a prehistoric fear.

Big toes encased in slate,
holding water for the small.
A permanent reminder,
holding stories for us all.

Who can tell their story?
There's no one that we can meet.
No poet dinosaur.
No one with their big shoeless feet.

They've walked a path through time,
and left their footprints everywhere.
And we can turn the corner
and embrace them...if we dare!

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