Tuesday, October 22, 2013

:-O Oooooos!....Ahhhhhhhhs!.....and Smiles!

      Ahhhhhhh!...Finally, a good night's sleep!...although I woke up a little after four a.m. this morning!! :-)) It was still good though, because I fell asleep at around two in the afternoon! O_O I only got up for a couple of hours, and then I was right back down!...Sometimes, for the sake of sanity and rest, you have to let the body go where the body wants to go!!
      But, seeing as I'm all rested and in a fairly good mood...even though I got some bad news last night of a friend's mom dying... :-( ...I thought I'd just share some things that you all could Ooooo, Ahhhhh, and smile about! :-) I started with the twin calves in the header photo! ^_^ ...

      I loved the retro feel of this one (below)!...

      And I just simply LOVED these (below)!! :-) ...

      Now for the Ahhhhhh...and the 'Goodbye!' ...

      I hope you enjoyed it, and that you can just let go and enjoy the rest of your day...like I'm gonna try to do too! :-)

Let Go

Ever against the tide we row,
fighting our self, with bent elbow.
(Releasing feelings, tucked inside,
hidden because of foolish pride.)

Fighting just to stay the course.
Using every ounce of force.
(Dreaded emotions pushing through,
trying to get the best of you.)

Waves of feelings swirling round.
Fighting hard to keep them down.
(They're  seeping out on every curve.
Letting them-takes lots of nerve.)

Open quick, your tight-clenched palm.
Feel the water's  quiet calm.
(Released emotions-held too long,
now are righting every wrong.)


  1. Beautiful Finds...I want all of these..thank you so much for the feature!! :)

    1. I'm glad you liked the finds, Lucy! :-)

  2. The dress reminded me of my youth..I would have worn it then..now..hmmm...my thighs say no way! That goes for the leggings too! Ha! But they are darn cute! Hope you get a good nights rest tonight too and enjoy your day..we're heading in for some..wait, I'm going to use that "S" word...snow tomorrow! Just flakes but I can't believe it's here already...darn it!

    1. Yes, Yaya, the dress was a reminder of my youth too...but I 'did' wear it! LOL And many others similar to it...in my youth. NOT now! ^_^ And FYI, I did get a good night's sleep. YAY!...Snow is suppose to be coming our way too...soon. They said it would be today, but I'm watching the morning weather right now and there's no mention of it. O_O Even so, I know it's only a matter of time!!...Ugh!


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