Thursday, October 17, 2013


      I don't usually do blogs where I talk about products that I've used...Well, sometimes I talk about it, but not in terms of recommending something!...And let me say right now, I don't represent the companies of the products I'm gonna talk about today. In fact, they have no idea I'm writing this blog!...but I 'HAVE TO' talk about them!
      Before I go there though, let me say: "Ahhhhhhhh!"...I finally got my pork chops for dinner! ^_^ ...

       I've been craving them FOREVER it seems...I don't know why...Well, I know why, but it's not a rocket science answer. I'm a hormonally 'changing' girl now! ^_^ Craving comes with the territory! LOL...

     They were yummy!!!...And the whole kernel corn and home fries made it a 'comfort food' extravaganza!! ^_^ When it all was gone I was full...and happy! :-) And that, my dear people, is the point, isn't it?!...ME...Happy!! LOL

       Moving on! ^_^ ... Something else also made me happy!...and made me, this morning, wake up and go "Ahhhhhhhhh!" It was this...

      It's my new detergent!!! :-) If you've been reading my blog lately, you know that I've been having an 'itching like crazy' issue! hubby found this new detergent to try, because we were suspicious that the other one that we were using (I won't name it, because that wouldn't be nice!) was what was making me itch ridiculously!!...

      When hubby prowled the aisles of the grocery store and saw this "Arm & Hammer", dermatologist tested for sensitive skin, which was also FREE of perfumes and dyes, he said: "That looks like a contender!" :-)
      He brought it home and did a few loads of laundry...including our sheets and pillow cases... 

      When I got up this morning, realizing that I slept throughout the night without waking up once!...and that I wasn't itching!...*blink, blink*....WOOHOO!!!! I think we have a winner!!! :-) ... Had you seen this detergent before?!...Considering the fact that I'm itch free this morning, and that the sheets were so soft...more than usual!...I'm recommending it, Yall!!!!...HIGHLY!...

      I'm also recommending this!...

    Clorox has something NEW!!!...especially for us sensitive skinned itchy types!! LOL...It's Gentle bleach!! WOOHOO!!!!...

      The description on the bottle says it's gentle on fabrics, powerful enough for tough cleaning!...And it's also FREE & CLEAR of perfumes and dyes!!!! :-) ...

      These may be my new best friends now! :-)) ...

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!...I'm relaxed, clean, and not itching!...*blink, blink*.....Okay, now what should I do?!...Read a book?!...Eat something?!...I know!...Go and get my package ready to ship! :-) Yes!...I sold a boutonniere last night! YAY!!!! Keep 'em coming!!!!! ^_^
      You guys have a good day too, Okay! :-)

Read a Good Book?!

Have you read any good books lately?
Have you quietly sat all alone
and thumbed through the word-filled pages,
of a story your mind made it's own?

Have you drifted away to a place
where you almost could smell the sea?
Where you found yourself so out of sorts
that you didn't quite know who to be?

Has a character brought you to tears;
Made you think of a time long since gone?
Have you been so enthralled with a writer
that their every word formed a bond?

Have you learned new things for your future;
Remembered some things from your past;
because of great words put on paper
that made all the memories last?

Have you been so excited to finish
that you restrained the desire to look?
Have you told all your friends about it?
Well, it sounds like you've read a good book!


  1. thanks for sharing my indian corn kitchen photography:)

    1. It was my pleasure, Molly!...It's a beautiful photo!!!...Keep up the good work! And thanks for stopping by. :-)

  2. Hey Missy! You know being a "changing girl" can cause your skin to be itchy. I'm an expert on all the symptoms because I have all of them! LOL. Fun-fun. Those pork chops look so good!

    1. Hi Pammy Sue! :-) Oh how I KNOW!!!...but this was a different kind of itching! 'CRAZY!!!' ^_^ I knew it was an allergic thing, it was just a matter of being allergic to WHAT?!!...The pork chops made me forget! LOL


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