Thursday, October 31, 2013

Boston Red Sox...STRONG!

      Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox!! :-) Yes...I'm kinda biased, seeing as this is my state of Massachusetts' team!...Although I have to make a confession. A baseball team confession. :-) I used to be a New York Yankees fan...*covering my face with my sleeve*
     In fact, shortly after we moved to Massachusetts, when we went back to Connecticut to visit some friends, we got into a discussion with a gentleman who said: "Uh Oh! Now you're gonna have to become Boston Red Sox fans!" O_O I was annoyed at such an assumption.
     I said: "Why do I have to become a Boston Red Sox fan just because I live in Massachusetts?!...I'm a Dallas Cowboys Football fan....and STILL am!...and I've never lived in Dallas Texas!!!"
     Our friend just laughed....and now I know why! ^_^ It's kinda hard living in such a sports driven area...especially Boston!!...and especially Boston after the bombing back a few months ago!...and not be swept over to that state's team pride!...Although, I have to admit, I still like to watch the Yankees!...and, frankly, any team when the game is good!...(Does that mean that I'm not a 'true' fan?! O.O Could be....I'm good with that!)
     But when the team is good!...and the team is from your state!...WOOHOO!!!...

      Congratulations 'Big Papi' (David Ortiz) and the Boston Red Sox!! ^_^ It was a wonderful, wacky, exciting, surprising....*add superlatives here* series!!

      And David Ortiz?!......WOW!...'That boy know he can play some ball!!!!' ^_^ ...

      He deserved the Most Valuable Player award!...for sure!! :-]

      Now...on to my next sport!! LOL Pretty soon it'll be the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the French Open, and the U.S. Open tennis tournaments!!...or basketball (which is just starting), or the football championships, or gymnastics, or horse-back and equestrian trials, etc......You know me!! ^_^
     And in between all of the sports.....CROCHET! real sport!! ^_^ I'm Crochet STRONG too!!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!...You too Boston!!! :-) You might wanna try to get some sleep now! :-)))

Boston Red Sox 2013

2013, Boston Red Sox,
once again, you are the best!
You hit and run, stole and slid,
and did it better than the rest!

You stared down pitchers, and non-fans,
knocked balls high, and deep, and long!
You flexed your muscles and our minds,
and showed us all that you 'are' STRONG!

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