Sunday, November 17, 2013

Baby Sweater and Hat...But No Frog Legs!

      I love the quietness of Sunday mornings. :-] I love it even more when I'm getting served one of my favorite breakfasts in bed! ^_^ And 'NO!'...I'm not talking about pancakes! LOL I'm still not back in a pancake mood yet. In fact, when I think of pancakes my mind goes something like this...fluffy...sweet...YUM!...bloated...sweaty...exhausted...itchy!!! O_O Bad!...Bad!...Bad pancakes!!! LOL pancakes! ^_^ Instead, hubby served me a delicious feast of fried catfish, scrambled eggs, grits and cheese, and hot green tea with honey and lemon. ^_^ Hmmm...there was something missing...hmmm...I'll think of it in a minute. 
      I have to tell you my other news! :-) My neighbor...the one that has been searching for a pattern and yarn, so that I can hand make a baby outfit for her to give as a gift...found one! :-) It's the one I'm showing you here...

      It's the cutest little baby sweater and hat!! :-) ...

      She doesn't want the mint green though. She bought soft pink yarn...Very pretty. :-) I already started it!...I was gonna try to show you what I've done so far, but it's too dark outside to take pictures...It's raining. O_0 YUCK!!!
      Maybe that why hubby made me such a nice breakfast. He's trying to soothe the aching complaining beast!....Uhhhhh...that would be ME!! LOL And guess what?!...It worked!!! ^_^ I'm a full and happy camper now! No bloating!...No sweating!...No exhaustion!...No itching!! :-)
      The only thing that was missing was....? O_O ...

      Oh Yeah!!!...the frog legs!!! LOL...I'm just kidding. I'm not missing frog legs! ^_^ In fact the only reason I mentioned it was because I saw the three signs (above) and realized that this was my breakfast this morning...all except the frog legs!! ^_^
      And just in case you're wondering...Yes. I have eaten frog legs...but it was a looooooong time ago in a land far, far away...Georgia, to be exact. LOL I had them fried...of course! And, as I remember, they tasted like chicken!! LOL
      Okay...enough silliness! I've got a meeting to get ready for, and a baby sweater and baby hat to work on. :-) Not to mention, I also have a grocery list to write down, some laundry to fold, some expired listings to renew in my Wuglyees Etsy shop, and a few other things...Where does the time go so fast anyway?!!
      Have a good rest of the weekend, Y'all!...I said Y'all because you have to say "Y'all" when your post is including catfish and frog legs!! LOL

Down Home

When I say the words "Down Home"
my deep emotions come alive.
My memories of riding in the car,
heading south on I-95.

I pass right on through New Haven,
and the Washington Bridge flies by;
The "New Jersey Turnpike's" traffic
makes me almost want to cry.

But its when North Carolina's
scenes of country life begin
that "Down Home" becomes a feeling
in which I'm comfortable again.

When I'm close to route I-20,
"South Of The Border" is what I see,
and soon I'm "Down Home", feeling Georgia's
southern hospitality.

There are things about the north
that make me happy that I live there,
but the dirt roads of the south
I seem to need like I need air.

People fishing for their supper,
cooking bass and fried catfish;
On Sunday, rocking on the porch
(What's in the north as good as this?!)

From "Down Home" there's 'salmon patties',
'Beanie Weenies', pone and grits,
country music, rock and soul-
everybody's greatest hits.

But I know that what I'm missing
is more than "Down Home" southern pine;
Its the feelings and emotions
of the Georgia in my mind.


  1. I would have to say "y'all" if I ever had a post with grits in it! My Mother-in-law was from Florida and loved grits...I never did develop a taste for them but they do look good when I see pics of them! That baby sweater is adorable and I also think the cuite in the sweater is adorable too! We're having tons of rain tonight and wind, but no tornados like the rest of the Midwest. Hope your week is a good one!

    1. Ha! Ha!...Yes, Yaya, grits and catfish call for a definite "Y'all"!! ^_^ As to developing a taste for's not the grits that have the taste. It's whatever you put "with" the grits! :-)) Cheese...gravy...steak...catfish...etc.. Grits is sorta like rice, but smaller grains. Can you develop a taste for rice?! O_O I don't know about that. LOL...On to sweater crocheting!! ^_^ Have a good week, Yaya!


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