Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Time To Wrap This Thing Up!

      Good Morning! :-) And yes...I do know that some of you are waaaaaay past morning! But just indulge me a happy 'good morning' just for today, will ya! ^_^ I slept good. My sister's coming to visit today. And I wanna generally be in a good mood today, to counteract the two 'not so good' days I had prior to now!

      The weather is not gonna cooperate with me today, I don't think! It's freeeeeeezing outside! It's in the 20s!! Brrrrr! Thankfully there's still no snow on the ground...yet though. Although there 'is' snow on the ground in the south! O_O I saw on the news that North Carolina and Virginia got snow yesterday!!! WOW! This weather really is wacky!!...Pretty!...but wacky!...

      Maybe we should all be dogs. Then it wouldn't matter what the weather was doing! ^_^ I say that because of the news report about the first dog to climb Mt. Everest! He was with his owner, walking and climbing that mountain, and wagging his tail, as if he was in the Caribbean about to go surfing in the noonday sun!! LOL...

      If I was a dog....if I was a dog I still wouldn't be that gullible about 'the white stuff'!! LOL That stuff is wet...and cold...and COLD!!! ^_^ As I said before, it's look at...but still!!!
      I guess it's time to sell some wintertime wraps! ^_^ ...

      If you're interested in this shawl though (above), you better get it quick! I got an email with a customer asking me how much I'd sell it bottom line. I told her to make me an offer. If she comes back with something reasonable...something that takes into account the time I spent making it, and the fact that it can double as a fancy coat if need'll be sold!! :-)
      But I still have a couple of other warm scarves, etc...

      I have a lot of them that I haven't renewed and put back in the shop yet. I'm not sure if I will either...because to ship them it costs more than the price I'm asking for them, in some cases...depending on how far they're being shipped to!...If you're interested in a scarf of a certain color, just let me know. I'll see what I have.
      For now...with my phone ringing off the hook!...I gotta go! So, y'all have a good day!! I'll update you tomorrow! :-) For now I'll just leave you a little candy to hold you over. ^_^

Candy Rhyme

It's not right...I know,
to start your day with a chocolate face;
But the M&Ms with peanuts
gave my dream such a lovely taste.

It got me really thinking
about the candies of my youth,
like "Pixie Sticks" and "Twizzlers",
WOW! I had such a big 'Sweet Tooth'!

I remember in the playground,
trading candy like a stock.
It's a wonder you never hear
of kids going into "candy shock"!

'Hershey's with almonds',
'Kit Kats' and 'Peanut Bars';
Chocolate 'Reese's cups',
'3 Musketeers' and 'Mars'.

'Pay Days', 'Sugar Babies',
'Nestle's Crunch' and 'Heath Bars' too;
'York Peppermint patties',
because hard candies just won't do.

'Snickers', 'Milky Way',
'Butterfinger', Raisinets';
All that chocolate, good for me,
but not good for household pets!

'Twix', 'Reese's Pieces',
'Almond Joy', and Oh Yeah!, 'Mounds';
'Tootsie Rolls' and 'Whoppers'
I could eat them by the pounds!

'Dove Bar', 'Now or Laters',
'Laffy Taffy', 'Zagnut', 'Skor'.
Okay, I'm gonna stop now,
but there's plenty, plenty more!

Now that I'm grown up
I don't eat candy all the time.
Instead, I have sweet dreams of it,
and write a candy rhyme!


  1. Touch of snow on the ground here and as you said COLD !!!!
    Thanks Cheers! DAle

    1. Enjoy the snow! ^_^ And keep it in your neck of the woods for a bit, will ya! LOL Have a good one, Dale! ♥

  2. Thanks! Now I want candy and i don't have any!! LOL Enjoy your time with your sister and stay warm!!

    1. Ha! Ha!...Sorry....sorta. ^_^ Get a piece of candy, and enjoy it...on me!! LOL


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