Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just A Short Thursday Story!

      Good Morning, Y'all!...Well, Good Morning to those of you who are having morning, I mean! ^_^ I know that some of you are getting ready to start your evening meal, while others are enjoying the afternoon sunshine! ^_^ So, no 'Good Morning' to you!! LOL Good Evening...or Good Day! :-))
      Maybe that's what my problem is this morning...I need some sunshine!...because I'm in a weird mood. O_O I had some funny conversations with the relatives yesterday. Not 'funny...Ha! Ha!'...but 'funny...hmmm?'
      Conversations where you walk away, or pull your ear away...from the phone ^_^...thinking: "What are they thinking?!!!!" O_O I wish I could talk to you about the details, but that would be too much information for a casual, run my mouth, kinda blog post! It would have been telling a story about things that just as well need to be locked in a book...with the key thrown away!! LOL...
      Of course, if you have things that you want hidden, but later wanna find, check out the hollow book jewelry boxes above!...They look so cool! :-)

      What I'm finding in conversations with people lately, is that I'm expecting too much out of them. And when they don't behave in the way I think they should...unselfishly, caring, empathetically...I get 'so' disappointed. I mean, I just want the people I love, to be loving! Is that such a bad thing?! O.O
      On a good note, maybe my congregation and my husband are doing so well at this that it's putting an expectation in my mind that not everyone can fulfill! :-] But, of course, they answer to a higher authority...who also requires a lot out of them in terms of unselfish love, integrity, and faith....Oh, if only everybody had the same standard!!
      Before I go on with this any further, I guess I should also mention that I'm aware that maybe my relatives have an expectation of what 'they' think 'I' should be doing too!...In my opinion it's not realistic! LOL But whatever!!! ^_^ I'll do me!....You do you!!...I happily have a higher authority to answer to! :-) He knows my WHOLE story! :-)
       Have a good day, everybody!...Don't worry, Be Happy!...The End! :-)

Head High, Little Girl

Keep head high, little girl.
And your heart as an open book.
Think good thoughts of who you are,
so other girls can take a look.

Your self esteem, little girl,
should be pumped up wherever you can.
But shouldn't depend on prettiness,
or the sugary words of a man.

Your self esteem needs to be balanced.
Not arrogant or smug at it's core.
For the sun does not rise and set on you,
but nor is garbage dumped at your door.

So keep head high, little girl.
And your heart as an open book.
Your self esteem will then be lifted,
and the whole world will take a look.


  1. We live in a weird world. Conversations are different these days, I think. I can't tell you how many times I've walked away from a conversation scratching my head! Huh? But, I'm sure, people walk away from me doing the same things.
    It won't be long and we WILL live in a world where everyone has the same standards!! Yay! Hang on my friend and enjoy your day! We have a bit of sunshine today.....sending it your way!

    1. I can't wait to see the sunshine from your direction!! ^_^ It's dark...dark....dark! I can almost smell the rain!! Ugh!...And yep! Head-scratching conversations are getting more and more 'normal' these days!!! CRAZY!!!...Eve so, I am gonna have a good day!! I AM!!! LOL You have one too, my friend! ♥


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