Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Day For Smiles...And Large Umbrellas?!

      I'm gonna start this blog post off by saying that I hope all of you are dry...having no torrential rains coming down on your head, I mean! ^_^...and that you're cozy by a fire somewhere, or sitting at your kitchen table with a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, looking out the window at birds or squirrels flitting here and there, or sniffing at the cooking cornbread chilli smell wafting through the morning air....Oh wait! That would be ME! ^_^ could also be like me!...staring into a backyard full of wet (pictures below), while intermittently looking up and down at the tiny crochet flower pins I'm making for a dear friend. A little thank you for gifts galore of late. ♥ ... I love my friends, and their big spiritually secure hearts!!! :-]

      Before I show you my dreary backyard though, let me say a big thank you to Jocelyn for including my flower pin in her new Etsy treasury!...

      Wuglyees thanks you!...and I thank you!! :-) And I'm sure all of the other shops listed in the treasury thank you too...just saying!...without permission to represent!....just saying that too! ^_^

      Anyway!...on a late November day in Massachusetts, what does the sky look like?!...

      ...It looks like it's raining! LOL And it looks like it's raining so much that if your umbrella isn't big enough you might get slammed in the head with a cat or a dog!!!...cuz it's 'raining cats and dogs'!! LOL
      But is there happiness about this storm of rain, wind, and wintry snow mix?!....Yes there is!....I'm sure.....SOMEWHERE!...But not in the Wug household!!! LOL...I'm sure there are Massachusetts' kids somewhere smiling in gleeful spurts about prospects of snow boots, hats, gloves, snowmen, snowball fights, snow sleds, and toboggans!...or at the very least, galoshes! ^_^ ... Good for them!!!...My aching joints beg to differ!!! LOL
       Rain crab that I am though, I do love looking at the rain on the backyard lawn when it looks like this! :-) ...

      But I'm not the only one that doesn't wanna be out there in it!!!...

      We found our 'woolly moth' friend cowering on the patio. Either the wind blew him here, or he was running in slow motion away from the rain...and didn't make it far. ^_^ Either way, welcome to the backyard my bushy friend! ^_^ And don't worry, if you lose any hair, with my new hormonal situation and hair growing in all manner of wrong places, I'll be happy to share a few strands...or hundreds!!! LOL

        Oh yeah, I guess I should say, by way of full disclosure, that the WHOLE backyard isn't that happy about all of this rain!!...

      Hubby's little flower bed and gardening section is taking a royal beating!!!...

       I just won't look at that part any more today! ^_^...
 to finish my crocheting, and share some hair with a new friend! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! ♥

Reasons To Smile

I don't really need a reason,
to let out a great big grin;
But I do from time to time,
just to exercise my chin.

Sometimes I do it just to see
what reaction I will get,
in the places where I've gone,
and the people that I've met.

Sometimes it's just for me!
To amuse some silly thought;
Or to show just how excited
I have been at what I bought.

Sometimes a smile can change my mood,
when weather forecasts make me blue;
Or when I see a baby playing!
Oh yes! Oh Yes! I smile then too!

Truth is, I really don't need a reason.
Frowns just,frankly, aren't my style.
I could sit and write about it,
But even that would make me smile.

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