Monday, November 4, 2013

Hi Monday!...I Am So HAPPY to See You!!!

      Okay...let's just get it out of the about the yucky weekend I had, I mean...Y-U-C-K!!!...It was such a bad weekend that my fingers are already cramping up at the idea that I might try to recount it on the blog this morning! O_O So I won'!! I wanna move on to Monday!...I love Monday!!...Now how often do you hear that?! ^_^ That oughta tell you what a 'backpack full of badness' my weekend was!!! LOL
      So, let's replace the stink of a bad weekend with a backpack full of goodness!! :-) ...

      Well, I don't know what kind of goodness you wanna put in it, but whatever it'll be good! ^_^ It's really large! That's just how I like my bags and backpacks!!...large enough to tote away big bad weekends!...Oh! O.O I'm suppose to be moving on!!...

      So, let me get move into the relaxed state of mind of my Monday! :-) ...

      Ahhhhhhhhhhh!...*deep breath*

      Let's talk about the fact that, according to news reports this morning, gas prices are...amazingly ...going down! :-) ... Yep! Even though I'm not planning to drive anywhere, I can feel the relaxation coming!...

      And let's talk about the fact that even while I was online yesterday complaining about not having any money...being BROKE! ^_^ ...a wonderful customer was buying several crochet boutonnieres from my Wuglyees shop! :-) ...

      They didn't buy these 'particular' crochet flowers! But since I crocheted these three over the weekend...and it was something 'GOOD' about the weekend...I decided to share them with you here! ^_^ ...

      Other good things about the weekend included a dear friend dropping off a delicious chicken pot pie...Hubby making homemade beef stew in the crock pot (slow cooker) and having the smell waft through the house all day...Getting the heads up from a 'soon-to-be' customer that the pattern and yarn for the baby sweater she wants me to make is on the way! YAY!...A lot of favorite movie themed songs being sung off tune by my hubby while he was shaping up his 'around-the-house' TO-DO list. :-) ...and a beautiful morning sky with a sun eclipse in it! ^_^ And...Oh Yeah!...we also didn't get any pain-inducing rain!!!
      Isn't it funny how even ridiculously bad weekends can look better when you stop and recount the goodness that happened in the middle of it too! :-) ... Have a good week, Y'all!...Peaceful!...and Good!...somewhere beyond the sea :-]

Mind-Less Talk

Lack of communication
is like a fall without the 'Splat',
like a brim without a hat,
and like a 'This' without a 'That'.

Without two minds that think as one
there is a start, but there's  no end,
there is a tear, but there's  no mend.
There is a foe, but there's  no friend.

When there's  no mental harmony
its like a sunset where there's no night,
its like a bark where there's no bite,
its like a wrong where there's no right.

Without communication
its like a coat put on in June,
and a song sung out of tune;
A band-aid on a bullet wound.

And if you get it right
its like a talking symphony.
Its like the bumble , with the bee.
Its like no 'You', but always 'We',
because your heart they truly see.


  1. So sweet! Thank you for featuring my Kimono quilt this morning…you made my day :) xo

    1. It was entirely my pleasure, Briana!...I know who you are even if blogger doesn't! LOL...Have a good week!!

  2. Thank you for sharing my kitty painting, love your gorgeous blog!

    1. It was my pleasure, Rachel! ♥ I just wish my spot was as sunny as the spot your kitty found!!...I KNOW I'm gonna get me a similar nap though!! LOL...Have a good week!


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