Sunday, November 24, 2013

What Is That On My Backyard Lawn?!!

      Hubby and I were awake early this morning. We didn't get up right away though. We just lay there talking about how we slept...him, good. Me, Ugh! :-)) ...Then there was a conversation about what our plans were for the day...making a grocery list, going to the meeting, and some other pre-Monday things!
      Then hubby opened the blinds, and WHOA!! O_O There was snow on the ground!!...

      Where did that come from?! O_O We watched the weather report last night and there was NO talk about snow! NONE!...Oh well, I guess weather people can't know everything, right?! ^_^

      Other than a surprise snowfall, there's another surprise this morning....I'm craving pancakes! ^_^ Out of the blue I said: "Ummmmm...I'm feeling like having some pancakes."...Hubby said: "Ha! Ha!...Me too! That's why I bought some mix yesterday!! ^_^"
      So, needless to say, it's a 'Pancake Sunday' revisited!! LOL Somehow I knew it would come around again. You can't keep a good pancake down for long! LOL...Or a good snow!...

      They both will demand their time in the sun from time to time. ^_^ And I'll be here to talk about it!! LOL...Have a good Sunday, Everybody! 


I'm  often alone,
but not lonely.
I'm  often at home,
but not homely.

I'm  proud of myself,
but not haughty.
I do some things wrong,
but not naughty.

I'm  outgoing-Yes!
But not rowdy.
I sometimes dress down,
but not dowdy.

I'm  bookish, I know,
but not nerdy.
A poetry hound,
kind of wordy!

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